Can They Ask That?

Can They Ask That?

Submitted by: I took it in Houma LA via Oddly Specific

But you only get paid $5 per hour.

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14 Responses to Can They Ask That?

  1. Lizard says:

    Epic!…maybe Ron Jeremy is looking for work??

  2. hamstap85 says:

    yes! my fav fast food restaurant is now hiring in my league!!!

  3. Swagatha says:

    The price of that gas is crazyyyy

  4. Lizard says:

    yeah I’m surprised that’s in Louisiana, looks like California gas prices.

  5. snarf says:

    Scary thought: why would that be a requirement at Subway? o.O
    I’m never eating there again..

  6. LBalor says:

    I live in California and I’m only paying 3.19/gallon for premium.

  7. Lizard says:

    yeah this must have been taken last summer when gas was getting near $5, it’s around $3 something out here in the central valley right now.

  8. J Everett says:

    I live in Houma. Our gas prices are around $3 right now. This is probably from summer of ’08.
    I wonder if I know the person who posted this. 🙂

  9. evilmaniak says:

    hey baby, do you work at subway cuz you just gave me a footlong! 😉

  10. verywise says:

    I wonder what the interview is like?

  11. bekbob says:

    I’ll check back when they’re looking for six inchers.

  12. CapnJimmy says:

    That explains why there’s only one white guy at my local subway and no girls =/

  13. The One Guy says:

    So they’re hiring their subs now? Do they know they’re being hired to be food?

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