A Wild Stickman Appears!

Oh hello. Welcome back readers! Sorry I’ve been absent, but Sticky went AWOL and it’s hard to chase him down and post at the same time. But I’m making headway. Look, there he is now!

Stickman puts on his robe and wizard hat.
Wizard Robe and Hat
Oh, that’s not good.

Stickman casts Feral Blood Sucking Mount.
Mosquito Mount Away!
Oh God, that sounds terrify…oh nevermind. He must have gone back to town to buy new spells when I wasn’t looking. Good thing I bribed that spell merchant. Now to show off those skills I learned from the local Gym Leader.

Lady of Odd casts Lighting Bolt. It’s super effective!
Pew Pew Pew
Ha HA! Take that. Kids? What kids…YOU SEE NOTHING.

Well that gets Sticky back under control. If you see a Wild Stickman, please report him to me at LadyOfOdd@gmail.com

Until next week, readers!

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24 Responses to A Wild Stickman Appears!

  1. Music-chan says:

    I want that wizard sign SO BADLY. You have no idea. Does that actually exist somewhere?

  2. Randomname says:

    But… what if I’m not a Balrog? Then I can pass, right?

  3. skeptic says:

    That first sign should be on Epic Win FTW.

  4. Duff says:

    That’s no ordinary stickman, that’s Gandalf the Grey Stickman!

  5. Altrissa says:

    I would like to know where the second sign is located so I can NEVER go there. Small mosquitoes are bad enough, but ones that can carry you away to feed their young? Yikes.

  6. DJRustyW says:

    Gandalf of Lord of the Rings will not let you pass!!!

  7. Devon says:

    Gandalf now moonlights as a man on a sign. So not much to do when you’ve finished your quest to return the rings to Mordor then.

  8. Mel says:

    The first sign is such a FAIL. It’s you SHALL not pass.

  9. Spiritmuse says:

    That would be awesome if that first sign were real, but I’m not sure that it is. It looks odd, the edge looks like it’s photographed from an angle, but the picture seems to face you head on…

  10. dardub says:

    besides the phrase being wrong, i also the think first one is photoshopped, probably all of them are actually

  11. Patrick says:

    I agree wit darbub, the only one that may be real is the “danger impact area”.

  12. Music-chan says:

    @dardub I would agree on the first sign, but I’m pretty sure the second two aren’t shopped.

    I WANT the first sign to be real. I want it to be somewhere, because it’s awesome. But that doesn’t mean I think it IS real.

  13. Seibee says:

    I reeeeeeeally hope the second sign is shopped.

  14. #1) Wizard’s Alley
    #2) Mosquito Way
    #3) Children Playing

    Lindsey Petersen

  15. skeptic says:

    Both Mel and Music chan – sorry, you have failed.

    Unlike the way it was *distorted* in the movie series, in the original book it is definitely “You cannot pass!”

    Page 322 in my book: “‘You cannot pass,’ he said. The orcs stood still, and a dead silence fell. ‘I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn. Go back to the Shadow! You cannot pass.'”

    The scene goes on, and never once does he say “shall”.

  16. gero says:

    The first one is from Worth1000. Either “Scary Signs” or “Happy Signs”, don’t remember which. Third one looks real, and not sure about the second, because I’ve seen plenty of mosquitoes that would make the one on that sign cower in fear…

  17. Hierophantria says:

    The third sign is real… and not very funny. Landmines are real hazards in many parts of the world.

  18. Music-chan says:

    @Skeptic: I wasn’t questioning the wording on the sign. I was agreeing that it might be shopped. I should have been more specific about what I was agreeing with, admitedly. I do know my Tolkien. 😉

  19. skeptic says:

    sorry, music-chan, I copied your name instead of the one you were agreeing with. My fail. 😛

  20. katestella says:

    Thank you, I missed stickmen in peril.
    Glad it is back!

  21. Gamaliel says:

    The “you cannot pass” sign looks photoshopped. I know because of the off-centeredness of the image and also from having seen quite a few photoshops in my time

  22. Nancy says:

    Mel: It actually IS “you cannot pass” in the book. As most things in the movie, they got it wrong. So that would be a ready FAIL on your part.

  23. Nancy says:

    Um…I mean a reading FAIL not a ready fail…that would be a typing FAIL on my part.

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