Breast Sign Ever

Breast Sign Ever

Submitted by: strayers via Oddly Specific

I don’t understand why she looks so confused. After all, she is walking around topless in public.

A few of you have expressed some discomfort over my caption. I didn’t mean to offend anyone, and I certainly wasn’t trying to make light of something as serious as rape. I just thought, if it were me, I’d be less confused and more pissed off.

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  1. Ellie says:

    She is wearing a shirt. Look at the sleeves and collar. It’s obviously just very cold and he’s just … trying to warm her up? 😦

  2. qwer says:

    first? but why sleeves????

  3. qwer says:

    and you’re really rigt (SECOND!!)

  4. blah says:

    If she’s topless, why does she have a sleeve and collar?

    It’s not her fault that it’s super cold outside.

  5. Furriner says:

    She isn’t topless, she’s wearing sleeves and a necklace and an eraser.

  6. Required says:


  7. Glaukopis says:

    Being topless in public is not an invitation for boob honking.

    • Barmamarma says:

      Um… yes. Yes it is.

    • b says:

      Sicko. Would you say that if a guy removes his shirt, people should come titty-twist him?? If no, then why would it be fair for the other gender? Misogynist…

    • Kate says:

      I would absolutely say that if a guy is topless, people should titty-twist him. After all, double standards are wrong :]

    • Chasen says:

      Having boobs is an invitation for boob honking. Now get off the computer, there are dishes to be washed somewhere.

    • Maria says:

      um i have to agree it is, and yes if its a man too. and sleeves and a collar dont mean much if you dont button up the shirt. im a woman saying this!

  8. mags says:

    It’s sad that they actually need a sign for that.

  9. Bachamn says:

    I have a photo of this sign! It’s underneath a carport in neighborhood in Northwestern Kyoto, Japan! 🙂

  10. Jimmy says:

    Odds are that this is at a nudist colony.

  11. JMixx says:

    Look at the size of that hand!! That is no ordinary hand.

    Therefore, the meaning of the sign must be, “If a giant, otherworldly hand tweaks your nips, for the love of Pete DON’T pucker up your lips and make outraged noises! The fate of the dimensional plane may be in your hands! Er, shirt!”

    • smiddenkidden says:

      this was my first thought…that either his hands are HUGE, or this is a much darker sign than first though, since if the proportions are correct they’re either forbidding touching the breasts of tiny women…or pedophilia. i’d think small women would be more like it. i’m fairly certain they don’t make signs referring to child molestation.

  12. JMixx says:

    Hee! Or maybe, “Pull up to Attendant. Take ticket. Proceed to parking area.”

  13. JMixx says:

    Dear Lord! am I tired. I need to go home now.

  14. bob_super says:

    She doesn’t understand why you’d go for her tits when her ass protrudes that much.

    I agree with the sleeves, but the boob shape screams topless. Gotta be some Japanese Hentai cosplay.

  15. duh says:

    Because the sign was designed by a MAN with an obsession with breasts, that’s why it has a nipple

  16. Phil says:

    maybe it’s a parking lot at a strip club??

  17. Paul F says:

    Sorry to be a buzzkill, but I didn’t find the caption very funny. There are places where being topless is allowed, but that still doesn’t mean you have free license to touch people. The implication is eerily close to blaming a rape victim for wearing a short skirt and no panties.

    • Thanatos says:

      I hate to be the one to say this… And I am NOT(!!!) condoning rape in any way… But, really??? Honestly, you’re right about not being able to blame the victim, but sound advice if you don’t want raped would probably include “Don’t wear a short skirt and no panties.” I mean… Seriously

    • Tori says:

      No, wrong. The way to prevent rape is not to tell women how they’re not allowed to act, as if it is the victim’s fault. The way to prevent rape is to NOT RAPE PEOPLE.

    • Cancel_Reply says:

      Tori, I’ve been following your advice for 24 years, and rape hasn’t stopped. It appears you’re wrong.

