What Now?!

What Now?!

Submitted by: IU Bloomington Memorial Union via Oddly Specific

This is so unfair! The only flyers they post around my office building are about bake sales.

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25 Responses to What Now?!

  1. doctroid says:

    I assume this is the elevator at the Republican National Committee?

  2. Seibee says:

    I love whoever highlighted those lines. I bet they get a lot of office ladies on that floor come lunch break.

  3. Bernard Main says:

    there’s probably a basement exit even a ground floor exit? maybe, i know it sounds really science fiction but some buildings do have more than one exit. this is 2010 after all.

  4. Mario says:

    @bernard main, the exit is not referring to an exit from the building, but from the act of exiting the elevator.

  5. RainbowPoof says:

    Hey, they put up this notice on Pi Day. 😀

  6. _*rachel*_ says:

    No, the caption says this was at the Indiana University Memorial Union. The first floor is mostly the auditorium, the bookstore, Starbucks, and a few lounges–maybe a wing of the hotel, too. (I always get first, second, and mezzanine confused.)

    I’m a bit bummed I didn’t see it, but I probably wasn’t in the building that day.

  7. Filboid Studge says:

    Promises, promises…

  8. I would think that would be a great reason TO exit on the 1st floor…

  9. Sophyra says:

    *gets in elevator*
    “Which floor?”
    “First please, thanks”

  10. Furriner says:

    How do you stay ON a slippery stripper?

    • Amarinth says:

      I so want to say something witty to this, but alas and alack I’m giggling so hard I cannot formulate a witty retort. Give me a moment to compose myself….
      Ahem… with baby powder to counteract the slippery over-lubing?

  11. Bernard Main says:

    at Mario

    Haha, your right. The art of reading the full sentance once again eludes me. I shall try harder in the future.

  12. Brainssss says:

    Stripper is referring to like a wax stripping reagent. I had to work with some while I worked a summer at a school, so I didn’t get this at first. >_<

    (And yes it is very slippery. Quite fun actually.)

  13. Hiroshi says:

    HEY! that was on my birthday! he he he …. seriously tho, 3/14/10

  14. CapnJimmy says:

    Pff, you don’t get on strippers, strippers get on you! Unless you live in Soviet Russia…

  15. Responder says:

    Especially in the clear soled high heels.

  16. aphexZero says:

    WAIT! IT’S A TRAP!!!

  17. Jorbs3210 says:

    Pi Day ’10

  18. Shep33 says:

    First floor it is then.

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