Bad Clipart

Funny Signs - Bad Clipart

Submitted by: found in a cafe in downtown Vancouver, BC via Oddly Specific

I believe you have my stapler. And by stapler, I mean AK-47.

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54 Responses to Bad Clipart

  1. wandering through says:

    Oh, those crazy Canadians.

    But then… I know some people that could make anything a deadly weapon.

    • Blackwater57 says:

      Have you ever seen a staplegun? Fu*king nasty, those things are. I hear that staplers are “Gateway guns” to those.

  2. Gamosexual says:

    I’m Canadian, and he RCMP is SPECIALIZED force of the cops. Why they use staplers as a weapon I don’t know

    • rino says:

      If you really were Canadian and knew anything about the RCMP, you know that they aren’t a specialized force at all, but the national force of the country which: services communities which are too small to have their own force, or choose to contract local policing to the RCMP; the force for any national issue; the force for any cross-justictional issue.

    • Spoon says:

      And they kill people. Google Ian Bush to learn about how the RCMP performs gangland style executions with special “trick” shots and then has the entire detachment cover up for the murderer.

    • Zietlos says:

      Yeah, but thank goodness for the internet, the video was distributed before the RCMP confiscated the original footage, making it impossible to completely cover up.

  3. bob_super says:

    Shhhh! If TSA hears about that, that’ll be one more thing banned from planes!

  4. Joel says:

    I’m from Vancouver, and this is based on a situation where someone died after being tasered by the Vancouver RCMP. The RCMP defended their actions, saying the person assaulted them with a weapon. The actual “weapon” was a stapler. Spoofs like this were everywhere after this incident.

    • Krista Johnston says:

      This is true. It was a horrible thing to have happened actually. Our cops are such dicks.

    • The Anonymii says:

      When cops start killing people – for using staplers in public – they are way more than just dicks.
      They have become murderous thugs.

  5. Bert says:

    Ouch. Let’s hope the shop owners don’t get tased.

    FYI – the stapler is not bad clip art, it is there on purpose –

  6. Ethd says:

    And by AK-47, I mean atomic bomb.

  7. tiomela says:

    It’s a reference to an incident where the RCMP tazered a guy, and he died. The only weapon he had was a stapler… and he didn’t speak English. And four police officers couldn’t take him down without tazing him at least 4 times.

  8. Jon. says:

    This is a reference to the RCMP killing Robert Dziekanski with tasers at the Vancouver airport in 2007. They said they thought he was armed and dangerous because he was holding a stapler.

  9. Kevin says:

    Considering how the RCMP tazered Robert Dziekanski to death because he was “wielding” a stapler, this is more a political commentary than bad clipart.ński_Taser_incident

    • 5150 says:

      I’m thinking the media is not telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth in this circumstance (kinda like the American media train). The dude was shot 5 times with a Taser gun. Do you know what kinds of drugs people have to be on in order to keep walking around after being shot with just two? Also, if the guy wasn’t on drugs, he probably would have dropped the stapler when he was instructed to by the officers. Druggies are incredibly dangerous with just their bare hands…they don’t feel pain and have incredible endurance in a fight. Plus, the definition of a “weapon” is anything that can cause bodily injury/harm. I don’t know if you’ve ever been hit with a stapler, but they can cause an injury. I know an officer who was hit in the back of the head with a rock that weighed no more than a small apple. It hit him just right and he’s had several operations to repair nerve damage. I’m thinking a stapler could be just as harmful.

      A Taser gun is meant to subdue a suspect with no lasting injury, as opposed to an actual gun. Getting hit with 5 shots will most definitely put someone out of commision.

    • CapnJimmy says:

      Very true, you have a very good arguement. On the other hand, most druggies I know can barely walk once on whatever they’re on. I do believe you may have a hole in your arguement, my good sir.

    • jgt2598 says:

      So I take it you don’t know any meth, crack, or speed users. Any one on those drugs can (and almost certainly will) walk and sprint. And possibly become uncontrollably aggressive.

    • The Anonymii says:

      And just because the guy could have been a druggie, it’s okay to execute him in public?

    • Conscious says:

      True, a taser shot or two should knock him off his feet. It did. The remaining shots were fired while he was on the floor… with several other officers on top of him. Check out the coverage and possibly even the inquiry’s report.

    • Bill says:

      The man was held in canada customs for several hours. He had been searched for drugs before he got on the plane and if he was on drugs they would have worn off either during the overseas trip or during the wait in customs.