      There are a lot of people who like to ignore factors leading to a problem, but think instead that applying brute force to the problem itself, or simply asking people to change behaviors, will help it stop. Consider the debate over our actions in the middle east: any intelligent person knows they don’t “hate us for our freedom,” correct? They didn’t just come over and fly a plane into a building because we were having too much fun being awesome. No one thinks their action was acceptable, but intelligent people are willing to consider that the way we’ve treated Muslims in the Middle East and some of our other actions in the region are clearly inciting factors, and that if we stop doing that, there will be less reason for terrorists to attack us.

      You don’t stop rape with wishful thinking, and you don’t stop it by increasing punishment for rapists. You do it through removing the inciting factors for rape– meaning, you have to eliminate the kind of social problems that lead a person to behave as an ordinary and prudent citizen, you aid people in finding appropriate outlets for sexual energy (eg, legalize and regulate prostitution, as just one of many possibilities), and reduce the situations that are conducive to rape. One of those situations, of course, would be exposing parts of the body that are normally visible only in the context of sex to people who are not trusted and responsible individuals.

    • Cancel_Reply says:

      **I mean remove factors that lead them *not* to behave as an ordinary person. BY that I mean you give aid and support to parents who are not prepared to be good parents on their own, either th rough lack of time, money, or preparation (or their own psychological problems) and by other means.

    • Chuck says:

      Prostitutes get raped, too.

    • Adolf H says:

      He ist nicht ein Rapist, who rapes eine Prostitute, but ein Thief ist He.

    • RHYSE says:

      sorry to break it to you but if you’re wearing short skirts and no panties you deserve to be raped. :\

    • Gamesman says:

      Bullsh^t anyone who thinks like that is probably a potential rapist.

    • flaccid anus says:

      or you could, you know, not dress like a whore

    • shannon says:

      EXCUSE me??? did you really just effing say “they deserve to be raped”? NO ONE fucking deserves to be raped!!!! dont fucking post something like that on the effing INTERNET or even say that because you dont know who might be reading your comment. you are a unfeeling bastard!

    • flaccid anus says:

      lol u mad?

    • Charmander says:

      Think for a minute. If you actually wore that, your genatalia would be exposed.

    • WTF!?!?!?1 says:

      WTF!?!?!?!? god your a fucking dumb ass for saying that!!!! its totally unsensitive and there could be people who have been sexually assaulted on here, i am one of them. if i knew you i would fucking strangle you. sorry but your an ass.

    • OenSG says:

      @2 Above: You say effing, then fucking… May I ask of the sudden change, and then back to effing? just make up your mind ^_^

      @Above: Insensitive

      @ME: No one like a grammar Nazi. I’m quite aware.

      And, because I have to… DUDE, ITS RAPE! No one deserves it, no one ever will. I wouldn’t wish that onto my most hated fellows I’m sorry, but when was the last time you thought it was okay for a dude to walk up, beat you to a pulp, and set up camp in you? Never? Thought so.

    • Barmamarma says:

      “Blame” isn’t an all-or-nothing game. If you get over the idea that blame is a moral object that gets assigned according to certain rules either to one person or the other, a very simple truth emerges: wearing a short skirt and no panties increases your risk of being raped. Depending on how you define “blame,” some of it does belong on the victim in that case. In other words, of course no one deserves to be raped, for any reason, but if “blame” means “who, by their actions, led to the occurrence of an event,” then my definition the victim in this case shares some of the blame.

    • fkk says:

      I’m raised as a naturist, but this caption is funny!

    • kobra18 says:

      really dude sorry somebody rape your funny bone out

    • Adolf H says:

      Some Frauen just ask for it.

  18. eriC says:

    Maybe he thinks he has to push the buttons before crossing the street…

  19. Olivia says:

    Maybe he’s thirsty?

  20. Your innerself says:

    I can’t?
    A SHIT!

  21. Dark says:

    No confusion allowed.

