So Which Button Do I Press?

So Which Button Do I Press?

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

Emergency release button is for emergency use only. And only use your index finger!

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29 Responses to So Which Button Do I Press?

  1. Music-chan says:

    I notice the THREE signs that all say the same thing.

    And yet, I bet people still press the emergency button.

  2. Seibee says:

    Why not just say ‘don’t press the one in the green box’? Says the same thing with far fewer words.

  3. eriC says:

    I tried to rate this up, but hit the Twitter button instead. Oh well.

  4. Simon says:

    What’s the difference between the ‘Emergency Door Release’ and the ‘Door Release’ anyway? Does the emergency one just do it faster?

  5. user 6437378 says:

    I can sympathise with this, I have to install and service this stuff and people just hit anything in sight with whatever they have about their person. Signs make no difference.

  6. Chris T says:

    Have you lived in Student Accomidation? Sure, some people there are intelligent… but others seem to be there just to make up the numbers! This sort of sign would have been useful (maybe) in the halls I lived in 7 years ago!!!

  7. Elb says:

    @Seibee, if you paint a large pointer next to the “Do not press” button, people will press it even more. Cause “there was an arrow next to it!!11” and they didn’t have time to read that stuff.

  8. tahrey says:

    If you ever worked in education then you would realise just how necessary this kind of shit is. And you would cry.

    I’m living that situation right now. It is not possible to make things simple or clearly explained enough that some dozy, oxygen-wasting bastard will not foul it up.

  9. tahrey says:

    ……and yes, we do have trouble with numpties breaking the emergency glass when their swipe card doesn’t scan (usually because they’re holding it the wrong way, even though there’s only 4 ways it can go round, there’s a graphic showing the correct one, and OMG how many times do you have to do it successfully before you remember the right way?). Of course, they don’t go round the other way / call for help / go get a friend to swipe them through / wait for somone else to come along / etc. Just smash the panel, push the button, and open the door to the sound of 120 decibel alarms waking up the entire f***ing block at stupid o’clock in the morning (… or 1pm – same thing, to students). Not the same school btw.

  10. Graxer says:

    Can anyone actually read the red sign? I managed to work out that it says almost the same thing, but I am curious to know exactly what it says.

  11. Graxer says:

    This is what I can get from it… i’m sure it’s not 100% accurate though:

    To exit this door ___ of ___ hours please use the WHITE door button only. Anyone who breaks the glass (except in an emergency) to exit this door will have the right to use this ___ ___.

    The last sentence doesn’t look like it will make much sense if I read it correctly because it sounds like the person will be rewarded for pressing the wrong button.

  12. says:

    Hey, I’m not the only one who says “stupid o’clock”. \o/

  13. zissou says:

    so…press the emergency button, right?

  14. Justin says:

    For anyone interested, the top sign states

    “To exit this door out of normal hours use the WHITE door button only. Anyone who breaks the glass (except in an emergency) to exit this door with have their right to use this entrance withdrawn.”

  15. someone says:

    If anything, this would provoke me to press the emergency release button XD (without those warnings, I wouldnt even think of it).

  16. tahrey says:

    Fairly easy…

    “School M3.

    To exit this door out of normal hours,
    please use the WHITE door button only.
    Anyone who breaks the glass (unless in an
    emergency) to exit this door will have the{ir}
    right to use this {entrance?} withdrawn.

    M.Sh{???} S.S.O

    The parts in {curly brackets} are the only ones too obscured or smudged for me to make out with certainty.

  17. tahrey says:

    …. hey, wait… what? DAMMIT!
    how did i miss that? sorry justin.

  18. mab says:

    There is this wonderful invention called a doorknob.

  19. zach says:

    i’ve seen this button before they both sound an alarm just to scare u but they dont do anything

  20. oli says:

    I thought I recognized that sign – Nottingham (the real uk one) University (not trent) mechanical engineering computer room L2 door exit.
    Its a 24/7 computer room so you get students leaving at 5am groggy as hell and the number of them that get baffled as to why the door (which was open when they arrived) is now electronically locked is phenomenal in the first year.
    It was a year or so between the addition of each sign.

    And no – none of the doors have door knobs as it’s all card access (no not swipe, chip and rf reader)

    M3 stands for mechanical, manufacturing and materials engineering.

  21. Rick Manwiller says:

    So you press the green button, right?

  22. Justin says:

    Correct Oli for where the sign is. I prob should add there is another sign out of shot on the door which also states quite clearly how to get out which I think was the original sign before things got out of hand

  23. Butterfly says:

    ” nothing is fool-proof to a sufficiently tallented fool”

  24. Gnoman says:

    Heh. This reminds me of high school. We had giant red buttons on every wall int the machine shop and laser lab to cut the power. The never got pushed, until the administrators realized that there was only wone person with the key to tun the ower back on, so they installed “Emergency Stop – Do not Push Except In Emegency” signs. The go pushed about twice a day for about a month after that.

  25. Writer says:

    Wait… which index finger?

  26. G. James says:

    Oh, still so many options for misinterpretation.

    “This is for emergency use only.” So, not that one.

    “Press me not. Emergency.” So, the other one.

  27. yayayayay says:

    top maybe activates alarm?

  28. schmock says:

    at work we have a button that does nothing but increase a counter you won’t belive how often people push it

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