Safe from What?

Safe from what?

Submitted by: University of Birmingham via Oddly Specific

Unless there’s a sloped floor leading to a Sarlacc pit behind the professor’s desk, I’m not really sure what the “safe zone” is for.

If any of you have any guesses, I’ll post the funniest.

Fave Comments

safe from falling grand pianos. –sharon

It’s where the dropped safes land, as if by some strange magnetism. –ceemoy

In case of zombie apocalypse, stand here. –321boom

Clearly the sign is a trick. The trapdoor is SO obvious! –slupine

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95 Responses to Safe from What?

  1. Leee says:

    Safe from the attacking white arrows, duh.

  2. Peggy says:

    The space contains a cloaking device. When in the taped off area, people with the proper molecular structor (basically human in wheelchair or human with bionic parts) will be totally invisible to everyone else. The area is small because the technology is new and takes a lot of energy to run.

  3. solway says:

    its a fire escape waiting zone for disabled users

    e.g. at a stair landing awaiting rescue.

    its a fire protected corridor

  4. djr says:

    i’m guessing for earthquakes. it’s hard to hide under a desk when you’re in a wheelchair.

  5. eliza says:

    If this picture was taken on a stair landing, it is the wheelchair rescue spot that is required by code. It’s a place for people in wheelchairs to park in the event of a fire and theoretically fire and rescue will retrieve them. Not a funny answer… but… it’s logical.

  6. TR says:

    It’s probably a lame attempt at complying with university or other regulations that specify areas where handicapped people should go in the event of an emergency (fire, flood, wild boar attack, clowns, clowns from outer space, or Rev. Phelps). If this supposition is true, then this is more of a dunce corner than a place for the handicapped to be rescued from. Most such locations have emergency phones or other means of letting someone know people need rescuing. My guess is that this is, in reality, a bait zone. While the invading emergency is distracted attacking this corner, everyone else can escape. If we’ve learned anything from pop culture it’s that handicapped people are not as valuable as real people.


  7. Diaba Lorena says:


    That’s probably a safe place for keeping wheelchairs while they’re not being used – mostly in hospitals, some airport areas or in places where the wheelchairs might be used for a short period of time.

    (sometimes we offer the chairs to those who are not really disabled, but need some assistance – like people who are recovering from some surgery, elders, etc)

  8. Chris T says:

    Hmmmm, not sure I can think of a funny one, but the official use is when the Fire Alarm goes off, those who cannot go down the stairs (i.e. wheelchair users) use this “Safe” zone. It’s a “sterile” area which has nothing flamable in it so the wheelchair user can stay their until the Fire Brigade come to help them out of the building.

    As a side note, these have been created because it is illegal to help a disabled person evacuate the building! (at least in the UK anyway) Now what is madder there?!?!

  9. Rose says:

    Sorry it’s not very amusing, but it’s for wheelchair users to wait in if there is a fire and they can’t get out in the lift. They have to wait in the designated area for someone to come and rescue them.

    It was kind of funny, though, when I saw one and it had a little break-glass type box with earplugs so the stranded wheelchair user could put them in to muffle the sound of the fire alarm.

  10. Bucket says:

    Safe from the giant pointing arrows?

  11. “As a side note, these have been created because it is illegal to help a disabled person evacuate the building! (at least in the UK anyway) Now what is madder there?!?!”

    wtf…that cant be right.

  12. bob_super says:

    I want to see that fight when you have two disabled guys fighting in the smoke for one corner…

    I prefer to think it’s the corner to send misbehaving kids and because they’re already punished wheelchairs users can’t roll on their toes.

  13. Ness says:

    How is that safe? “Go in this corner, away from the window, and wait until you are overcome by the smoke fumes.”

  14. Seibee says:

    I’m sure we had some proviso for disabled people to get down the stairs (assisted) back at college.

  15. sharon says:

    safe from falling grand pianos.

  16. Cakeman! says:

    It’s probably electromagnetically shielded an you have to get to it before the base fills with acid. Dodging explosive barrels, spikes, and guards and collecting coins and 1ups all the way of course.

  17. ceemoy says:

    It’s where the dropped safes land, as if by some strange magnetism.

