That’s Just Nasty

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So THAT’S what I’ve been doing wrong all these years.

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45 Responses to That’s Just Nasty

  1. Joachim Van Renterghem says:

    So typically Belgium.
    If you don’t specify things like this, peope will sue the crap out of you, as soon as they washed it out of their hair. 😀

  2. Choddy says:

    There are plenty of these. In germany you could find one ofthose on nearly every public toilet…


  3. smurfenreet says:

    Lol, the translation would be: Wrong, almost right, right

  4. IndieSinger says:

    That must be from Belgium where in the north they speak Flemish (or Vlaams, which is very similar to Dutch) and in the south they speak Walloon (or Walon, which is very similar to French).

    It’s like that other classic toilet sign:

    We aim to please.

    (You aim too, please.)

  5. ClearWater says:

    For those that don’t speak Dutch or French, in the circles it says:

    Not correct,

    Almost correct,


  6. robyn says:

    I wonder if this is why Rowan Atkinson does a bit in his comedy act called “Why I Hate the French”.

  7. mokuran says:

    Not exactly. In the French part of Belgium, people speak French. Walloon is a Romance dialect (some would say it’s a language) that is dying out. And this sign is definitely in French and not in Walloon.

    And Vlaams it’s not “a language very similiar to Dutch,” but the Flemings’s name for the Dutch language. The differences between the “Dutch Dutch” and the “Belgian Dutch” are comparable to regional dialects.

  8. SOE says:

    Second one must hurt a lot.

  9. Rich says:

    If I remember my French correctly, that second one says “Almost correct.”

  10. MaxArt says:

    Some time ago I’ve seen a porn clip where this crazy woman put the toilet brush in her crotch. Definitely disturbing.

  11. Someone says:

    Being able to read the text makes this picture way funnier. It’s like “No… almost… yes! You got it, little Timmy! Finally!”

  12. Zeikzeil says:

    Flemish is actually a dialect within the Dutch language. The thing they speak in the south is just called French (although they do say some things differently than in ‘regular’ French).
    The best part about this sign however is what the text mean. The left: ‘not right’, the middle: ‘almost right’ and the right: ‘right’.
    Gotta love how scrubbing your ass like that is almost doing it right 🙂

  13. Peter says:

    Isn’t that bilingual? “Par Correct” seems to be French to me, while “Bijna Juist” reminds me of the Latin “justus” (correct, lawful) and “Bijna” and “Niet” seem to come from a Germanic language, with “Bijan” close to the German “Beinahe” (“Almost”).

  14. Magzime says:

    As a french-speaking person, I’ll translate the french part for all you not understanding:
    1- Not good
    2- Almost good
    3- Good

  15. IndieSinger says:


  16. Lizard says:

    according to the translations it’s like playing a game of hot and cold… Cold, warmer, hottt!!

  17. Emilio Largo says:

    That’s LORIOT! (Vicco von Bülow) Just a classic! The drawing style is unique 😉

  18. Zedo Mann says:

    Why did the toilet suddenly get a lid out of no where?

  19. Lizard says:

    @Zedo Mann
    Probably because he needed something to lean on after the foiled second attempt. I don’t know from personal experience, but I would imagine standing after shoving a toilet brush up your bum might be a tad difficult.

  20. splatman says:

    Who is this “Christ” that you were talking to?
    There’s no one here by that name.

    When I saw the sign, I thought it said, “Brush your hair, wipe your tail, then scrub the commode”
    Yes, that’s just nasty.

  21. kaasvrouwke says:

    that’s not a lid, that’s the seat. You lift it when you brush the toilet.

  22. boffy says:

    I’m most concerned that it says “ISS”. Is this sign on the International Space Station?

  23. TychaBrahe says:

    OK, I used to work for the restaurant supplier, and we were converting data from a printed sales book to computer data. And the woman involved in paper & janitorial sequenced dish brushes and bowl brushes together.

    The sales force got a good laugh at that, cause a dish brush is used for cleaning dishes, and a bowl brush is one of those.

  24. dna_level_c says:

    “Didja git the toilet brush I sent ya, Junior?”

    “Yeah, Maw, but I don’t like it. I’m gonna go back to usin’ paper”

  25. tehreporter says:

    so that’s what those things are used for. I always thought they were Q-tips for elephants.

  26. Max Sizemore says:

    When those ‘roids are itchin’ bad that toilet brush sure feels JUIST.

  27. CapnJimmy says:

    Why call it a brush if you can’t brush either your top or bottom hair with it?

  28. -bang keyboard with helmet says:

    MmmmButtscratcher… MmmmButtscratcher… MmmmButtscratcher…

  29. Amber says:

    For the not-dutch people:
    The first picture says:incorrect
    The second picture says: almost correct
    The last picture says: correct..
    I love being dutch

  30. Student says:

    I remember that sign. I’m Belgian and when I was studying at university, the student residences near campus had shared bathrooms (2 per floor). On one of the floors, someone apparently thought this sign was indeed required to hang up in the bathroom.

  31. bleh says:

    lol… some people can get very itchy a$$*oles

  32. Petraller says:

    He’s holding a durian with a long stalk? So I guess I used the wrong tool…

  33. Gleek says:

    lol the middle one says almost right

  34. Kitsukami says:

    Okay… so from what I gather from first example in the diagram, I’ve been doing this all wrong. It’s NOT a real brush…

  35. weegie says:

    lol it sez the one in the middle is “almost correct.”

  36. The One Guy says:

    Just because not enough people have said this already, it reads: incorrect, almost correct, correct.

  37. smart azz says:

    The original scribble is made by a funny german artist from the 70’s and 80’s, called Loriot…

  38. Broc says:

    if you ever watched The History Channel you’d learn that Ancient Rome had working toilets and they used Sponges affixed to a stick to clean their backsides.

  39. Snake says:

    There is something seriously wrong with you if you use a toilet brush for a hair brush.

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