  22. TacoMann says:

    Anyone else freaked out that the hand is bigger than the boobs!?!?(Small boobs and girl or GIANT DUDE)

  23. Alexia says:

    The caption is not funny. It’s the same sort of crap I hear when women get blamed for being raped.

    If it’s a place where nudity is allowed, it’s sad that men need a sign to let them know that they don’t have the right to grope a woman.

  24. jaypanda says:

    HAHAAHA golden…!! I have the same photo man!! that was an awesome little spot..with the great little river beside…and that sweet bamboo forest.

  25. says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the nipple looks drawn on with a sharpie?

  26. robert says:

    “Women are NOT allowed to be perplexed when boob-grabed!” ?

  27. Wannie The Sane says:


    I thought the exact same thing.

    Well, I thought marker, not sharpie, but you know what I mean.

  28. MLD says:

    Given the serial breast grabbing in australia right now, I can see how this sign may be necessary. Of course, the ones the sign is AIMED at won’t pay attention anyhow

  29. hexaet says:

    its shadow play – “see – my hand looks like a chimpanzee”

  30. Actually, I am completely blown over by the fact that this sign even exists! What kind of place is THAT where a sign like THAT has to be put up???

  31. Philip says:

    The previous sign explains what will happen if this sign is ignored.

  32. Carol says:

    The hell with the breast, what happened to her face? 8-0

  33. BD says:

    She’s got a shirt on (see the sleeve and collar?). The person with the hand is a creep. She is shouting at him. Seems pretty unambiguous to me: don’t squeeze boobs.

  34. gia says:

    You’re just digging yourself in a deeper hole by giving such a ridiculous explanation.
    First of all, as other people pointed out, there are places where being topless is allowed – that doesn’t mean it’s allowed to touch people. I am sure men on a nudist beach wouldn’t be pleased if any random woman walked up to them and grabbed their junk.

    Second, the nipple might be there to stress on the image of the breasts “It’s breasts, DO NOT GRAB.”

    And third, the “!?” punctuation mark means surprise, rather than confusion. Most women ARE surprised when someone feels them up without their permission, the anger and the humiliation come afterwards.

    And last, this caption has no place whatsoever in this site. It’s not “oddly specific” at all, considering it’s from Japan. Japan has an extremely serious problem with groping in public places, so serious that they have began segregating their trains by gender to help women avoid that. So it’s specific, yes, but odd? NO.

    • Cancel_Reply says:

      ” I am sure men on a nudist beach wouldn’t be pleased if any random woman walked up to them and grabbed their junk.”

      AHAHAHAHAHahahAAHAHAHhahah!!! AHAHA!! ha!!!

      You have lost all credibility here. You are hereby disqualified from holding opinions regarding human nature, especially where the differences between sexes are a factor.

    • b says:

      Cancel_reply, just because you’re a horny teen who would love to be groped by some random woman as you imply, does NOT mean you have the right to troll and mistreat people actually concerned by rape and other serious issues.

      GTFO, trolling brat.

  35. ME says:

    come on people..take a joke and calm down. half of the jokes and references on this site are considered odd by someone who is not involved in the background of why such a sign was neccesary in the first place, be it cultural or simply geographical. therefor to most of the world, to happen upon this sign would in fact be odd.

  36. JuliaJolie says:

    How do we know it’s not a fat man with a bad perm and saggy man-boobs?

    Anyway, I know I’ve said this on GraphJam, but if a fat man is legally allowed to walk around in public swinging his flabby, sweaty chest-sacks everywhere, then so should women!

    • Mel says:


    • Cancel_Reply says:

      I don’t understand your logic. You seem to be implying that if a man can do something gross, a woman should be able to do something sexually arousing?

      I agree that it might be good for society and women if breasts lost their status as sexual symbols, and ceased to be objects that arouse men. But you should at least recognize the reasons that breasts are required to remain covered– it’s not because they’re gross or unpleasant, but because laws are made to preserve social order, and given the attitutudes of people in our society (USA, sorry if you’re froms omewhere else prudish) exposed breasts cause a great amount of excitement and disorder.