  18. Trailfoot says:

    When the ceiling lowers to crush everything else in the room, that’s the one area that remains uncrushed.

  19. Hawkin says:

    No, no, no. It’s a zone to protect you *from* any handicapped persons who might attack you. The line on the floor is actually a slightly raised ridge that is difficult to move a wheelchair over. Of course, then you’re backed into a corner, so perhaps it was not planned particularly well.

  20. Dachampster says:

    They’re obviously playing wheelchair hide-and-go-seek

  21. Roadguy2 says:

    Obviosly, when a wheelchair is secured inside the tape, an invisible forcefield activates, going from the tape up. This is a picture of prototype #5, the flaw in this one was that the floor beneath and above the area collapsed. In previous prototypes, the wheelchair couldn’t get out of the forcefield, the forcefield didn’t work, the forcefield activated while the wheelchair was over the tape(cutting it in half), and the 4th one just exploded a few seconds after the forcefield activated, but all the people observing were safe because the forcefield absorbed the blast, unfortunatly that was also the one we used a real person to test it. We will never forget brave…um..*looks at hand* brave Jimmy Joice. The 6th one is currently being made, with an “in case of zombies” case being installed.

  22. Kyle says:

    The lines clearly indicate the city limits of City 17, its safer there

  23. Rauss says:

    This is actually cruelly ironic, a student is lured into the ‘safe zone’ with the promise of cookies and a hug.

    Then, along with the professor, the entire class pelts them with tennis balls until they collapse into a heap, crying.

  24. rampatmponkey says:

    Haven’t any of you played tag? it’s OBVIOUSLY the “safe zone” so you can’t be tagged! These people are just being wheel-chair friendly!

  25. dragonblade629 says:

    Duh, they just failed at making a Sea Bear Protection circle. You can’t make one out of tape, silly humans.

  26. Kimberly says:

    It’s called an “area of refuge”, and is a “safe” waiting area for disabled persons during an evacuation, until rescuers can arrive to assist them in getting out of the building.

  27. flyboy338 says:

    I KNOW! its the anti-taser zone for those with metal plates or screws in them, since the metal would help conduct the electricity. Or it’s the only area that isn’t part of the padded rubber floor, but then you would need a path to the “safe zone”

  28. TheCannyScot says:

    Peggy wrote:
    “The space contains a cloaking device. When in the taped off area, people with the proper molecular structor (basically human in wheelchair or human with bionic parts) will be totally invisible to everyone else. The area is small because the technology is new and takes a lot of energy to run.”
    A for effort, but this is patently untrue. All people in wheelchairs are already invisible (not to mention blind, deaf and dim-witted). If you don’t believe me, try walking with or pushing someone in a wheelchair. It’s very, erm, educational.

  29. 321boom says:

    In case of zombie apocalypse, stand here.

  30. Hattilina says:

    See, this is in a Native American war zone. Naturally, handicapped people can’t exactly RUN when Pocahontas’ dad is coming after them with poison arrows, so they stay in the “safe zone,” which is protected from violence by magic Indian spirits. Like in Tag, one can only stay in the safe zone for ten seconds, or they’re “it.”

  31. SteveWithAQ says:

    Nah, this is obviously in an indoor wheelchair racetrack. That’s where you go if you want to be safe from the high-speed racing wheelchairs.

  32. Davidsbro says:

    the grounds falling apart and they want to save the handicapped fist, those jerks!!!

  33. Mike says:

    You’re looking at it all wrong. It’s obviously at the top of the stairs, indicating that you are safe from those who are confined to a wheelchair… you can stand in that box and make cripple jokes and they can’t get you.

  34. bob says:

    there’s probly a slope in the rest of the room leading to a crocodile =]

  35. valente says:

    Man, that’s clearly the safest zone in the room! If you are in ANY other position, random flying menacing objects could come frome ANY of 4 directions. In that dark corner, you are safe from at least 2 directions, which leaves only 2 left to guard.

  36. JWMan says:

    I agree with 321boom.

    It’s a safe zone from zombies. They’re scared of corners b/c they get stuck, panic and eat their own brains. Quite tragic really.

  37. Rich says:

    Cripple trap.

