Is it?

Is it?

Submitted by: Wake_Up_Youre_Alive via Oddly Specific

Press it or don’t press it, at least you know what/where it is.

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27 Responses to Is it?

  1. Rauss says:

    If this turns out to be the starter button for the Large Hadron Collider we are so f##ked.

  2. hhh says:

    What’s below? Big Button?

  3. KevDog says:

    Actually, this is the opposite of “Oddly Specific”, more like “Strangely Generic”. Or maybe, “Generically Stupid”.

  4. Seibee says:


  5. Sarge says:

    No, this definitely qualifies as oddly specific.

    You shouldn’t have to label a button with the word: “Button.” It should be obvious what it is. Why it isn’t labeled with a descriptor for the button’s function is beside the point.

    I’m amusing the red thing below the edge of the frame is a dial, or perhaps a display or window of some sort.

  6. GLaDOS says:

    “Please place the weighted storage cube on the 1500 megawatt aperture sience heavy duty supercolliding super button. Please note that you will not receive bacon as a reward.”

  7. skeptic says:

    Reminds me of the elevator remote control at my aunt’s house. My uncle put a little red sticker on it to show which side is the correct one (there are two buttons). Naturally, my mom tried to press the sticker. Maybe it should have been labeled “sticker” and the button “button” and then I wouldn’t have had to climb the stairs.

  8. Girl you will never know says:


  9. Eric says:


  10. Red_n_Khaki no more says:

    I used to work the Guest Service desk at Target. This button is found on most Gift Registry kiosks. The red at the bottom of the pic is a track-ball on the keyboard to move the cursor around the screen. The button works as a left-click would on a mouse. Sadly, most people I would help use the kiosks could not find the button….

  11. chris says:

    It’s a delicious piece of red candy. Eat it.

  12. qtpiekira says:

    Useless fact: This is the mouse button for the public kiosks at some Target stores. The object almost out of frame is a “roller-ball” to move the cursor. Even though the button is labeled (button – heh), most people can’t seem to grasp the concept that this is the replacement for a mouse click.

  13. heidrance says:

    And here I thought this was the inspiration for the classic children’s game “Button Button, who’s got the button?”

  14. SilentBen says:

    @ Red_n_Khaki & qtpiekira – I understand that Target is trying to flip more clientèle from Walmart, but at what cost?

  15. D says:

    @skeptic: awesome. just. godawesome.

  16. qtpiekira says:

    Apparently the cost is job titles and small raises.

  17. says:


  18. says:

    If I found this button I’d have to add “of DOOM” to it.

  19. Bones says:

    The Shiney Red CANDYLIKE Button!!!! What does it do? You’ll Never Know! CAUSE YOUR GOING TO GUARD IT!!

  20. MediaMagnet says:

    Anyone else notice that the red thing below it glows, perhaps that is the power button for HAL 9000, man that would have been easier than pulling alll those memory circuits out

  21. Hawksky says:

    I can see that. now wat does it do? make a little voice tell u the history of buttons?

  22. charles says:

    yea this is actually from a target, i took this pic a while ago and posted it on failblog :/

  23. Brian Westley says:


  24. Fluffy says:

    You may know where it is, but you don’t know how fast it is going.

  25. Dash The Dog says:

    its the pointless button

  26. Ryan says:

    The button is on a computer in Target. It is where you can look at their online flier and the thing below is the trackball. The “Button” button is the equivalent of the left mouse button on a computer mouse.

  27. Wolf says:

    “Thank you for pressing the self-destruct button. Prepare to die.”

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