Nothing for Nothing

Nothing for Nothing

Submitted by: I took the picture at WalMart on 03/16/10 via Oddly Specific

You know what they say: nothing for nothing gets nothing.

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28 Responses to Nothing for Nothing

  1. SKaReCRoW says:

    How do they know when they’re out of stock?

  2. Feyn says:

    How does the stock know when they are out of prizes?

  3. tahrey says:

    what happens when you divide zero by zero, trying to get the price per unit of a multipack of this stuff?!

  4. Phil says:

    Is walmart trying to claim ownership of air? Granted they’re not charging for it…yet, but I think they’re making a move here.

  5. Ethd says:

    Great! I’ll take three cases. What’s your return policy?

  6. Jasini says:

    Comes with a double your money back guarantee.

  7. Eddie says:

    I’m gonna need another cart! At these prices, I’m stocking up!

  8. Oahi says:

    Free shelves!

  9. fish eye no miko says:

    You gotta admit, “$00.00” *is* an unbeatable price. Short of them paying you, I guess…

  10. teatime of death says:

    means nothing.

  11. Lucinda says:

    This truly is Much Ado About Nothing……literally!! ^^

  12. Gotta love these clever comments!

  13. Steven says:

    I’ve been looking for these cans of A-I-R all day!

  14. eternalgreenknight says:

    You don’t get the shelves, you get the holes IN the shelves, silly!

  15. Feyn says:

    Actually, I think they are selling the holes in the shelves.

  16. Olivia says:

    Is that a McDonalds at the back? I’m not in the US.

  17. unidyne says:

    @Olivia: Yes, that’s a McDonalds. In the USA, some “big box” WalMart stores actually have them. The only thing missing is a wedding chapel.

  18. OneWithRussia says:

    I was actually thinking that whatever was on that shelf flew off it -0.01 seconds after they stocked it…

  19. Glane says:

    Sold out AGAIN!

  20. Teo says:

    My dad always said, Nothing is free in life.
    Turns out he was right. It really is free!

  21. joe says:

    you can’t have something for nothing

  22. cheta°° says:

    Unbeatable indeed…

  23. Kadin says:

    We’ve got the best! The worst! We’ve got everything! Except one thing! What’s that? We’ve got no store! No product! No parking payment! No parking lot! So don’t come down! Stay at home! This week! Every week!
    That’s nothing for nothing!

  24. Tyler says:

    Amazing, it’s signs like this that keep the universe in order.

  25. Nick says:

    Nothing was ever said in this comment.

  26. Broc says:

    Darn, I wanted to get the Rollback.

  27. Broc says:

    lucky bastards, the Wal-marts in my area only have Subway.

  28. Hmmm says:

    wow, considering the money for value ratio, this is the absolute perfect price for this product. And I always thought that those cheapskates from walmart were ripping me off :))

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