    • b says:

      By your logic, everything should be dictate not by what’s fair for people, but by what the bigoted majority believes to be proper and conventional.

      I’m glad the world isn’t ruled by people like you, otherwise black people would still be in chains, women would be property, child molestation would be fine (it was very common in the old times, so maybe idiots like you might consider it a traditional value like the slavery and so on?)

      Oh, we can’t take thew risk to change the world to make it more fair and civilized, no, no… it would be so terrible…

    • Cancel_Reply says:

      It’s as if you can read, but not quite comprehend, b. What I did was point out flawed logic. You did nothing to contradict any of my claims, and made lots of arguments by analogy that have nothing to do with anything. DIdn’t I already state that a change would be good? Didn’t I already say the equivalent of “it would be good for society if black people werne’t in chains?” And “it would be good for society if women weren’t property?”

      If you could comprehend and not just read, you’d realize that I agree that breasts should and hopefully will be desexualized. However, defending an argument with poor reasoning doesn’t help a cause, and thus I point out flaws in arguments even if I agree with the person’s conclusion. That is because I am intelligent and capable of following a string of logic. The fact is that if your best argument for desexualizing breasts is that it’s gross when men walk around without a shirt, then you’re not doing much for your cause.

    • isecondthat says:


  37. Joshua says:

    Or…you could quit your oversensitive whining, see the humor in the situation, take the writer of the caption of this funny site’s word that he/she meant no disrepect at face value, and move on with your life.
    Where were yoru comments about the poor stick figure man getting coffee poured on his crotch? You think it’s OK to pour coffee on mens’ crotches? Even if some men walk around in tight pants, it is NEVER ok to pour coffee on their crotches.

    • Yeah.... says:

      Yeah, really. It was a JOKE. Jesus, I’ll be sure not to post stuff on facebook because it might offend someone, I’ll be sure I won’t drop a pin on the floor because it might offend somebody. This just turned into some serious rape conversation?

  38. K says:

    That is one dangerous nipple protrusion there. The questionable anatomy has the capacity to carry out punishment for violation of the female body automatically.

    “Groping of breasts will result in puncturing of hands… so don’t do that. Kthnx.”

  39. PYLrulz says:

    Paul, gia, and alexia… STFU

    Quit being whiny bitches.

  40. Mina says:

    I agree with Joshua and ME. The caption was funny, but nowadays people have no sense of humor. I am female and thank the lord, not an oversenisitive “everything offends me” type. Learn to laugh and not think so freggin’ much into it.

    • Murderface says:

      I believe you meant to say Joshua and I.
      Otherwise, I agree entirely. This is “” not “

    • isecondthat says:

      no she meants joshua and ME.
      incase you actually missed the all the posts up to this point… ME was a poster
      when you assume

  41. Coffee says:

    These comments have been invaded by the Stop Having Fun Brigade.

  42. Young'n says:

    @Paul F:
    Wow, please tell me you’re not actually serious about that short skirt, no panties thing. I mean sure if it’s within a girl’s own home or some other private place she’s comfortable with, they could wear whatever they want, but wearing such a thing in public??? I mean unless you have a valid reason (maybe you had nothing else to wear) and aside from probably prostitutes or places like nude beaches, who in their right mind would actually walk around in that attire? I’m sorry, but that really is an example of “you reap what you sow”.

  43. guy says:

    If she’s topless, how does she have sleeves?

  44. Nyurr says:

    There’s more out there than just the “Everything offends me” type. What about the “I was honestly a victim of rape” type? We should just laugh at their expense? You have no idea what’s happened to any of the people on this thread, but you’re going to just judge them for being offended over something that honestly could’ve happened to them or their friends or family? Real mature.

    • Murderface says:

      I was a victim of Stick Figure signs. Does that mean no one in the world can ever make a joke about stick figures signs again?

  45. Xenon says:

    Fuck. You. No matter WHAT someone is wearing, it’s not an excuse for rape.

