With Camera

With Camera

Submitted by: It’s my picture. I took it in Raleigh, NC. via Oddly Specific

They tried using psychics, but no one could foresee all the difficulties that would entail.
Just wait until they get this new-fangled tech.

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13 Responses to With Camera

  1. bob_super says:

    The guy looking over your shoulder is not our employee…

  2. Seibee says:

    So you’re being watched. Really.

  3. Snookie_Townshend says:

    They also tried helicopters, but there were too many noise complaints. Then they tried flying monkeys, but – you know what monkeys fling.

  4. Music-chan says:

    Video surveilence with socks just wouldn’t have made as much sense, you know?

  5. fatpik says:

    Where in Raleigh is this? I wanna see it. With my eyes!

  6. Your innerself says:

    It is newfee proof?

  7. FangsFirst says:

    Yeah, really. Where is this in Raleigh? I’m out there enough…

  8. gdbasketcase says:

    wow… i never knew it took a camera to have video survelance…. it completely idiot proofed!!!!! XD

  9. cinderkeys says:

    You mean it’s not the bald people in a hot tub like in Minority Report? How pedestrian.

  10. That’s as opposed to video surveillance with someone sitting behind the ATM with binoculars.

  11. HMFan says:

    At least it’s better than video surveillance with tasers.

  12. ilovetwilight says:

    thats not obvious that there is a camera there duh!!!

  13. nobody says:

    what else would they use…

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