It’s Not Just Fur

Funny Signs - It's Not Just Fur

Submitted by: I took the photo via Oddly Specific

I’m confused. They wrote a message asking people not to feed the dog, then added a messages “from the dog” saying to disregard the sign.

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27 Responses to It’s Not Just Fur

  1. Red Manatee says:

    one smart dog, when did it evolve opposable thumbs though….

  2. Immelmann says:

    Well obviously the dog wrote it.

  3. Swoög says:

    They probably didn’t add the Post Scriptum themselves…

  4. Mre says:

    Maye Amherst wrote that…

  5. Seibee says:


  6. bob_super says:

    And I’m confused about your comment. After they wrote the controversial sign, the dog was then given fair access to the media for a right of response, as per the balanced reporting requirements…

  7. flingthecow says:


  8. Remzy says:

    That is adorable! :3

  9. Berserkas says:

    this should be on hacked IRL.

    • Matthew says:

      Haha, except it probably written by the owners.

      Adorable sign though. I grinned.

    • Leslie says:

      Probably not though, this sign is outside a house you have to practically step over to get to a tourist attraction.

  10. Samara says:

    It was obviously written by someone else!

  11. legitim8 says:

    This sign takes on a whole new meaning if you know the kid next door is named Amherst.

    • Hi, I'm Boston and this is my friend Sacramento says:

      ….I would kill my parents if they named me Amherst. No wonder he (she?) is fat.

  12. Nienna says:

    Well it’s obvious that there is some controversy in the family over the dog’s weight. My mother is always feeding her “grand-puppies” treats even when I tell her the vet says they need to cut back.

  13. Magus Eldred says:

    I do believe the cat is behind all this.

  14. Someone says:

    Can’t you see it? That’s clearly written by pedobear, just look at how the head’s drawn! Pedobear currently apparantly has a fetish for fat dogs.

  15. Arukas says:

    Two different people wrote the messages (whether from the same family I can’t say). The first message crosses the letters (t, f) in the upper half where as the second person does it closer to the halfway mark. Also, the u in the first message doesn’t have the straight line on the right side, but does in the second message. Then the second message does have a straight line on the left side of the n , but not the m – where as the first message does put one on both the n and the m. The P and s’es are similar in both though, so the different writing styles could have just been faked.

    • Leslie says:

      It’s a house you have to cross over to go see a lighthouse(Fort Amherst), as a lot of tourists do, I”m thinking one of them probably wrote it..

  16. sue says:

    I used to work there (the owners had a tea room)! The owners wrote the sign and they had no idea who wrote the bit from Amherst.

    P.S. He was a bit on the fat side, it wasn’t just fur.

  17. Some dude says:

    It was obviously written by me

  18. Liz says:

    I think their kid wrote it. It looks like something I would have done when i was 8.

  19. Hilary Coates says:


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