How Do I Get There?

How Do I Get There?

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

If they were really trying to be helpful, they would have posted a map.

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9 Responses to How Do I Get There?

  1. Sigma says:

    Henley Street really is the best place to buy crack anyways.

  2. Ragtatter says:

    I’m curious if this worked.

  3. Seibee says:

    If nothing else, it’d have drawn attention to it. That may just have been enough to make them use the other postbox lol

  4. MrsRochester says:

    crack – no, post – yes

  5. RiderLeangle says:

    That’s weird… All I can find at Henley Street is the police station..
    OH SHI-

  6. randomnerd says:

    Imagine a typo in the word ‘post’ – leave out the ‘s’. Wouldn’t that piss them right off?

  7. landers4 says:

    what about coke?

  8. D.M. says:

    I’m not getting the ‘Crack – No, Post – Yes’ part….

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