    • Cancel_Reply says:

      Not an excuse for rape, definitely, but also certainly something that increases your chances of being raped. Seems silly to do things that increase your chance of being raped– especially if the only benefit is the good feeling you get knowing that you’re inciting sexual feelings in men.

    • b says:

      Look, troll. There are cases where guys break into someone’s home and rape some 70 year old lady who was in baggy pajamas.

      What you wear or not will NOT stop a rabid dog type of guy from raping you.

      Your constant denial and insisting on the opposite makes you a troll and a jerk, NOT anyone witty or well-informed, so stop constantly repeating your misogynistic garbage to every commenter.

    • Cancel_Reply says:

      Look, person who does not reason well. I’d tell you the technical name of your fallacy, but it’s obvious you’ve never had a basic introduction to logic, and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to you. Let me explain it in simple terms: when someone says “X” is a factor, they don’t mean that “X and only X caused the thing to happen.” Okay? Now do you see how your entire reply becomes completely meaningless? Let me guess– no, you don’t. Okay, I’ll continue.

      At no point did I say or imply that a 70 year old woman in baggy pajamas is completely immune from all forms of rape. What I said was that wearing a short skirt and no panties increases your odds of being raped. That rapid-dog (what a silly analogy; a rapid dog would never attempt sexual relations; in fact that rhabdovirus that causes rabies suppresses sexual behavior during all 3 phases of disease) type of male might rape a grandma, but I’m quite certain that if he’s on his way to grandma’s and sees a pantieless woman on the sidewalk, he’ll be glad to have her instead.

      Your argument boils down to “rape cannot be completely eliminated from the world, so therefore it is senseless to take action to prevent yourself from becoming a victim.” Who’s the troll now?

    • telecomladyj says:

      I agree that making a valid, logical argument is not trolling.

      Although having no reasoning ability WHATSOEVER is not “technically” the deciding factor in what makes one a troll, it certainly makes you more of a troll than someone you continue to badger because they do not subscribe to your circular reasoning.

      Jus sayin…

    • Winter Dreams says:

      This is a tough one. But despite the crap the women in my family have gone through, I am going to agree with him on this one. He isn’t blaming women, or saying it’s okay to rape someone. Anyone who doesn’t realize that is a moron. Wearing an outfit like that WILL GET YOU ATTACKED. I’m not saying it’s right, or okay, or that the guy shoudln’t have his testicals removed with a rusty spoon. Neither if you will notice is Cancel_Reply. But it will happen. And until rape ceases to exist, somethings are just a bad idea.

    • isecondthat says:

      @ b
      adding to Cancel_reply:

      1) cases. ok so there are some serial rapists. but does wearing no panties and a short skirt inhibit a mans sexual inhibition? is it conducive? use logic plz. cuz youve really made no point.

      2) insisting on the opposite doesnt make someone a troll, it makes someone opinionated. Cancel_Reply is well informed. definitely moreso than you

      and his logic is sound and not stupid.

      no one has agreed with you thus far.


  46. eternalgreenknight says:

    The line is over the ticked off confused woman, not the mickey mouse hand. Clearly it is a sign about not being surprised if mickey mouse wants to grope you.

  47. Mac says:

    a) The fact that this sign got posted here means the poster thinks it to be “oddly specific”. This implies that for him it is odd that anybody should feel any need for it, i.e. for breaking the fact that it’s not ok to grope women’s breasts down to pictogram level.
    b) Judging by most of the comments, most of us agree – you’re preaching to the choir.
    c) Few rape victims will be impressed by the suggestion that having your breasts groped is on the same level as rape (and please don’t twist this to mean groping is no big deal).
    d) A friend of mine was in an accident recently. Let’s remove all posts with signs refering to traffic dangers from this site.
    e) The question mark + exclamation mark are about as weird as a sign with a skidding car that says “OH NOES!”
    d) Sorry for going on.

