Not New Jersey!!!

Not New Jersey!!!

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

This is the best deterrent I’ve ever heard.

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32 Responses to Not New Jersey!!!

  1. Sarge says:

    The ironic part is, this sign is in downtown LA.

  2. bigjohn756 says:

    This is clearly in violation of the 8th amendment of the Bill of Rights.

  3. derpty derp says:

    Please don’t tow people here. We don’t have the room. Especially for people that can’t read parking signs.

  4. Seibee says:

    From where? If this sign was up in Seattle or something, then I totally wouldn’t park there.

  5. Steve says:

    Notice they tow the VIOLATORS to NJ; it doesn’t mention where they tow the CARS.

  6. Dudio says:

    In New Jersey, where the shadows lie…

    Well, at least better than to D.C., where the Dark Lord sits upon hist dark throne…

  7. Dudio says:

    Obama 09

  8. boringTroll says:

    This would make sense if the sign is posted in Mid-Town Manhattan. Parking in Mid-Town is very expensive. It is much cheaper to have a vehicle trucked through the Holland tunnel to an impound lot in Jersey City and stored there for two days, than to store a vehicle in a Mid-Town impound lot (if there are any).
    I lived in Hoboken, where parking is also too expensive for impound lots. (or at least was, when I lived there, long ago.)

  9. Duke says:

    Hey, at least they’re not threatening to tow your car to Detroit!

  10. Dudio says:

    Or Philadelphia.

  11. THEGUYFROMNY says:

    Gov. Patterson made this sign, didn’t he?
    (For those of you who don’t know, Patterson is New York’s Governor who hates New Jersey.)

  12. Your innerself says:

    BEWARE! This sign is in Nevada…

  13. Phil says:

    LOL…good catch, your car stays here, but your ass is gettin hauled to Jersey…

  14. Crane says:

    Steve, you are king for that.
    The lot in NJ says, “Violators must look happy the entire way back to their cars or they will be towed back.”

  15. CowsAreCool says:

    If they tow them to NJ, they will be turned back.

    We don’t want your @#$%$# cars here!

  16. Pickman says:

    Oh, please do block. We’re running out of fresh meat.

  17. lameo says:

    I live in Jersey, and I can assure you the car’s fate would lie on whether it is in North or South Jersey. North Jersey is smelly and full of guidos and wannabe gangstas, South Jersey is suburban and full of JAPs whose daddies buy them Escalades for their Sweet 16s.

  18. lameo says:

    Oh, and for the record- I live in South Jersey. SoJo!

  19. Why the hell is New Jersey the butt of everyone’s jokes?! I’ve lived in Chester for the past ten years, and it’s a hell of a lot better than Audubon, Pennsylvania.

    Besides, NOT EVERY PART OF NEW JERSEY IS LIKE THE JERSEY SHORE!!! and if New Jersey is the so-called “armpit” of America, what does that make Florida and California?

  20. Morning in 5 says:

    1. Larneo, stop being so mean to people you don’t know. Racial slurs are awkward and make you look stupid (Which you probably aren’t).
    2. Jersey Shore contains no new jersians.
    3. Tow your violators here and I’ll take their cars apart. To study the machine parts.


  21. jake says:

    IM FROM NJ!and lameo,im from north nj,and its a hell of a lot better then south.screw you.its a funny sign,but its insulting.and morning in 5,its about time iv seen someone who dosent make fun nj.and i dont know about cailfornia,but if their giving states body part names based on where they are,florida is 1 bad state

  22. Mizuki says:

    They would just be towing me home then.
    I dont mind it.

  23. Mizuki says:

    But I live in southern NJ
    But I come from Northern NJ

  24. Belinda says:

    They are clearly referring to North Jersey here. I grew up in South Jersey, and am sick and tired of it getting a bad rap because people don’t know the difference. Granted, some parts of SJ aren’t great either, but there’s a reason they tried to secede from the rest of the state!

  25. It's 3:36 am. Do you know where your children are? says:

    It all depends on the education and culture. Some parts of NJ are better than other parts *CouGhcUOGhmINeCougHcOugH*, but it’s an even scatter.
    As long as you ignore Camden.

  26. noodle118 says:

    new jersey isnt that bad……………….

  27. Desert Dave says:

    Oh yes…New Jersey. The only state I know of where you have to turn right to make a left turn, and “amateur” gas pumping is not allowed – need gas in your car? It must be done by professionals.

  28. Kitkiller says:

    Originally, the sign said they’d be towed to New Mexico, but due the the clause in the constitution that bans cruel and unusual punishment, they were forced to change it to something less inhumane.

  29. court says:

    this is the sign in Gov.Robert Patterson’s driveway

  30. danica (: says:

    Please, we have enough bad drivers from New York. We don’t need more. (:

    Some parts of Jersey aren’t that bad, but some give Jersey a bad name. So yeah. 😀

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