Can’t Plead Ignorance

Submitted by: Montreal Qc. Canada via Oddly Specific

I think that’s MORE than fair warning.

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58 Responses to Can’t Plead Ignorance

  1. Seibee says:

    I’m guessing ‘painting’ is ‘graffiti’, unless said wrongdoer sneaks up at night and gives his walls a nice coat of canary yellow or something.

    • IndieSinger says:

      Yeah, it’s sort of paint but in the sense of defacing it or daubing on colour.

    • CapnJimmy says:

      Maybe he LIKES his walls looking grungy. Would fit the personality type of someone who would make this sign in the first place.

  2. Furriner says:

    Ah French, the language of love.

    • Randomname says:

      That’s actually Canadian French.
      We don’t have such wonderful insults in France. I’m keeping these in mind for the next time someone annoys me.

    • Alex says:

      Ah, don’t do this. You Frenchies aren’t able to pronounce it well. Stick to your lovely accent and french expressions, they are much classier than Quebec’s language, we’re real jerks.

    • MissMooh says:

      No, don’t stick to your own expressions, because it’s just hilarious when you try to talk like us!

    • Tatourmi says:

      The agencement of the word is priceless and I don’t think the accent is going to change it. (Mon ostie de vidange… Si imagé…)

    • Yorgl says:

      The Canadian (French) version is priceless ! 😀

  3. Someone says:

    Even though I don’t have graffiti trouble (heck, nowhere around is graffiti to be found), I still need that sign for awesomeness.

    Actually, that’s not a good idea. I know that if I’d ever see such a sign, I’d really get the urge to go against it.

  4. Proto_Fan says:

    I think what I enjoy most about this sign is the “ASS-HOLE”

    New favorite spelling? I think so.

  5. chatmort says:

    The last phrase should have said ” and shit inside your body” instead of “all over you”.

    • Alex says:

      Well actually, I think the guy translated Duke Nukem in the first place. it should have been “Rip off your head and shit down your neck”….. but anyways, still pretty straightforward.

      If only everybody could understand the French-Canadian language, they’d laugh even more…. the translation is pretty mediocre.

    • bobby vorace says:

      indeed. The translation sucks and the quote from DN isn’t even right.

    • a random quebecor says:

      french-canadian (or quebecor) rocks!!!

  6. Sybil says:

    Sounds like a dare to me…

  7. WillieB says:

    a more accurate English translation would be “You g*d damn vandalizing piece of trash, if I ever see you doodling (causing graffiti,… is there a verb for that? ) on my walls again, I will go after you and find you so I can rip off your head and shit in your body.”
    In this province, french comes before english…. Stupid french language laws.
    ….Language of love? Maybe in France, Furriner. This here is Quebecois, Tabernaque.

  8. Mike2 says:

    Funnier if you’re from Quebec, like me 🙂

  9. smuffle says:

    Gotta love Quebec. The French would never say “ostie de vidange”.

  10. Dan says:

    This is pure French-Canadian raeg we got there. But the translation is wrong, instead of “kick your head off and sh** all over you” it should be “I’ll rip your head off and sh** down the hole”

    • Someone says:

      Kicking someone’s head off is more awesome, because it’s original, unlike threatening to rip someone’s head off.

      Shitting in the created hole is better than shitting all over someone, though.

    • surfaman says:

      “kick your head off” dont dare go against the sign, obviously Chuck Norris lives here. 🙂

  11. Rogueposter says:

    I appreciate the dedication of printing it in both languages.

  12. Animaphagus says:

    the french version is even funnier

  13. says:

    I’ll just use my trusty sharpie instead.

  14. robyn says:

    I totally want this sign–only I’d change it a bit–substitute “trespassing” for “painting my walls” and “I will have my dobermans rip your balls off” instead of “kick your head off.” Yeah. Beauty. ;P

  15. Ahetma Vaakenjaab says:

    Come on, stop beating around the bush and tell us how you really feel…..

  16. The Amazing Rando says:

    I wonder how the sign printing company reacted when this guy brought this to them.

  17. HeadShot says:

    I can’t shake off the feeling that the wall’s owner is Duke Nukem.

  18. Ashley says:

    Haha! Québécois is so much more eloquent than English–it’s almost poetic!

    Hello from Sherbrooke, QC!

  19. Hélène says:

    I’m from Montréal, so I wonder where the picture was taken exactly.

    It’s even more funny to read it when you understand the French version – c’est drôle en tabarnak XD

  20. Merri says:

    Indeed, the English version is a bit watered-down. Easier to find strong curses in your main language.
    ‘painting’ should have been ‘smearing’.

    Now I understand what ‘excuse my French’ could mean.

  21. Dan says:

    Ah, bilingualism at its finest 🙂

  22. Magzime says:

    HA! Here’s the Google Street View link for this awesome warning:,-73.57961&panoid=PRsQXH7xEmHUsOD8bbFuiQ&cbp=12,49.73,,0,-1.02&ll=45.542611,-73.579479&spn=0,359.993032&t=h&z=18

  23. Sue Stravinski says:

    I’d say the anger management program is not working for this person.

  24. wolf says:

    oh so if the wall is blown up he dont care

  25. m says:

    all i can 2 dat 1 is WOW 😀

  26. draytonimore says:

    I WANT TO PAINT ON THE WALL SOON MUCH NOW THAT I SEE THIS [i know were the guy lives] [he is my uncle]

  27. killer7 says:

    lol i tried google translate on the first sentance and it said my ostie drain hacks lol wtf

  28. Ophexis says:

    It’s way funnier when you can read the french version!

    Maudit que c’est drôle XD J’habite dans le coin de Montréal, je ris si jamais je fini par voir quelque chose du genre.

  29. Mike says:

    Great sign, and useful in my city. It would have to be in Spanish instead of French, however.

  30. oneblankspace says:

    Actually, he just wanted to put up the sign in english, but because of Loi 101 (is that the right one?) the French had to be at least as large.

    En vérité, il voulait n’afficher qu’en anglais, mais à cause de la Loi 101 (est-ce le bon numéro ? ), le français devait être au moins assez grand que les autres langues.

  31. weegie says:

    i thought french were peaceful?

  32. dreaming_pixel says:

    Maybe the Français de la France are peaceable, but I learned my favourite swear words from Québecois friends. You can even compound them, as in the film bon cop bad cop when the french-canadian cop teaches his anglo counterpart about it when they lose a witness- “merde de shit de merde de fuck de TABARNAK!!” God I love having a bilingual country.

  33. Neko says:

    Ca c’est le epicness.
    You people really, really have to type the whole thing in a translator.

  34. stef says:

    The translation to french is just baaaad! and freaking funny! Lol…
    «Te chier dans le corps» means : Shit IN your body… Thats just so wrong in so many ways…!! And «scribouilleurs» is SO NOT Quebec french. It’s a weird sign I tell you!

  35. Kyle Coate says:

    Duke Nukem Lives here,

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