  48. Young'n says:

    And why not? They’re inducing the desires of certain people. Tell me, why might a girl decide to dress flimsily? It’s like the problem I have with cops pretending to be prostitutes. They’re practically inviting people just to catch them. That’s just like asking someone to come over to your house and then shooting them. Who’s at fault here? I just fail to see the logic behind all this.
    Going back to the main subject here, sure it’s okay if they wear very revealing clothing, but there is a limit to these things, and to actually couple it with a loss of panties, I just think they should be prepared for any reactions they should get, good or bad. Now don’t get me wrong, I also think rape is wrong, it’s just the reasons behind it, that I have a problem with.
    Sorry, reading over what I wrote, I make it seem as though I’m putting all the blame on the victim. This isn’t the case. I actually think that there should be a shared responsibility on this matter; it’s both the victim and the assailant’s fault that things ended up the way they have.

    • b says:

      You are a troll, and a douche too.

    • b says:

      And I forgot to add: And a wannabe rapist too, from how much you defend rape and openly express that women “deserve to be raped”.

      Your bull trying to deny it now won’t change what you said in your previous comments.

  49. Zero says:

    So there is no limit to what woman can do. From all the feminist talk i thought men had all the power.

  50. TacoMann says:

    She has a moustache?

  51. The Disarming Mediator says:

    Yes, I agree rape is a terrible thing. I counsel rape victims, and I know the consequences and mental repercussions it has.

    But, really, is this something we need to get all up-in-arms about? It is, admittedly, one of the stranger warning signs I’ve seen against groping, and definitely on of the more… shall we say… explicit ones (teenaged boys with Sharpies, perhaps?), so I see where, out of cultural context, it could be found humourous. Nagging and badgering patrons of a humour site will do nothing. If you REALLY want to defend victims of rape, do it in a public way, support is always needed.

    If you’re just whinging for the sake of whinging and putting people down, kindly get the fuck off. No-one wants a mum riding them during a break.

    • Cancel_Reply says:

      You are clearly lying. I agree with most of what you said, and no I don’t think you should be taking this seriously if you are a rape counselor; however, from your style and manner of writing, I think it’s pretty obvious that you’re flat out lying to improve your credibility.

    • Navi says:

      Based on you previous comments, I had an ounce of respect left for your attempt to be logical even though I disagreed with most of what you said. That ounce has evaporated.. like *poof* v.v

  52. just me says:

    it clearly is not excuse to rape.. but it sure is more “inviting”.. men get aroused by sight.. so if you´re gonna show em.. you clearly are teasing… so don´t be surprised by some´s reaction or lack of self-control.. and yes, you can wear what you want..

  53. PhunkThisNoise says:


    And I agree with the person who said the nipple looks drawn on.

  54. Xenon says:

    I don’t give a shit. If you’ve ever had someone close to you raped (and I have), you will have NO sympathy for any kind of crap people saying what you have recieve.

  55. gia says:


    You’re truly an idiot. First of all, almost all rape is comitted by people close to the victims – friends, family, teachers, doctors, priests, etc. Rape is about power and humiliation, it is rarely about sexual gratification. If a rapist wants to rape, the victim could be wrapped in a fucking burqa and they’d still be victimised. Educate yourself before you spout that ignorant crap!

    • b says:

      Thank you!

      Hopefully he’ll listen, though he seems way too full of his own opinions to hear others’. That kid is really infuriating, with his trolling and misinformation.

    • Cancel_Reply says:

      Yes, b, because anyone who disagrees with you is a troll.

    • isecondthat says:

      once again
      key words
      could be

      doesnt mean wearing nexxt to nothing doesnt arouse a man.

      i propose this to you:
      why do men watch strippers?
      and another:
      do girls dres scantly at a club in order to avoid attention?

      youre dumb, b, for thinking gia is agreeing with you
      what young’n fails to state is that in SOME CASES, it is also the victims fault for exposing themselves like that. thats where gia’s anger comes from. it angers me a little that he has failed to mention such a blatant fact.

      once again
      having an opposing opinion isn’t trolling. it’s having an opposing opinion.

