Submitted by: parking lot in Austin, TX via Oddly Specific

Don’t worry, I used counterfeit money.

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17 Responses to Imposter

  1. kvweber says:

    So, is this the sign they put up to keep people from paying for free stuff? XD

  2. Zedo Mann says:

    Red Spy in Attendant’s Place!

  3. says:

    Hopefully the impostor doesn’t know well enough to remove the sign.

  4. Seibee says:

    ‘Don’t worry, sir. I’m not an impostor’ *fake glassy smile*

  5. BigMomma says:

    Damn, they caught me.

  6. Eric says:

    (sign next to sign) “No impostor on duty. Do not pay attendant”
    Guy standing there: “Well, which one are you going to believe, the confusing signs, one written in sharpie? Or me?”

  7. Ryan says:

    I’ve been approached by fake parking attendants before, trying to get $5 or $10 to park in a free lot. You’d think they just call the cops on them rather than make a sign, but, whatever works.

  8. Supertron26 says:

    What confuses me is the fact that the sign is lying on sand.
    Guessing it’s a lifeguard who’s not on duty, so an imposter has taken his place. I wouldn’t want to have to pay a lifeguard to save my life, and if it’s an imposter, I wouldn’t want to pay him not to save my life, so this sign is perfectly understandable.

  9. O.O says:

    What if we want to pay in TiddlyWinks? Or buttons?

  10. oh_dear says:

    I don’t get it. Every time I try to park (in dallas tx) in a lot that takes $5 but you just put it in a bpx or something, theres always a guy tryin to take money…
    The signs seems normal to me

  11. Shep33 says:

    That will be $5 please…sign? What sign? Come on! Who are you going to believe? Some stupid fake sign, or me, wearing a top hat, cape, and sporting a handlebar mustache?

  12. JayleeTX says:

    I work right next to this parking lot. That’s awesome! It’s not on sand; it’s posted to a “natural” looking rock wall.

  13. ugly_steve says:

    HOLY FREAKING CRAP! i know exactly where this sign is. it’s right outside my girlfriends old job! i used to laugh at it every day i went to go pick her up, because early in the morning there’s an old parking lot clean up guy that looks like old homeless wilford brimley with a ponytail and he will just sit there and yell and scream at you if you don’t pay for parking. see, austin has a big problem with homeless guys who will come up to you as soon as you pull into a space and tell you you have to pay them $10 to park there, that they’re the “lot attendant”, when in reality at the front of the lot there’s a giant metal box with tiny metal slots with each slot representing the space you parked in where you drop the money in. they also like to wave you into and point out parking spaces next to meters (since street parking downtown at a meter is free every night after 6pm), then ask you for a “donation” for helping you find the spot. if you don’t pay them, they tell you they “can’t insure the safety of you car”. so yeah, this was kinda long winded, but hey, i just geeked out when i saw that sign! too freaking funny!

    also, it’s not on sand. that’s just what the side of the building looks like.

  14. MR.Bighugecurlymoustash says:

    Now I’m out of job.
    aw flangdingle.

  15. Heli says:

    This is a good sign. I paid $10 to a parking attendant (imposing as one), and when I got back my car was towed. Ended up paying $200 to get it out! He had a ticket and everything!

  16. Gamesman says:

    If you look closely it looks like someone tried to pull it off the wall. 🙂

  17. Nick says:

    Impostor is also considered correct, I thought?

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