We’re Here to Invade

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

Yeah, they can put up a sign, but it’s not going to do any good if they have to ask their older brother to get the last one because it’s moving too fast.

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17 Responses to We’re Here to Invade

  1. - says:

    That comment would have probably made me smile if I hadn’t HEARD IT ALREADY IN FUTURAMA.

    Instead I cried copiously and I felt the need to comment about it here.

  2. cinderkeys says:

    That sign is actually pretty awesome. Too bad today’s batch of new drivers are too young to get it.

  3. Mathy says:

    I’m 15 (can’t even drive yet -.-) and I get the joke. I’d have probably LOLed if I went there.

  4. Phil says:

    Wow!…so all this time they weren’t trying to invade us, they were just trying to land in a parking spot; and we were shooting at them like some crzed parking lot security guard. They were probably senior citizen aliens too, the way they dropped down slowly and kept shifting from side to side, they were just trying to line up with the parking space. I mean at least they’re not like that damn centipede, all twisty and turny, taking up three spots when it parks. And don’t get me started on those Joust ostriches, leaving their mess all over the parking lots…and my windshield!

  5. Your Lord And Master Foamy says:

    Im 19, and space invaders is one of my favorite console and arcade games of all time! OF ALL TIME!!! Closely followed by frogger and table pac-man.

  6. Feyn says:

    I believe, firsts like Tetris and Space Invader will always be known by the geekier part of society 🙂

  7. Bucket says:

    I agree with anyone who thinks this sign is pretty damn awesome, epic etc.
    Great pun, too 😀

  8. Bamboozle says:

    “Now move away from the sign zigzagging left and right.”

  9. Matt says:

    Tank time!

  10. Flakdown says:

    soooo i cant be a space invador???? WTF

  11. required says:

    the geek in me loled when I read this

  12. peculiar says:

    all your space are belong to us

  13. Rar says:

    That’s just awesome. I loled. Also, to be someone who names their age, I’m 17.

  14. madz says:

    that sign is a win!!! can they put a few around here?

  15. weegie says:

    ooh! ooh! does that mean i can get a spaceship and shoot bad parkers?

  16. susannahmio says:

    you mean I just shot through my own sheild to get this spot and I only get 15 minutes?

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