  56. Daniel Neville says:

    That image goes along nicely with the sign depicting two women covered in niqabs, captioned
    “Thank you for not provoking my uncontrollable lust.”

  57. buggaboo says:

    whaaa! to the rape cry babies. There’s Rape(i.e. being drug down a nasty alley and being brutally forced to perform) then there’s the WHAAA! version, you dress like a slut, have your meal, drinks, movies etc bought for you, then get all beside yourselves and upset when he won’t take no for an answer.

    • b says:

      You are disgusting.

      Try getting raped and then come tell us how it felt.

    • Cancel_Reply says:

      HAHAHah!! This is your best moment yet. In telling someone they’re disgusting for not taking rape seriously, you wish that they will get raped. Really? Which is more disgusting: not being sensitive to victims of certain forms of rape, or hoping that someone not sensitive to rape gets raped? Answer honestly, b!

    • isecondthat says:


  58. K says:

    now that you’ve added a sensible disclaimer…

    *raises hand* what the fuck is this a sign FOR? o.O

  59. K says:

    lol TYPICAL that it would be guys saying ‘calm down you hysterical bitches and take a joke.’ methinks they are saddened to hear they are actually not supposed to grope strangers.

  60. K says:

    shorter mina: i’m not like those other meanie bitches! love me, please! girl please.

  61. K says:

    oh, and Young’n is a rapist. because really, no one with decency blames victims like that. go fuck yourself, little boy.

  62. fairlight says:

    @buggaboo Thanks for letting us all know you’re a rapist.

  63. Frankenstein's Bride says:

    I’d be more confused about the things coming out of my neck in that pic than a simple boob grab…. But that’s just me…

  64. Crusty Robert says:


  65. Selene says:

    I thought boob grabbing was considered sexual assault not rape?

  66. Thanatos says:

    The guy v. girl dynamic in these comments makes me wonder if those who have seen Pulp Fiction are a dying breed. I realize that was a movie, but it illustrates the point that rape isn’t sexist.

  67. blah says:

    Normal people don’t go around mugging everyone who looks like they have a dollar on them. Normal people don’t go around raping people who may or may not look “slutty”. It’s always about how fucked up the attacker is, not about who the victim is.

  68. Thanatos says:

    Okay… Rape ASIDE (as in, don’t even mention it…), exactly WHAT is the appeal of wearing a short skirt and no panties? Honestly… This boggles my mind…

  69. JFess says:

    I love clamheads.

  70. Butterflypie says:

    She must’ve got her ass, lips & nipples done by the same Dr. (bulk discount)

  71. theywentwild says:

    Well you’ve assured that a whole TON of people will never visit your site again, by not adressing the victim blaming and pro-rape in your comments.
    Way to go.

    • Cancel_Reply says:

      This is false. There will be no measurable decrease in traffic as a result of this incidence.

    • OPRAHHHHH says:

      yeah, because a supah srs!!!11 discussion about omagod victyms!!!!! T_T nd PRO RAEP MESSAGES D< would be totally appropriate for this website and would totally amuse visitors who are here to laugh and not roll their eyes.
      groping isn't even the same thing as rape, so idk why anyone would comment on that instead of being OMAGOD PUBLICALLY ASSAULTED …. IN PUBLIC!!!!!.

  72. Pooploop says:

    I’m going to put it in her butt

  73. Arkalidor says:

    just a small attempt to make people think a second about how they can get stupidly carried away in arguments.

    One case is never the whole of the thing, because a relative of yours, or maybe you yourself were a rape victim doesn’t mean that you know everything how rape, what causes it, who’s responsible etc. And it doesn’t mean that those who disagree with you are wrong.

