Idiot Proofing Manhattan?

Idiot Proofing Manhattan?

Submitted by: Okcupid via Oddly Specific

Because nothing attracts the ladies like showing them you have a grasp of pictorial instructions.

I’ve been informed that this isn’t Manhattan (which is what the submitter said) but most likely Amsterdam. However, old New York was once New Amsterdam….

He is doing it all wrong: The sign clearly says you should use your left hand to press the button! –lkajdnfje

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74 Responses to Idiot Proofing Manhattan?

  1. MiKEOViC says:

    That is 100% not Manhattan or any place in the US, for that matter. So it’s idiot proofing some other place, which is most likely in Europe.

    • Tobias (proud Dutchman) says:

      That would be Arnhem, the Netherlands (so not Amsterdam!)

    • tina says:

      how the heck do you know tht exact location?…soooo their idiot proofing ur country….the US needs a few of these…i love my country…but we have way tooooooo many idiots…can we borrow ur sign?

  2. John says:

    This actually is a very common sign in The Netherlands. This one seems to be quite near the Museumplein in Amsterdam.

  3. WtBL says:

    That is NOT Manhattan.

  4. sam says:

    Pretty sure that’s not manhattan.

  5. Sarah says:

    It’s not Holland either… Dutch number plates are yellow.

  6. xrisex says:

    such signs were aswell in frankfurt, Germany.

  7. Lizard says:

    ok so I just look at the button and hold my finger up to it?? That’s it? Do I actually have to touch the button or just hold my finger near it??…I’m so confused…

    • Jorisdriepinter says:

      Pushing the button makes the light for the pedestrian streetcrossing go green. If not pushed, it stays red.
      This is to so traffic isn’t needlessly interrupted, but only is a pedestrian wants to cross.

  8. Mgr. City says:

    They Might be Giants reference FTW!!

    • Piix says:

      Why they changed it, I can’t say, people just liked it better that way
      SO take me back to Constantinople
      No, you can’t go back to Constantinople….

  9. Randy says:

    Why they changed it, I can’t say.

  10. Music-chan says:

    Maybe you’re just suppose to stand there with your finger NEAR the button all day!


  11. SonicGTR says:

    Old New York was once New Amsterdam? Why’d they change it?

    • Raccoon says:

      Because new amsterdam (new york) was once owned by the dutch. We sold it to the english for some country I cant remember the name of xD (the dutch anthilles or however you write that xD) So yeah the english changed the name

      Lol some history for you sir ^^

    • nope says:

      No, numbnuts. You can’t say. Maybe people just liked it better that way.

      Christ, you kids these days. Don’t even know your fucking geek rock.

  12. Luckdragon says:

    true but with the amount of polish in amsterdam that truck might be just eatern european 😛 although it could be a yellow plate, its kind of blurred, this is definatly near museumplein in amsterdam.

  13. Spidur says:

    I can’t say. People just like it better that way!

  14. CaptainObvious says:

    Spidur gets the obscure song reference win.

    The refrigerator light is proud of you.

  15. Someone says:

    It’s definitely a yellow plate, and it’s definitely Amsterdam.

    It’s probably because of so many people not caring wether the light’s red or green (as long as no traffic’s close-by, we just go. Otherwise, you can end up waiting for approximately 5 minutes with no traffic passing in all that time, no exaggeration. Many pedestrian trafficlight, at least in the part of The Netherlands I live in (not in Amsterdam), suck like that).

  16. Compulsorry says:

    SonicGTR: because they traded it to the British for Suriname.

    And yes, this is Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at the Museumplein.

  17. L says:

    Indeed a very common Dutch sign. Can’t judge if the number plate is yellow. The blue bicycle sign, as well as the Rijksmuseum in the background, are very Dutch.
    And to explain the sign, you have in The Netherlands three types of traffic lights for pedestrians:

    1. The traffic light that automatically turns green without you having to do anything.
    2. The traffic light that only turns green when you push the button.
    3. The traffic light with a built-in ticking sound for blind people that only starts ticking when you push the button.

    The sign is meant to show the difference between 2 and 3. When you see this sign, the button is intended to give you green light.

  18. RoguePoster says:

    And still he doesn’t comply completely. The man in picture uses his left arm. Though the hand looks more like a right one. Weird.

    For SonicGTR:
    They didn’t. The Dutch traded New Amsterdam with the British, and they changed it to New York.

  19. :D says:

    TMBG reference FTW!! 😀

  20. Wolfy says:

    How’s this?

    These are real crosswalk signs in Washington State.

  21. oregonbird says:

    Craig Ferguson fans always give themselves away.

  22. Mifty says:

    Actually: Four Lads reference, ftw!

  23. Yinna says:

    If it makes you any happier, this is indeed Amsterdam, but very close to the American Consulate.

  24. Anna says:

    You get the Medal of Awesomness for the Day for the They Might Be Giants reference.

  25. Roy says:

    Welcome to Amsterdam 🙂 It’s a plate from the 70’s, old ones are still there but they don’t put up any new ones.

  26. Muizzie14 says:

    Yeah, I thought it wasn’t Manhattan, I live in Holland, and we’ve got thousands of that kind of signs…

  27. Muizzie14 says:

    O, wow, I’m not the only Dutch person…

  28. lkajdnfje says:

    He is doing it all wrong: The sign clearly says you should use your left hand to press the button!

  29. arthur says:

    yep, it’s amsterdam. just around my corner….

