Open Season


Submitted by: Wichita, KS via Oddly Specific

I’m not a hunter, but if this became legal, I’d learn.

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20 Responses to Open Season

  1. wandering through says:

    You need a license for that?

  2. Doc Sigma says:

    Do you need a full license, or just a stamp?

  3. dragonmago says:

    and I wonder…where are the hunters?

  4. BigMomma says:

    Remind me to never visit Sedgwick County, Kansas.

  5. Seibee says:

    Pesky hobos

  6. Kelli says:

    I’ll be sure to avoid that area.

  7. TWoods says:

    Where is this county located?…Exactly?

  8. TacoMann says:

    I’m a tramp hunter myself, this season I hope to get me a 10 pointer

  9. katie says:

    i live here and this is def. shopped. should read “trout ” season!

  10. Ahetma Vaakenjaab says:

    Ditto, Katie. I drive through here every day, and never saw that sign read that way.

  11. Lillith says:

    Looks like it should say “trap” season. The M is way too close to the other letters, canted somewhat sideways, and a bit too high up to be something on that type of sign. Those signs, the letters cannot touch, because the clear plastic all around them.


  12. G says:

    Wouldn’t be hard for someone to have messed with it for a few minutes and then taken a picture. Few of us look at signs like that more than once or twice a day.

  13. M says:

    As someone who lives right down the street from that park, I can tell you someone messed with it and it said that briefly. It happens a lot – they have another sign that was for a kids clothing consignment sale called “Britches and Lace” and someone removed the “r” and it took them about a week to fix it. This time they just messed with it long enough to take a pic.

    • sleazyduck says:

      As someone who uses photoshop daily, I can tell you someone messed with it.
      I can also tell you are full of it.

      Effects: Bevel and Emboss.

      The only “real” letter on that sign is the ‘M’ in ‘Tramp’

      Presumably, the only reason to lie is the same as the reason to upload. Go figure.

  14. Tom Sawyer says:

    Sedgwick County in Kansas is mostly Wichita.

  15. DTG says:

    OMG I live within a couple miles of that park!

  16. Gamesman says:

    Shh! Be vewy vewy quiet! We’we hunting twamps! hu hu hu hu

  17. Jill Morrison says:

    Group that applies for the greatest number of tramp hunting licenses = bitter ex-wives.

  18. Efrain Ibarra says:

    Deadgirls can’t say no? >_>

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