Slightly Optimistic

Slightly Optimistic

Submitted by: Sonoma State University via Oddly Specific

Anyone else reminded of this video? – Lady Of Odd

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20 Responses to Slightly Optimistic

  1. Seibee says:

    You can probably fit quite a few people on the back of a milk float (yes, I know it isn’t a milk float but it’s the same size) but 24?

  2. Jasini says:

    So it’d take about 3 1/2 trips with the milk truck to fill up the freezer . . .

  3. skeptic says:

    If you solved the 81 in a fridge problem from two posts ago, 24 in this thing should be a piece of cake.

  4. micah says:

    …so, does Sonoma State University have a clown school?

  5. bug says:

    Curse these new clown car regulations

  6. gameon123 says:

    This was either designed for immigrants or leprechauns. ;D

  7. cinderkeys says:

    To be fair, they didn’t say 24 of what.

  8. says:

    24, sure, but not all at once.

  9. Chris Kelly says:

    24 trolls – no problem, stacked on top of each other.

  10. Bozo says:

    No they’ll all fit but they have to all be wearing makup, funny wigs, colorful baggy clothes, and big red noses that honk when you squeeze them.

  11. Shadow says:

    “So… who’s in for a new round of Human-Tetris?”

  12. tahrey says:

    Much like the fridge, it’s got a tiny bit of fine print that the camera hasn’t picked up, saying “blended or chopped very finely”.

    More seriously this looks like the front bit of one of those little tourist-trains. If it only takes 24 then it’d only have 2 or 3 trucks behind it.

  13. Bradbury says:

    Totally for Mexicans. Have you seen how many people they can fit in a single van? I bet they could fit 40 on this thing!

  14. Net says:

    OOOOO! The elusive “Dead Like Me” mobile used by grim reaper Roxy. Fits one reaper and 23 dead people!

  15. iloverandomness says:

    hmm…24 people…

    4 in the passenger seat
    2 in the drivers seat
    4 in the floorboard
    3 tied to the roof
    2 on the dashboard
    5 hanging out the doors
    3 sitting in between the seats
    and as for the extra person, let your imagination run wild! roller skates, maybe?

  16. iLOLed says:

    note how it just says “fits 24”. It doesn’t include the words comfortably, easily, safely, or legally.

  17. simonohwang says:

    not to be racist or anything, but it could fit 24 Asians.
    I’m not trying to be racist, because i am an Asian myself.

  18. Guy says:

    I take that as a challenge! Take me to that thing!!

  19. Robbie says:

    24…okay, but is that including the water jug on the passenger seat?

  20. Miss A. says:

    It’s not a tourist train look to the upper right there is a ladder on the side of it.

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