Try the Aardvark

Try the Aardvark

Submitted by: St Petersburg, Fl via Oddly Specific

Now, watch as I take away all your fun:

The armadillo in question is in Boyd Hill Nature Park in St. Petersburg, Florida. It’s an actual sculpture of a giant armadillo, and they don’t want you climbing on it.

See? Not so great when there’s no joke, is it?

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13 Responses to Try the Aardvark

  1. Seibee says:

    There being a sign like that would make me want to climb it more.

  2. Jimmy says:

    “Don’t climb the armadillo”

    That’s what she said?

  3. Narvi says:

    “See? Not so great when there’s no joke, is it?”
    I find that knowing the true explanation ENHANCES the funny, instead of diminishing it.

  4. zhoen says:

    I agree with Narvi. The moment of WTF, followed by some kind of reason, makes it a whole joke, not just an absurd punchline.

  5. Bling BLong derp a derp says:

    Haha!!! Thats awesome that somebody else appreciates that sign too… I’m from St. Petersburg too… Boyd Hill FTW!!!!!

    Oh, and if anybodys currious, heres the armadillo in question:

  6. patrat says:

    What the sign doesn’t say is that if you fall off the armadillo into the pond below, there are live alligators which might immediately take interest in you. Yes, I’m from St. Pete and have ignored the sign and climbed on the armadillo. Never fell in the pond so I’m here to tell the story.

  7. Hapqy says:

    I thought about doing that, but it looked like too much aardvark for me to deal with.

  8. FAIL Shirt says:

    I would never, ever climb an armadillo. Why would anyone do such a thing?! LOL.

  9. Bookmobiler says:

    I assume that thing is fairly large but does anybody know the actual size?

    For instance in a collision between it and a car would the car end up roadkill?

  10. Filboid Studge says:

    I’m gonna guess this is some local thing, like “hiking the Appalachian Tail” for senators to use as a euphemism for boinking their mistress/intern, whatever. As in,” I’m sorry, he’s away climbing the armadildo.”

  11. Hapqy says:

    Interesting slip you made there, Filboid. Is there something you want to discuss?

  12. Filboid Studge says:

    Oh dear, I did make a couple of spledding mistaks, didn’t I? Could be a Freudian slip, that’s when you say one thing but mean your mother…I’ll just leave quietly now.

  13. Floridian....dammit. says:

    Only in Florida does $h!t like this make sense. I’m Floridian, born and raised. We play a drinking game when watching World’s Dumbest Criminals. Every time they say Florida, take a shot. We get wasted before the second commercial break.

    Come move down here, you’ll find all about it.

    I never CLIMBED an armadillo, but one did poop on my mom. (Two days after a spider monkey peed on her. Animals hate my mom for some reason.)

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