Creationist Monkeys

Creationist Monkeys

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

You mean I brought all those biology textbooks for nothing?

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31 Responses to Creationist Monkeys

  1. say says:

    damned creationist simians…

  2. Peter Brülls says:

    A total win!

    What’s the script above the latin one?

  3. Sigma says:

    Looks like Hindi

  4. Durfae says:


    …our alphabet is latin.

    Nemo perfecto est

  5. TacoMann says:

    Ha!!! Throw a Darwin book at them and THEN yell at them.

  6. Dingo says:

    I think it’s Thai.

    • snokful says:

      No, but the scripts are clearly related and have some characters in common (Brahmic family) . Not sure exactly what it is though.

  7. Dr. Techie says:

    Hindi writing is marked by a horizontal line that joins up the letters in the words. This looks more Indonesian (Javanese or something similar) to me.

  8. Dr. Techie says:

    Or may Sinhalese.

    I think the “Don’t let them know that you evolved from them” is a tongue in cheek way of saying “Act like civilized people, not like a bunch of monkeys.” I like it.

  9. a says:

    The alphabet is certainly “Brahmic” (from the same family of alphabets as the “Devanagari” alphabet used to write Hindi). To my eye, it looks like Kannada.

  10. Peter Brülls says:

    @Dr. Techie: That was my assumption, too, and why I considered this a “Win” 🙂

  11. Rahul says:

    It’s Kannada, the language of the South Indian state of Karnataka.

  12. Someone says:

    Don’t shout at them or brag you evolved from them! Because then, the monkeys think they evolved from humans!

  13. Ahetma Vaakenjaab says:

    {a says:
    March 28, 2010 at 19:17

    The alphabet is certainly “Brahmic” (from the same family of alphabets as the “Devanagari” alphabet used to write Hindi). To my eye, it looks like Kannada.}

    Kannada? No, that’s north of the United States, and they speak French or English there…..

  14. tim says:

    Ahetma Vaakenjaab, it that other Kannada, the one that’s overseas. So B Spears wasn’t so dumb afterall!

  15. eternalgreenknight says:

    Kannadian, eh? You betcha.

  16. Mathy says:

    Men didn’t evolve from monkeys. They had a common ancestor.
    Fail creationism ;D

  17. Greg says:

    Um I guess I’ll be the first to point out that not only did we NOT evolve from monkeys but Darwin never says we did.
    We share a common ancestor, it’s like being cousins not parent and child.

  18. Grim says:

    I am from Karnataka in India and i can tell you that the script is Kannada, and the sign in Kannada basically says “Don’t let them be aware of our presence by acting like them”.

  19. Glo says:

    Thank you Grim! I love the interwebs 🙂

  20. ilovetwilight says:

    thats cruel where was that?

  21. CapnJimmy says:

    It’s all a conspiracy to supress the monkies and prevent a Planet of the Apes from happening.

  22. Seriously. That’s a fucking double fail. We didn’t evolve from monkeys. But both monkeys and humans evolved from the same creature. That does not make us evolved monkeys.

    It’s common sense, just think about it. If we evolved from monkeys. Why the hell would they just stop evolving? Laziness? Those that think that are retarded.

    • OIE says:

      ”if you think you grew up from babies , you are stupid , just think about it . if we grew up from babies . why the hell are so many babies around , did they just stop growing ? laziness ? retarded? ” this is wat you sound like to us.

    • snokful says:

      Well yeah, it’s a common misunderstanding about how evolution works. We’re cousins of monkeys, not children of monkeys.

  23. Becca says:

    This would make for a strangely ironic Darwin Award.

  24. GrimReaper says:

    ‘Tis Kannada. We from Karnataka are Kannadigas, not Kanadians 😀 😀

  25. Nikhill says:

    THe script is Kannada, a south indian languge that i speak

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