As Opposed to What?

As Opposed to What?

Submitted by: BigBP425 via Oddly Specific

Ok, I “will.” I “promise.”

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24 Responses to As Opposed to What?

  1. Mathy says:

    I “loled”

  2. Flusher says:

    OKAY! And I will “wash” my “hands”

  3. Hello says:

    Maybe as opposed to ‘flashing’ it? But that would just be silly…

  4. Wesmania says:

    Unnecessary quotes pl0x!

  5. skeptic says:

    I wonder what those people think. I have seen this silly usage of quotes on CakeWrecks and here and on other occasions, and I wonder, what exactly do those people believe that quotes represent? Emphasis? So they read newspapers and see quotations, and what do they think they are reading? Emphasized words? Do they make any sense to them?

  6. Phil says:

    Hey man…if its yellow leave it mellow…

  7. Grammar Patrol says:

    Here here skeptic,

    Hypothetically speaking, if you “use” the toilet you should “flush” it afterward. (sarcastic tone)

    My goodness, do they no longer teach grammar in schools?

  8. Haywood J. says:

    @skeptic: Let me know if you figure that out!!!!

  9. Jerry says:

    @skeptic – Well, if my limited knowledge of grammar serves me, either they were trying to be ironic, or they were quoting another sign……..

  10. BigBP425 says:

    Yeahhh they posted my picture

    I don’t know what they were thinking. It was in Zura Hall at San Diego State.

  11. master baiter says:

    As opposed to “not flush”, you dorks. As in “Please do not “not flush” the toilet” That’s fine English there.

  12. jesi says:

    oh man this reminds me of the menu boards at my high school… they would always say ‘”2″ hotdogs’ and it would infuriate me so much. “2”??? like, not really two? how many fucking hot dogs then??

  13. orion says:

    They should have used brackets. That would put much more “emphasis” on the word.

  14. Sexy Sadie says:

    Those scare quotes are seriously scaring me!

  15. Flakdown says:

    they underlined the word.
    theyre getting better at word :O RUN!!

  16. loflol says:

    Please “do not” emphasize things with quotation marks.

  17. cinderkeys says:

    Those scare quotes for emphasis used to be all over menus. Now the little divey restaurants that printed those menus. I suppose the quotes had to migrate somewhere.

  18. Mr. Fuzzy says:

    Strange this toliet “won’t” flush. So i’ll just “leave” it here.

  19. Smitty says:

    I’m just glad that “flush” is to be taken with a grain of salt and not “toilet”.

  20. The Amazing Rando says:

    No, no, no. You see, what they’re doing is quoting Steve Erikson who said, “A toilet is a device that is best when flushed.” But that was too long a quote, so they just used “flushed.” It would’ve been nice if they had attributed the quote, though.

  21. Fanboy Wife says:

    Do employees have to “wash their hands” too?

  22. a person says:

    … Maybe “flush” is code word for something… you know how “good” is code for “bad” “responsibility” is code for “you’re in trouble” “Spaghetti” is code for “opposite of a bagel” normal stuff like that.

  23. Sheila says:

    Actually in some cultures people do not regularly flush the toilet for number 1 — I found this out when I work in a school teaching English to immigrants.

    Also people in rural areas who have wells that have to last or dig another on often don’t flush each time either. It is thought to be a waste of water.

    A family we visited as kids who had a well taught us this rhyme –

    If its yellow let it mellow
    If its brown flush it down

  24. Fster says:

    We had that same sign at the Chinese Restaurant I worked in. One of my d-bag managers put a sign saying ‘PEASE FLASH THE TOILETS” I mentioned it was “FLUSH” with a U instead of an A, he got pissed, and reprinted the sign but with the word FLUSH underlined and in bold print. I got fired a week later lol.

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