  38. chris says:

    The safe area is *outside* the box. The sign indicates that DDR-playing people in wheelchairs must stay in that corner.

  39. It’s an area fitted with an anti-bully shield for *that* one handicapped student. It’s the only place he is safe from getting his chair tipped over. Poor Jimmy.

  40. Chris says:

    Well, with those floor tiles it must show where the person may go when the giant trap comes out of the floor and swings it’s giant weapon in a circle. After all, standing in it’s attack range does 1d10+8 damage, knocks you prone, and slides you 1 space north. It also makes you grant combat advantage to the trap and that jerky guy from the football team.

  41. LoLo says:

    It’s clearly a class on the art of moshing.

  42. slupine says:

    Clearly the sign is a trick. The trapdoor is SO obvious!

  43. says:

    There’s a dog in the room, with its leash on a pole in the centre, who loves chewing on wheelchairs. This is just beyond his reach.

    Or maybe they plan to install a safe there, and store a wheelchair in it>

  44. codemon says:

    [b]In case an impromptu 4-Square game breaks out, this is the designated space for the chair-bound participant(s) to “strut their stuff”[/b]

  45. HistoryMaker says:

    Zombies don’t panic

  46. HistoryMaker says:

    Also a kid in a wheelchair woud be a sitting duck in a zombie attack. Live bate.

    Unless you gave him a rifle and a large amount of ammo. that conner may be an ok sniper position.

  47. iloverandomness says:

    Maybe it’s for handicapped people with free-floating anxiety.

    Handicapped person: AAAAH!!! THE WORLD IS CONSPIRING AGAINST M….oh joy!

  48. Fadamor says:

    We have them in the high school I work at. The elevators lock-down when the fire alarm goes off, so any handicapped people on the second floor are stranded. The safety zones in our school have intercoms with a panic button tied into the fire alarm annunciator panel at the main entrance (the panel lights up to show where the alarm went off and also shows which panic button was pushed so rescue knows where to go first). Not funny and apparently better thought-out than this one.

  49. Zaan says:

    My best guess is that the room is covered in the Cyclone Traps from Bioshock 2. That safe zone is the only area on the floor that won’t launch the chair into the ceiling. . . . . which would be kinda funny akshully. Then sad.

  50. Supertron26 says:

    The arrows point to the wheelchair symbol, which is on the sign on the wall.

    The idea must be that you drive your wheelchair into the wall, and the wall collapses inwards, forming a ramp that leads down to a reinforced vault.

    The strange shape on the board looks a little like a film screen. It could be that if they’re watching some kind of action movie with flashing lights and loud noise etc. the disabled people (With health issues meaning they get seasures from flashing lights) can hide in the safe zone where they are slightly obscured from the screen.

  51. Anika says:

    I am the only one who thought- BAM! Trap door. It’s part of a hate compaign against the disabled. They get over there, they push that button, then BOOM. in the basement. Never saw it coming. Spread awareness guys, this is not cool.

  52. bla says:

    Safety from discrimination because they are disabled

  53. Matt says:

    All depends on the disability there….I think….crazy people like to feel safe..

  54. Trylks says:

    Maybe on an Earthquake people who cannot find a better place to hide from falling objects (and pieces of ceiling) can stay there because the structure in that area is guaranteed to be safe.

    Naah… it has to be part of the promotional pamphlet of that place, “with safe areas for disabled people”, then they just marked as safe areas spare corners and similar places so that the assertion in the pamphlet is not so obviously false.

  55. Demetrius says:

    Likely, there is a student in the class with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. These children can often feel overwhelmed in class and need a space (or, a suggestion of a space) separate from whatever is going on in class where they can feel “safe” and decompress when it gets to be too much (usually, a resource room with a special ed teacher.) This helps them otherwise to be able to be integrated into a regular classroom and curriculum. Sometimes, there is not a resource room available. So, an area of the classroom is designated a Safe Area. The wheelchair just indicates “handicapped”, not necessarily “wheelchair bound”.

  56. It’s a place for disabled people to go in the event of a fire and wait to be rescued by the fire service I think.

  57. Harui says:

    Ever play Silent Hill? I have played all of them, and have long since developed an… unlike of wheelchairs. It was a subtle thing at first, but then… well, safe zones are needed.

