Found it!

Found it!

Submitted by: in Canberra via Oddly Specific

Does it come with free refills?

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21 Responses to Found it!

  1. tony says:

    Compton, California.

  2. Arch says:

    This is even better than finding Waldo!

  3. junkshop_coyote says:

    I prefer Church’s myself (no pun intended).

  4. Your inner voice says:

    Kentucky Fry Chicken Holy Grail!
    Probably a greasy discovery…

  5. Seibee says:

    It was in Australia all this time?

  6. says:

    The KFC holy grail! The fountain of grease, lard, and chicken!

  7. Tyler says:

    So does this mean the Last Supper consisted of extra crispy chicken and fountain soda?

  8. And to think everyone has been looking elsewhere for soooooo long!!!!

    Lindsey Petersen

  9. Emily says:

    Hey is that the wall next to the target loading zone across the road from glebe park or near the casino?

  10. Emily says:

    Holy Grail is a nightclub

  11. Mrs. Antichrist says:

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of grease
    I shall fear no infraction; for thou art with me
    Thy chicken and thy biscuit; they comfort me
    Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine arteries;
    Thou annointest my heart with oil; my cholesterol runneth over.

  12. Mrs. Antichrist says:


  13. lalalalala says:

    The KFC in Ballarat (vic, oz) gave me food poisoning for like a week when i used to live there…

    … the holy grail i think not.

  14. Neorecon says:

    They forgot to show which direction Waldo was in…

  15. Passerby says:

    … on second thought, let’s not go to KFC.

    It’s a silly place.

  16. The One Guy says:

    @Neorecon: If they’re going to show where Waldo is, they should also point out where Carmen San Diego is too.
    On another note there’s a bar called “The Holy Grail” near my current residence. It’s not this one though.

  17. Name Unknown says:

    Carved upon the very living rock, the last words of Olfin Bedwere of Rheged!.. make plan the resting place of the most Holy Grail.

  18. Name Unknown says:

    Here may be found the last words of Joseph of Arimathea. He who is valiant, and pure of spirit, may find the Holy Grail in the KFC…aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh…

  19. Holy Grail XD
    The FRENCH fries must be waiting there too!!!
    btw. King Arthur…uh…I found it
    u should get it…right after u come outta jail XD

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