  30. Zoltar says:

    Definitely Amsterdam.
    Google “rijksmuseum amsterdam” (pictures) and you will see an image of the building on the background of the “idiot proofing” picture.
    So the person that said it was near Museumplein (museum square) was absolutely right.

  31. Lisa says:

    Thats Amsterdam, and the building you see in the distance is the Rijksmuseum.

  32. Henk says:

    Amsterdam for sure, i life there. Don’t know why someone would think this is manhattan.
    New York used to be called New Amsterdam when the Dutch founded it though.

  33. Angela says:

    I hate disagreements! Just take me back to Constantinople. What? Why can’t I? Turks ruin everything!

  34. Krankengast says:

    This is indeed made in amsterdam, those poles are all around holland.

  35. Starlight says:

    @ SonicGTRBecause the Dutch sold Manhattan for Surinam. Pretty bad deal, after all.
    Dutch captions are cool anyway.

  36. Elwing says:

    This is clearly a Dutch sign; they’re littered all over Holland. I never thought of them as odd or strange.

  37. Dutchess says:

    I’s amsterdam allright. The building in the background is the rijksmuseum at museumsquare. I think it’s an old picture since the rijksmuseum has been in and out of scaffolding for months now. (I live near amsterdam and pass this spot on a regular basis). Since Amsterdam is a metropolis there are lots of foreigners who come by car to the city so if the license plate is not yellow and black than it’s probably belgium (red & white) or german (white and black).

  38. the cream cheese you threw out last tuesday says:

    Hate to break it to you guys, but i’ve just recently fouund out that a good amount of those buttons dont work. Plus, most were never meant to work.

  39. GFYM says:

    Of course they don’t work.
    They are there just to give you the feeling, that the goverment cares for you enough, to let you control the traffic lights.

  40. rachie says:

    this guy totally looks like someone i went to college with named eric casanova.

  41. LH says:

    Hey, it’s Amsterdam indeed! Great seeing so many Dutch on this site 😛

    That numberplate is so vague, it could be either yellow or white, but there are indeed many immigrants from Poland in our country, who take their own cars here, and our cars back home.

    And we didn’t really trade New Amsterdam with the British; they threatened to bomb the place if we didn’t hand it over and sold us Surinam for compensation. We should get it back though, and influence presidential elections in our favour.

  42. Nellie Bly says:

    The guy on the sign looks like Mr. Tweedy from the comics.

  43. somedutchguy says:

    I live in The Netherlands and guess waht?
    They have got this signs all over the place!
    At every point where you have to press such a button to cross the street,there is one!

  44. WarDragon says:

    I never really realized how useless that sign is XD

  45. Seth Lamb says:

    You can not make something idiot proof, because idiots are too resourceful. The best you can hope for is idiot resistant.

  46. Amsterdamned says:

    It is amsterdam at the corner of Van Baerlestraat [street] and Museumplein [square] (you can see the City Museum on the back ground)
    100% sure :]

  47. Steven says:

    Yup, thats Amsterdam.
    I’ts at the Museumplein, near the Van Gogh museum 😉

  48. LrZ says:

    those damn signs annoy me every day when I walk to school >.<
    *wow,, there are even more dutch people @ this site :3*

  49. Jules says:

    They have these about everywhere in the Netherlands. People here just don’t seem to get what that button is for.

  50. Zach says:

    Why’d they change it? I can’t say. People just liked it better that way!

    Yay They Might Be Giants!

  51. LJK says:

    That is def. Amsterdam!!! That museum you see in the background kinda gives it away.. LOL

    And no, not all dutch license plates are yellow, but many other cars from other countries drive there as well 😉

  52. aphexZero says:

    The Stickman on this sign seems to be a midget…

  53. Sam says:

    I’d better not push this button… it’s probably a self-destruct switch for the traffic light.

  54. Umby says:

    Am I the only person that picked up the They Might Be Giants reference in the EDIT?

    • ForestElf says:

      No, I think you just can’t really read :P, ’cause the words “They Might Be Giants” and also the abbrevation “TMBG” are written all over the page 😛 Hate to play Cap Obvious like this but I just had to (A)

  55. Siena says:

    Could anyone tell me where this is?

  56. rainbownerdette says:

    Amsterdam, museumplein.

    We put the sign up for the bloody tourists cause somehow once one gets on a touringcar one seems to often forget packing their common sense :-p

  57. garadex says:

    what they don’t show you is the lampost that picture is attached to.

  58. DBGDBG says:

    . . . and if you do a Google maps search of The Netherlands, there are several places named Manhattan.

  59. Robert says:

    And for those of you who love TMBG (and those unfamiliar with them)…

  60. JawS says:

    Yeah, it’s amsterdam. But this foto could’ve been taken anywhere…
    I mean, really, this signs are all over the place.
    Great seeing so much fellow-dutchmen 😛

    Voor de nederlanders: Heb geen idee wat er zo raar is aan dit bord..

  61. Meghan from Holland says:

    hmm, looks like pretty much every trafic light in The Netherlands

  62. vagabond says:

    wouldn’t old new york just be york?

  63. Mark Smanship says:

    Two other reasons it can’t be NYC (Manhattan):
    1. Trolleys were replaced by buses in Manhattan in 1948, except for a line over the Queensboro Bridge which lasted until 1957.
    2. The trolleys in Manhattan picked up their power not from overhead wires (clearly visible here), but from an underground conduit. Washington DC trolleys and London trams also used this system, both are also long gone too.

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