  58. Pix says:

    It’s a spit-ball safe zone for those who can’t duck and cover.

  59. Grumblesocks says:

    …Safe from the zombies of course!

  60. Shep33 says:

    The sign clearly displays that if you are in a wheelchair and in that corner, the killer flying arrows will not attack you. Why the killer flying arrows avoid attacking the cornered handicapped is just another mystery of the killer flying arrows.

  61. Derek Hartley says:

    No, it’s a standard refuge point. If disabled people congregate in those areas, the security/rescue personnel will know where to go to get them out.

  62. Aj says:

    Safe from Bear attacks everyone knows the rectangle is the bears natural enemy

  63. sketchmuffin96 says:

    Safe from the Wicked Witch and Flying Monkeys. God, they’re scary.

  64. maybe its the time out zone. after larry and marry have an argument, if one of them goes to the safe zone, signals the other to stop fighting right then!

  65. sjmyst says:

    This is obviously the safe zone for a handicap game of Marco Polo…

  66. D says:

    safe from attending social life…?

  67. SoyLlama says:

    Safe from the disabled people.
    Oh, wait…

  68. Kirk says:

    Beam me up, Mr. Scott.

  69. Jaze says:

    In case of tornado roll here. A tornado may suck but you suck more!

  70. Brad says:

    I’m an Architect. This is called an “area of refuge” and is required in certain buildings by building code. The idea is that in the case of fire, the elevators are not to be used and those in wheelchairs wait in these areas for rescue personnel to come get them. They are usually in stairwells and are always protected by fire-resistant walls to prevent the fire from spreading into these areas too quickly.

  71. Platy-Tiger says:

    It’s an elevator leading to a safehouse for disabled people. Just look at that conspicuous white tape!

  72. Hill says:

    Just kidding! You’re still disabled.

  73. fuzunga says:

    No, no, no, guys! That’s the DISABLED safe zone!

  74. sasarasa says:

    Safe from rectanglophobique peolpe.

  75. Laurenhs says:

    the sign means “you are safe from stickmen in wheelchairs falling from the sky in this area.” tho only 2 ppl r allowed at a time so all others, WATCH OUT

  76. krzysztof says:

    It’s for fire drills, you put the kids in wheelchairs in em so you don’t have to drag em down the stairs.

  77. Alexes says:

    krz…whatever is partially right. These are areas for wheelchair kids to go during fire drills, because they can’t take the stairs. Some places call them “area of rescue.” It’s so they’re right by the stairwell and help can get to them quickly.

  78. Erica says:

    It’s a trap!

  79. WhiteCatMeow says:

    Safe from robot people on flying wheelchairs with laser beams and rocket launchers! TAKE COVER!

  80. Evie says:

    My school has these, they’re for if there’s a fire, the disabled wait there for assistance down stairs and such.

  81. Faybro says:

    Havent you guys ever played Metroid? It’s a save station.

  82. Denise says:

    Um. Slam Dance Floor?

  83. mandy says:

    He robbed a convience store! wait, what?

  84. Joe says:

    It’s a fire rescue area for disabled people. In case of a fire, the firemen know to check those areas first for any disabled people who were unable to evacuate due to the fact that elevators do not function during a fire.

  85. Elliot says:

    It’s obviously to protect anyone in the room from smoke monster attacks. The line is actually made from ash.

  86. Jen says:

    it’s a code for ” disabled people donations accepted.

  87. The game says:

    It’s obviously like the circle that protects you from the smoke monster

  88. lambby says:

    your drunk uncle, who if he sees you anywhere near the dance floor will insist upon you dancing.

  89. MoonWind Dancer says:

    Safe from sparkly vampires and shirtless werewolves…

  90. AlDante says:

    Everyone knows gay sparkly vampires cant cross tape lines on the floor unless invited in.

  91. Ninja says:

    No sh*t, it’s obviously a mistltoe line, safe from werewolves *thumbs up*

  92. Kirajenlove says:

    It’s a chute that leads to the “bad egg” room.

  93. Jakk Frost says:

    It’s actually quite obviously a PvP safe zone. Anywhere outside the box and you’re apt to get ganked by the chess club.

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