Can I Borrow It?

Can I Borrow It?

Submitted by: Tahoma525 via Oddly Specific

I mean, as long as you’re not using it…

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21 Responses to Can I Borrow It?

  1. IndieSinger says:

    That’ll be in the UK. It’s fairly common to see a sign such as this – usually near a big matrix sign (the ones with variable messages) which hasn’t been switched on yet.

    I think it’s something to do with the fact that if the sign doesn’t say anything, you shouldn’t assume there are no hazards ahead because the reason there are no cautions on the sign is because the sign isn’t in use yet.

    • adam says:

      nah its just to tell you that, thatsign post is not in use the sign is just so you don’t run it to it at night when there are no street lights are around

  2. Seibee says:

    But if it was, you’d be driving over 30.

  3. Edd says:

    I definitely saw one of these signs in Cornwall somewhere. But health and safety for the sake of health and safety? If that’s our logic, then we might as well warn drivers to ‘look out for sign ahead’. And then one for that one too. And then that one… ._.;

  4. woody says:

    but on the back side, it didn’t say nothing.

  5. says:

    Didn’t we see this recently?

  6. Even though it has an explanation, I still think it’s “oddly specific”…and funny.

  7. ilovetwilight says:

    wow if its not in use then y is it even up?

    • Zeriouzly? says:

      You know, I think that’s why it’s on here… I’m not sure though.

      Seriously, you’re really wondering? Wow. No wonder you love Twilight.

  8. Hmm says:

    True IndieSinger but a small country road like this is hardly going to have a matrix sign.

  9. zombievictim says:


    So it said something?

  10. ceemoy says:

    @Hmm It probably has one of those signs that light up if you’re going too fast. ‘Small country roads’ (It has two lands. It’s obviously massive.) like this often lead into villages.

  11. Nonamous says:

    @⬡: We did. January 15.

  12. AkiraUK says:

    Ahhhh, the wonderful UK and its roads run by people who couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery!

  13. Jummas says:

    But if that’s true.. how do we know that?

  14. aphexZero says:

    What a poor sign!
    I can see it crying in those cold and rainy november days when all those other signs gather in a warm pub to play darts and drink a warm beer (*eek*).
    Head up, little fellow, maybe someone will steal you soon and give you a better place to live!

  15. Top gear says:

    I saw that sign on top gear…

  16. Rick says:

    I’ve seen a similar sign saying “Sign in Testing. Please Disregard”…

  17. weegie says:

    by notifying us of this, isnt it in use?

  18. Zeriouzly? says:

    Wow… My brain hurts.

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