    Personally, I don’t know anything about rape so I won’t talk on that matter. But I hate seeing people argumenting and refusing to see the other side’s argument

  74. D.M. says:

    My God. The fact that the owner was forced to change his caption and the conversation on a picture of a sign turned into a diatribe on rape tells me this world has gone to Hell in a handbasket. How sad it is that people have to start a screaming contest about being raped over a sign that is honestly quite amusing. (By the way, guys, she may be wearing sleeves, but her boobs are obviously hanging out of whatever top she’s wearing, and she doesn’t have a bra, either.) I’m sure the purported “victims” in here will be glad to know that, typically, somewhere between 80 and 90% of rape reports are false, usually the result of embarrassment and regret the following day, or a penchant for, say, revenge against a particular person for some sort of past wronging. (By the way again, male-on-male prison “rapes” make up the majority of the statistic, and we exclude them, because, hey, they’re in prison so they don’t count as people, and they must have already raped someone to get in there, right?) In addition, despite claims that would amplify it, only between 50 and 60% of rapes are committed by a person who knows the victim in some way, and that figure appears to be lessening gradually. It’s like the NFL Overtime rule. Everybody assumes that the team that gets the ball first always wins, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Only 60% of the time does that happen AT ALL, and only about 25% of the time does that happen on the first possession, meaning that in 75% of overtime games played, both teams have at least one possession before the game ends, anyway.

  75. Saitaina says:

    A. I was raped (and by someone I trusted and still have horrible traumatic psychological scars over it)

    B. I thought the caption was funny enough to snort tea up the wrong pipe (peach BURNS man!)

    Now can we move on to other images of oddly specific signs?

  76. morgan says:

    if u notice there’s a collar and a sleeve so she isn’t walkin around topless. not ment to offend since i know a few people who have been raped/molested.

  77. lambby says:

    im just repeating whats been said by some others on here but:

    stop calling people trolls just because you don’t like what they’re saying.

    if you offended by it, don’t comment because that just increases the likelihood of a further “hit” as people see the comments and decide they must also look. you know, “vote with your feet” sort of thing.

    and again. its probably wrong to walk around wearing a short skirt and no panties. not because it will “cause rape” (whether it does or not), but because its public indecency. Im sure the same people saying that you should be allowed to wear whatever you want aren’t in favour of public streakers.

    and grabbing someone’s breast is rape, yes, but not the sort that gives people a license to discuss far more violent and damaging types of rape on this thread. its not the same thing, and saying they are is offensive to a victim of that sort of rape.

    finally, why do women think that logical men opposed to them walking around topless think its about control or something? men likes boobs, simple. its not because men don’t like boobs or don’t want to see them, its because of the vary contrary – other men wont be able to control themselves if they do see a topless woman walking around. To say they wont on a thread were people talk about rape is bordering upon brainless.

    Finally, calm down. Everybody. Myself included.

    • jade says:

      grabbing someone’s breast is NOT rape, it’s assault. :/ don’t throw around terms that don’t say what you mean. there aren’t different kinds of RAPE, there are different kinds of ASSAULT and RAPE is a [more serious] type of ASSAULT.
      also, i like guys with dark eyes and dark hair. just because i see a guy with dark hair and eyes doesn’t mean i won’t be able to “control” myself and it doesn’t give me license to jump them.

  78. isecondthat says:


  79. Lia says:

    There just shouldn’t be signs like that. And if it must exist, it certainly shouldn’t have had a nipple. Just a rounded Barbie style breast would have sufficed.

  80. Alexandra says:

    I really think it’s pretty entertaining that this picture was put on here because of a ridiculous and humorous sign, and yet people have to go so far and take things so seriously, that now 90% of the comments are an argument about rape.
    If you want to debate your morals, look elsewhere than a humorous blog on the internet. IT’S THE INTERNET, you shouldn’t expect much from people. You’re just plain annoying.

    As for the sign, I think it’s hilarious.

  81. mryallayalla says:

    why are so many women having problems with getting their boobs touched ? they pay thousands of dollars to have them bigger…maybe they should pay another big amount of money to get those “thingies”cut off…then noone can touch…

  82. Wagger says:

    If thisere taken in Japan, there are laws against womens’ nipples showing thru their clothing

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