Crotch Coffee

Crotch Coffee

Submitted by: strayers via Oddly Specific

You have to admit, that’d wake you up better than drinking it would.

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23 Responses to Crotch Coffee

  1. JMixx says:

    “Warning: Waittress has PMS today. Attempts at “witty banter,” special orders, and permitting small children to climb seat back and fall into the lap of diners in the next booth, may result in unfortunate consequences.”

  2. Steven says:


  3. Samuel L. Bronkowitz says:

    Funny, but I highly doubt this is a real sign.

  4. D says:

    Totally from Megatokyo.

  5. clayton.abernathy says:

    this is from, this isn’t a sign at all –
    design created to reference these strips (or rather character’s habit of dealing with customers)

    here is a link to a product with design.
    -Fail on whoever submitted it as a sign. =\

  6. clayton.abernathy says:

    and fail on me for not pasting link before posting comment:
    anyway link to design on merchandise:

  7. Randomname says:

    Uh… Who’s supposed to pay attention to that sign? the waitstaff? the clients?

  8. Christian Figueroa says:

    Why does stick man look ecstatic?

  9. Mels says:

    This was ripped from the MegaGear store. Orignal image and site in name-link.

  10. Phil says:

    shoulda been added to the next stickman montage, on its own its just a ripped image from megatokyo, not a real sign.

  11. Lucy says:

    Poor stick man D:

  12. 5150 says:

    Nothing like getting hot coffee poured on your nuts while falling down an elevator shaft. Kind of poetic.

  13. iloverandomness says:

    Note how there isn’t a “do not” cross running through it…

  14. Arc says:

    Can I get a “sploosh- EEEEEEEEE!!” ??

  15. Nellie Bly says:

    Folgers in your cup?

  16. Molly says:

    Who’s the bastard with the coffee pot? I mean, that’s just bad karma.

  17. Pseudos says:

    True story, bro. Got me second degree burns and a two week vacation with gaus-shorts.

  18. Guy Fernando says:

    The best part of waking up, is Folgers in your crotch.

  19. Petraller says:

    He’s shooting urine right into the coffee pot? Must be some incredible aim!

  20. shouldbestudying says:

    You’ve stiffed me the last two times you were here you cheap bastard!

  21. logzlo says:

    this is a case where folgers is NOT the best thing about waking up

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