Just Sit in the Dark

Just Sit in the Dark

Submitted by: An office. Toronto, Canada via Oddly Specific

Either they’re scared of the dark or they’re really trying to cut back on energy costs.

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22 Responses to Just Sit in the Dark

  1. skeptic says:

    …or too many people confuse it with the elevator button.

  2. angie says:

    Or the atomic bomb “press to go ” switch, every one go boom now

  3. SteveWithAQ says:

    …or it’s the light for the room behind that two-way mirror behind y-
    or they’re just afraid of the dark.

  4. cinderkeys says:

    “Don’t press that button. I’ll just sit here in the dark, alone.”

  5. Hapqy says:

    And if you do press it, what lights up is a sign saying “Please do not press this button again”.

  6. valentin says:

    I remember a couple of years ago we moved to an office space that used to be bigger but was split into 2 smaller ones. The light switch of the other office was close to one of our meeting rooms, and every once in a while when somebody new came there, instead of turning on the light in the meeting room, it turned off the light for the other office.

  7. Schilcote says:

    They probably put that there to keep people from pressing the button to find out what it is. I mean, it’s a BUTTON. You have to press it. No one can resist the pull of a button, especially engineers and programmers.

  8. Lincoln says:

    Ok, I’m confused: The sign clearly refers to one button (please do not press THIS button), yet it appears there are two buttons (one on top, one on the bottom)… which one aren’t I suposed to press?

  9. Sarge says:

    I’m assuming that pressing this button turns on (or off) a light in another room. Its the onbly thing that seems to make sense here.

  10. Shyamalan says:

    Hey… Maybe they just don’t want people to turn off the lights when others are using the room.

  11. yyc says:

    This is probably for people used to having to press a button to exit a secured area. We get this all the time .. people turn off the lights trying to get out when all they have to do is turn the door handle.

  12. katz says:

    I work at a museum and there are actually signs up that say something similar.

    The deal is that all the museum lighting is automated, so that the lights are only on when the galleries are actually open. When the lights are off, there are still emergency lights that are plenty bright for security guards, etc, to do what they’re doing. But there are also light switches in the galleries. If a random security guard hits a light switch, it will override the automated system and the light will stay on or off until the automation resets the next day.

  13. Kyle says:

    What confuses me is that it states “please do not push this button”, then immediately states “It is a light switch”


  14. Smitty says:

    Please do not close this door. It is a jar.

  15. Daniel says:

    At my office, we’ve had problems with people leaning on the light switch buttons, and there seem to be buttons that control the lights on the opposite side of the floor. So, from our side, it just randomly gets dark. Also, you shouldn’t sit on the elevator alarm button, even though it’s on a comfortably angled panel.

  16. The One Guy says:

    Don’t press it, it’s only a light switch after. It’s not anything major, just a perfectly innocent light switch. Nope, not hiding anything at all.

  17. Mark says:

    I saw a button like this at UAB back in the 80s after an ill-planned interior re-arrangement of a building that left the light switch (button style) for a classroom inside the neighboring room.

  18. Crystallia says:

    I think the thing is it’s a switch, not a button.

    I think…

  19. Anonymous says:

    How would you see the sign if the lights are off? O_o

  20. Demoness says:

    If you press the button the lights go out and you’ll be stuck alone with the Grue…

  21. Bob says:

    I work in this office 😀

    You have to press a blue button to release the maglock door. People are confusing the release button (blue) with the light switch (white). There are two buttons…one is off (bottom) the other is on (top).

  22. mark says:

    This is in a secure office. People thought that it would unlock the door…. I put this sign up by the way.

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