Rabid Squirrels!

Rabid Squirrels!

Submitted by: San Francisco, CA via Oddly Specific

The very last line reads: “You will also seriously piss off the bitch who pays good money for this garage, and nobody wants that.”

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25 Responses to Rabid Squirrels!

  1. The Disemboweler says:

    The bitch that made that sign is awesome!

  2. Seibee says:

    I like how ‘no-one will talk to you at parties’ is in red, as though it’s somehow scarier than the wrath of the ancients and/or rabid squirrels.

  3. Kelli says:

    Rabid squirrels? No flying monkeys?

  4. BigMomma says:


  5. Music-chan says:

    haha, I liked this one.

  6. PYLrulz says:

    I’m willing to risk it.

  7. DrPluton says:

    I too will visit the old gypsy woman next time I need a sign made.

  8. RobJellinghaus says:

    For the hipsters who live in that neighborhood, not being talked to at parties is in fact the worst imaginable fate.

  9. eriC says:

    My aunt probably made that sign. She thinks she’s funny.

  10. Rebecca says:

    I ALWAYS loved this sign when I walked by it in SF.

  11. Flakdown says:

    why am i so horny for that

  12. Sarge says:

    Wow, someone needs a few anger management classes.

  13. Fool says:

    it was the rabid squirrels that got me. those are scary.

  14. And YET, people will STILL park there!!!!

    Lindsey Petersen

  15. Jami says:

    @Sarge – I can understand why she did it. We have neighbors that think nothing of parking in front of our house all the time even though we need that parking and there’s plenty for them in front of their own place. One of them even purposely backed up his car and parked it in FRONT of our mailbox, blocking it, then left for Hawaii for a week. We kept getting angry letters from the mailman even though it wasn’t our car. I had to have one of their cars towed when they parked smack dab in front of our driveway. The police tried calling the owner but she never answered her phone. And when we wrote them a letter once to ask them to stop parking in front of our house they took steel wool to my dad’s car.

    These are our next door neighbors. It’s like they think it’s wrong to drive an extra five to ten feet to park in front of their own place. So I completely sympathize with this woman. She must’ve been at the end of her rope!

  16. Parallelsis says:

    So sayeth Parallelsis goddess of parking and all that is parked!

  17. Someone says:

    I can seriously understand this, though because of a different situation. In order to hit the road with my bicycle, I once had to either ride my bicycle through my house, or climb over a car (including sliding my bicycle over a car) because of the way some moron parked (actually, there are 2 ways of getting out, but both ways were blocked by morons who parked way too close to the exit). I chose to climb over the car that blocked an exit several times (though usually, the other way was still open) because my tires were dirty (why’d I dirty my house because some morons block the exits?), no one was looking anyway. I left some pretty noticable scratches in the process though, but why’d I care about that? I haven’t been caught for that because there are 7 other houses which cannot be exitted far from the backyard without using 1 of those exits, and that driver got what (s)he deserved =)

  18. Philip says:

    @ Kelli: It’s San Fransisco, they’re used to flying monkeys there.

  19. rawredy says:

    I think that’s my favorite sign ever.
    It’s subject to change, but this one is just awesome.

  20. RainbowChasingCynic says:

    You know I read somewhere that squirrels can’t carry rabies . . .

  21. Desert Dave says:

    All those things already plague me, and I don’t recall ever parking there. Perhaps I should start?

  22. VampJoseph says:

    Nothing beats a good old fashioned witches curse, eh?

  23. torch45 says:

    squirrels can’t get rabies, though :/

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