What About Dromedaries?

Funny Signs - What About Dromedaries?

Submitted by: Found outside the engine shed on the North York moors railway in Grosmont. via Oddly Specific

Or degus? Dormice? Dolphins?

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37 Responses to What About Dromedaries?

  1. Toothless says:

    All dragons except for Night Fury!

  2. Rehevkor says:

    Needs more Dik-Dik.

  3. Kilek says:

    Why would you want to tie your duck up here? Wouldn’t you want somewhere more, lake-y? xD

  4. mags says:

    Sounds like the chorus of some song.

  5. UKSponge360 says:

    Great, i was looking for a place to leave Tiddles the Dragon

  6. 5150 says:

    That bowl’s definitely NOT big enough for dolphins. What about my desert tortoise and dung beetle? Ho hum.

  7. DevilBunnies says:

    Not fencepost:
    Elephants, Emus, Echidnas, Exhibitionists….

  8. orion says:

    I’m glad I finally have a place to tie my dragon but I’m concerned about fire hazard, wood isn’t exactly dragon-proof.

    • hanhanmo says:

      I agree. And once the fence burns up, our dragons will escape! While we’re on the subject of dragons, flying dragons along the Grand Canyon is fun! Have you tried that yet? With the wind wistling in my eARS, AND MY HAIR FLYING BACK, I LOVE IT! Oops i accidentaly hit the caPS, IT IS SOoooo hard totyPE WHILE FLying ona unTRAINed drAGON
      o my goOOO DNESS i almost lost my laptop thAT
      TIME I HAVE 2 GO NOW bYe!

    • says:

      Doesn’t look like it’d hold a dinosaur, either.

  9. Lizard says:

    Is this some sort of alphabetical animal tie up, I wonder if over to the left there are Alligators, Aardvarks, and Anteaters – Bears, Beavers, and Buffalo, – and Cats, Cattle, and Cheetahs?

  10. JamJam says:

    But where can I leave my dugong?

  11. Lizard says:

    I wonder if they offer insurance? I am a little nervous leaving my duck and my deer with dogs dingoes and dinosaurs… :-O

  12. The Voice Of Reason says:

    Obviously, this is their first line of D-fence.

  13. master baiter says:

    Attention! Dorks inside!

  14. Mick says:

    Dingos are dogs mate 😉

  15. Hapqy says:

    What about my Dad? Or my dodo? Incidentally, where is my dodo….?

  16. G says:

    I am concerned about tying up my donkey where UKSponge may be tying up his dragon!

  17. pieceofcheese says:

    Can I leave my chimera here?

  18. Sue Stravinski says:

    Can I leave my dingbat there?

  19. tomuk says:

    do you reckon there is a fence post for every letter of the alphabet and this is merely ‘d’?

  20. zizors says:

    I don’t think that water is enough for my dragon….

  21. CapnJimmy says:

    Aw, they left a nice little bowl of water for my dinosaur to drink. How kind of them.

  22. maus says:

    This portion of the fence has been brought to you by the letter “D”!

  23. wolf says:

    oh good*ties up dragon*

  24. batosai33 says:

    and yet there is a water dish

  25. Dan says:

    I´m a bit afraid my dingo could eat a baby dragon…

  26. draytonimore says:

    omg i FINALLY find a place to tie my dinosaur… [one hour later] OMG BAD DINO BAD YOU DONT EAT OTHER PPLS DUCKS. UR GETTING A SPANKING.. …. oh wow u ate a dragon to .. i hate u right now

  27. Fallout Boy says:

    That’s just silly! Who has a pet duck?

  28. Mikey says:

    you couldn’t tie a degu to that. they’re far too wriggly. i figure that’s why they aren’t on there.

  29. Darron says:

    really? they think THAT dinky little wooden fence can hold a dragon? pfft! as if!

  30. Death says:

    It’s nice to have a place to tie up my dragon, but I don’t need it. I have one of those tiny dragons that can sit on your shoulder or just fly beside you. He’s a cutie… sometimes he hides under my jacket when we go in places that are technically no pets allowed…

  31. Jesus_Almighty says:

    I fear for the duck

  32. The One Guy says:

    What about Dodongos?

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