This Place Sounds Great

This Place Sounds Great

Submitted by: A Park in Taipei, Taiwan via Oddly Specific

I guess I’ll just sit there quietly until the bus comes.

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43 Responses to This Place Sounds Great

  1. skippyman2099 says:

    What situation(s) would have led to the prohibition of “private desks”?

  2. 4th horseman says:

    Don’t give them ideas.. They’ll ban sitting, and busses.. You’ll be stuck in limbo waiting for something that can’t happen.

  3. Foamer says:

    Interestingly enough, it doesn’t appear that nudity or sex is against the rules.

  4. P. says:

    The person urinating looks so proud of himself.

  5. tlsheff says:

    then they’ll put a ban on Limbo, referring to the game not the situation 🙂 couldnt help it lol

  6. tlsheff says:

    also, what kind of horn is that and how much noise does it really make???

  7. Seibee says:

    No doing….well, pretty much anything, really.

  8. BigMomma says:

    I guess you can sit there and grow a tail. It just says you can’t pee, right?

  9. davy jones says:

    No fun.

  10. Diziet says:

    actually this is better than a lot of parks in england. You’re allowed to bring food and drink(alcohol), play music (at a reasonable volume of course), have a game with a ball or frisbee etc.etc.

  11. Sparrow says:

    That’s like the mall around here that has, so help me, a 50-item “Code of Conduct” posted at every entrance. Basically all they want you to do is come in, spend all your money and leave.

  12. cabbagepatch says:

    Damn, and I had my office furniture, wet laundry, and my poker set all packed up. Guess I’ll turn around and go home. Oh well, I have to go to the bathroom, anyway….

  13. Cae says:

    @P. LOL I was thinking that too

  14. Lark says:

    No clothes?

  15. T. says:

    Actually, most of them make sense. Which of these actions did you want to do?

  16. Sarge says:

    So, hunting isn’t prohibited then?

  17. ekt8750 says:

    Hey they didn’t say anything about take a shit there though!

  18. Nallam says:

    This is my chance. They say nothing about defecating.

  19. Love the no clothes washing or clothes drying….and no fishing! I wonder if they would all be done in the same body of water?

  20. Ray says:

    Seeing as how there’s no clothes washing, the clothes drying restriction is a bit redundant.

  21. Seminymous Coward says:

    Bus won’t come; no vehicles are allowed.

  22. Crovie says:

    I once saw this exact same sign on a t-shirt.

    Engrish shirts are so strange.

  23. theloon says:

    i love how there is a picture for everything, except “vehicle”. what, was a picture of a car harder to come by than a picture, say, for gambling? haha

  24. Mr. Fuzzy says:

    I belive the act of throwing nuclear objects in not a rule ^.^

  25. dw says:

    What a bunch of Taipei personalities

  26. Vicelion says:

    Cop:*posts over sign, says same except, no waiting for bus, no breathing, no giving birth, yes public sex* well, im gonna have to take you away>
    You:shit…*rapes a passerby* HA, im allowed to stay

  27. Eric says:

    Behold! The Rosetta Stone of signs!

  28. Alice says:

    Is it just me, or is that a Deathnote in the “No Graffiti” circle?

  29. Penguin says:

    you should be happy there’s no engrish on there

  30. 1A4h says:

    Whew I was getting worried… At least I can still masturbate there.

  31. heyalluppls says:

    what were people doing in this park to put this sign up?

  32. Raura says:

    I live in Taipei. Believe or not, some people living near parks would dry their clothes or put their old armchairs and tables in parks as if parks are their backyards. Very annoying!

  33. Curly says:

    I’ve been to China. If that sign wasn’t up, there would be lots of people doing EVERYTHING that the sign prohibits in the park.

  34. Liz says:

    Hong Kong parks are definitely worse. All above prohibitions plus No Ball Games, No Radio Controlled Toys, No Picking Flowers, No Bike Riding, No Skating… basically, you can sit on the bench. And we do get the occasional guy hospitalised for fornicating with the benches. Clearly, that should be on the sign.

  35. says:

    The main thing that bugs me about this is that the “no washing clothes” and “no drying clothes” signs arent next to each other.
    This makes me assume that it was a fair while after /washing/ your clothes was prohibited, that drying them was banned too?

  36. weegie says:

    but it says no vehicles…

  37. JimJam says:

    You may not damage the picking of plants!

  38. Carissa says:

    My question is this….. why is it that they made a picture of everything from drying clothes to private desks, but no cars is just a big minus sign?

  39. Etsuko says:

    So I brought my vuvuzela for nothing?

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