Norwegian Wisdom

Funny Signs - Norwegian Wisdom

Submitted by: Politiken via Oddly Specific

Norway: where all it takes to achieve your goals is a ride on the metro.

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40 Responses to Norwegian Wisdom

  1. WC says:

    Kudos to whoever managed to come up with this, had the balls to suggest it, AND made it through the corporate ratmaze to get it actually pushed to the public.

  2. JMixx says:

    My whole life? Wouldn’t that be kind of an expensive ticket?

  3. Sheik Yerbouti says:

    Bulk discount.

  4. bob_super says:

    It’s not wisdom, it’s common sense. Like most, I’ve had (1) figured out for a while, but it’s that (2) part that’s tricky if you weren’t born in the right place…

  5. Sind says:

    Bah, the translation is only semi-good, it sounds LOTS better in Norwegian =/

    A more direct translation would be : “Choose where you want to go in life”, which is the Norwegian way to say “Choose what you want to do with your life”, though it might work in English too for all I know =P

  6. Seibee says:

    My life for that particular day? Or all of it? I wonder how far the subway actually goes..

  7. Helena says:

    That’s a scam… been there, used those machines, and there are no such sentences in english

  8. Emri says:

    Oddly enough, for an Oddly Specific sign, there is a certain philosophical sense to it. Rather spiffy.

  9. Charlie says:

    Oddly, its not just that bad translated, in norwegian the first option still seems a bit weird to ask about at a ticket thingie..

  10. Lizard says:

    Now that’s a full service transportation department. Are the life choices in a package deal format or is it à la carte? I only ask because I’d like to be rich, but I’m not all that interested in being famous.

  11. A Norwegian says:

    Why do you think we have the highest standard of living? People think it’s our socialist democracies that do the trick…but…shhhh…we’ll let you use them too if you don’t share it with Mexico…shhhh… *cautiously looks around*

  12. ISpeakNorwegian says:

    This is a direct translation error. This probably belongs in Engrish. That is all.

    • Hans says:

      The way I see it, the norwegian version is supposed to be a play on words, having two meanings, and then the translator just decided it would be more fun to translate the deep version.

    • IDon'tSpeakNorwegian says:

      I’m curious. What does it say then?

    • John Magne says:

      direct translation would be “Choose where you want to go in life”

    • Somebody Else says:

      Two translation – directly: “Choose where you want to go in life”; idiomatic: “Choose what you want to make out of your life.”

      It’s much better in Norwegian – a double meaning.

    • miss_thimble says:

      There’s nothing wrong with the translation, it’s just worded slightly different.. the meaning is still the same… I say this is a Ticket machine WIN 😀

  13. Lethargi says:

    Wonder how many people decided life would be better if they owned a car?

  14. LoveNorway says:

    good old oslo metro line 5. Used to live in Stovner before moving back to germany. good times

  15. bushputz says:

    If I decide I don’t like where my life is heading, can I get a transfer?

  16. lameo says:

    That’s right, no “Undecided” majors get to ride. And, kids? “Astronaut” and “princess” are not acceptable answers.

  17. person says:

    Why do feel special just because I didn’t the translation?

  18. qzl says:

    These are actually instructions for an LSD vending machine.

  19. John Magne says:

    The translation is correct…

  20. Random! says:

    lol, i remember that i saw one of those a while ago

  21. Anon says:

    Why isn’t this in engrish funny??
    it IS wrongly translated, y’kno… im just sayin’…

  22. NikoFTW says:

    Danish: Det her er ikke godt. Slet ikke godt. Stakkels Norge. Jeg mener hvad sker der her?!

    English: I want to go to Norway!

  23. Cec says:

    It should say. Choose what you want to do in your life. Get the money from the government and insert. Have a very boring life.

  24. N-Spade says:

    4. ???
    5. Profit!

  25. Tina says:

    I’m from Norway, and I think that sounds stupid in Norwegian too.

  26. benhd1 says:

    hmm, this is kinda funny, sorry VERY funny, but i speak norwegian and the first phrase is choose where you want to go, but it’s wierd because most norwegians speak english, but still i almost pooped myself laughing

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