    • trimeows says:

      Uh dude, did you even read any of the links carefully, especially the ones from Wikipedia? They did toxicology tests and found that there were no traces of drugs or alcohol in his system. And an autopsy cited no trauma or disease, nor pre-existing medical conditions. Plus, from what I’ve seen, he was very agitated because his mom had left after being told he wasn’t there, couldn’t speak English and no one attempted to translate or help with that, and four guys come running in there with Tasers and batons and pepper spray and who knows what, and are gesturing towards a table that has a stapler on it while screaming at him (once again, in a language you can’t understand). He probably thought they wanted him to pick it up, and no one was going to attempt to translate for him. And plus, he didn’t keep walking like you said. He hit the ground and was convulsing after the FIRST SHOT. They then proceded to hand cuff him, and taser him four more times. The dude could also still be living, but they were kind enough to wait 15 minutes for paramedics to get there before CPR. So maybe you’re right about not the whole truth being told, but this was a video taken by a bystander, showing a guy who was upset and didn’t understand and didn’t need to be tasered to death for not even attempting to hurt anyone.

    • Wilmanric says:

      The guy wasn’t on drugs, and the cops should have known about that. He was in the International Arrivals section of the Vancouver International Airport. He was immigrating from Poland. You can’t get a bottle of mouthwash on a plane now. There is a video. The cops waited 24 seconds before tasering him. Then , they lied about it. Most Canadians are ashamed of what happened.

  10. Lumburg says:

    Now Milton, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and stop attacking people with your stapler…

  11. SupaGuy says:

    This is supposed to be making fun of the RCMP officers who tasered and killed a man because he was “wielding a stapler as a weapon.” Just in case some of you don’t get it 😛

  12. Mr. Paul says:

    Actually, it isn’t bad clip art, it is a slam on the RCMP. In the incident when the Robert Dziekanski died by taser in the Vancouver airport, one of the RCMP officers said he felt threatened when Mr. Dziekanski wielded a stapler and this was part of the reason he used the taser.

  13. bob_super says:

    I’m confused, could someone repeat to me that the RCMP tazered a guy holding a stapler?

  14. Wow. says:

    Great political commentary…. But not really anything to laugh at.

  15. Noah121 says:

    A long time ago, we had a skit in Hebrew school and the “weapons” we used were staplers… I think it was a skit about Hanukkah, but I just remember the line “Great Zeus! They have staplers!”

  16. copacetic says:

    I wonder…I wonder if this just might have had something to do with the Polish immigrant whom the RCMP tazed at the Vancouver airport in 2007 because they feared his use of a stapler as a weapon.

    Whattaya think, guys? Is it a possibility? Hmm?

  17. ba12348 says:

    wow! even my broken turntable doesnt repeat things this many times!

  18. bob_super says:

    Yay I got censored!
    I guess it must be considered trolling to point out that twelve people said the same thing without reading each other first.
    The internet is better without people pointing out stupid behavior (if you don’t think it is, try doing the same thing in person).

    • bob_super says:

      apologies, the comment system is really f…ed up, comments appear or vanish at random if you refresh (yes, even emptying the cache).

  19. Drew says:

    Considering Canada banned lawn darts as being too dangerous, I guess they could consider a stapler to be a weapon.

  20. Chris says:

    Actually, blah blah blah. Can we beat explaning it to death, THEN taze it too?

  21. tsundere says:

    maybe Senjougahara was there XD

  22. CapnJimmy says:

    In the hands of a true professional anything and everything is a weapon. So they’ll have to ask you to leave your hands outside as well.

  23. jinxed says:

    This sign was actually made for Chuck Norris, who could make a deadly weapon out of anything.
    Not sure why he would be in Canada though. *shrug*

  24. Melissa says:

    Duuude. I live just outside Vancouver and there’s funnier things than that. Those signs are so old the 80’s called and asked for a refund.

  25. wolf says:

    *picks up pizza box and carvs out knife* ok so this isnt office supply

  26. Sparks says:

    Do you NOT know of the Canadian art of Stap-fu? I’ve spent many of My younger years studying techniques of power and will, using the greatness of common office supplies and kick-ass moves.
    The RCMP also knows this art as well… Its only right they warn citizens not to use it.

  27. Polyshot says:

    Only from the nation that have repulsive firearm laws and enforced by Titan-ish authorities……

  28. homicidaltoast says:

    only us Canadians can kill someone with a stapler. The RCMP are too cowardly to face us stapler wielding psychos with their handguns cus they know that they stand no chance.

  29. Lucas says:

    Cant belive i have to ad this…The RCMP tasered a man to death for holding….yes…a stapler

  30. Broc says:

    Milton, they Do not have your stapler.

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