Um…You’re Welcome?

Submitted by: my office via Oddly Specific

Aren’t there better places to steal from?

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41 Responses to Um…You’re Welcome?

  1. Brainssss says:

    You’re quite welcome, Walmart.

  2. Furriner says:

    Posted in the competition’s parking lot?

  3. Crane says:

    Damn right you’d better thank me.

  4. After stealing a couple dvds, video games, a ps3, and a tv. Its great to be thanked after stealing XD

  5. tehreporter says:

    Did you know, except for a few of the new releases, at any given time hardly any of the PC games at Walmart have any sort of security tag on them. I know this because…um…a friend told me.

    • Chris, the person who is too lazy to log in to his Cheezburger account says:

      Thanks for the tip. I’m going to… um… tell my friend.

  6. rab3 says:

    you don’t have to thank them they do it anyway. Believe me I know.

  7. Julie says:

    Why would you shoplift when you can save 10% a month shopping?
    XD And you’re welcome.

  8. TacoMann says:

    It’s nice to know that they support my actions.

  9. Wal*Mart LP says:

    Yeah you think it is funny to steal but if you do get caught. We do prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

    • The Amazing Rando says:

      The operative word here being “if.”

    • Essayons says:

      You mean like how you virtually prosecuted that man for legally using a doctor prescribed medical substance? Or prosecuted all black people by telling them to leave? Shame.

    • Cormamin says:

      Tell me about the first situation, please? Can’t find any info.

    • JediKitteh says:

      A customer used the pa system and made that announcment, not walmart.

  10. Flank says:

    Damn. I prefer to shoplift at another Walmart down the road rather than my local one, and what thanks do I get :/

  11. The Amazing Rando says:

    One time I picked up a cake at my local Walmart. I thought my wife had paid for the cake when she ordered it, so I picked up the cake at the bakery and walked right out the front door. Nobody said a word to me.
    However, being the honest fellow I am, once I realized the mistake, I went back and paid for it.
    That was just a wee bit embarrassing. It was hard for the guy at the service desk to thank me for my honesty while trying not to laugh.

  12. Nan says:

    I’d expect to see this sign at any mom-and-pop store.

  13. lameo says:

    This is probably a fake, but I like to imagine it is hanging in the office of the guy who handles shoplifters, in which case, it is a total win.

  14. Thornstar says:

    Wait now they’re thanking me? That’s so kind of them!

  15. Wal*Mart LP says:

    Yes it does hang in my office and what shame these people get when they see it!

  16. Clovina says:

    The Walmart in my town moved because its original location was losing too much merchandise (they built it next to projects- what did they think would happen?). The new location wasn’t much better and they eventually had to close. I went there once and a guy asked an employee if their register was open, they said, “No.” so the guy walked out the door with a DVD player. The best part, another employee was right by the door and when they asked him why he didn’t stop/do anything he replied, “It’s my lunch break!”
    lol, I hate Walmart anyway.

  17. Your Lord And Master Foamy says:

    I never knew they appreciated my theivery!!! I’m so happy :’)

  18. OkayWhat? says:

    aww who cares any way. Walmart sucks go steal from the mall!!!!

  19. Ann says:

    Oh, so THAT’S how to “save money/live better.” I had wondered.

  20. modrockerhippie says:

    Ah, the old reverse psychology/guilt card. Always works.

  21. Chlak Droy says:

    Save money. Live better.

  22. riku910 says:

    uhh anyone think eather: the word NOT is gone or their stuff is broken or crap? a tv was dropped and put on a shelf… *shoplifts all of wall*mart* ” your welcome… anytime!”

  23. haphsaph is a jen says:

    really? no one calling ‘shopped? I’m a little ashamed

  24. trimeows says:

    i can’t believe that no one noticed the pixelation around the end of shoplifting. the sign has been altered from the original which i am guessing should say shopping or shopping here.

  25. wolf says:

    wow did yall miss the edit for the word not here this sign is in the fittingroom

  26. Coyotekitty says:

    (Walking out of walmart with several items under my coat)
    Manager: I’m going to have to stop you, sir…
    Me: Uh oh…
    Manager: And thank you for shoplifting!
    Me: …Okay then…(runs away)

  27. You says:

    I love the “Save money” tagline, so appropriate

  28. snokful says:

    Oh well, wrong country. My local never thanks me.

  29. Wild Snorlax Appeared says:

    Come back to our store soon. Everyday thre are more things to steal

  30. D says:

    “Aren’t there better places to steal from?”


  31. Inari says:

    Where’s the picture?

  32. weegie says:

    yes i sure saved money.

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