Wait…Which One Is It?

Funny Signs - No! Not the blue one!

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

Remedial bomb defusing class?

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21 Responses to Wait…Which One Is It?

  1. Someone says:

    Well, I guess it’s handy for the colorblind people who can’t see orange.

  2. hhh says:

    True, installed after a particular hilarious mishap.

  3. Kameko Suigami says:

    All of a sudden, I’m hungry for oranges.

  4. Peter Brülls says:

    Curiously enough, it’s the way the German text is written incorrectly that makes me believe that a native speaker was involved.

  5. The One Guy says:

    It isn’t about the color, this is the cable that connects to the oranges!

  6. aquarius11 says:

    SO then; The red one and the yellow one at the same time?

  7. Daniel says:

    “The last guy who installed a server didn’t label its ethernet cable, and we had a big mess when someone got confused. This time, make sure to label the orange cable.”

    Actually, I’ve been in situations where we had a bunch of identical cables, and we had to shuffle them around to different things, and kept thinking things were plugged in where they actually weren’t. The solution was to label both ends of each cable with the same thing, have that not match any other cable, and have it not mean anything. We mostly used the smiley-face cable and the star cable, but an orange cable labeled “orange cable” would have been good, too.

  8. Flakdown says:

    thought i was supposed to cut the blue one

  9. kyasarin says:

    The katakana is backward. The order of adjective+noun is the same in Japanese as it is in English.

    Just had to say it. Carry on.

  10. Zocktoast says:

    Darn! Ya beat me to it, Kyasarin.

    For some reason “kēburu orenji” just sounds so awkward and clumsy, while “orenji kēburu” seems perfectly natural and intelligible. 😛

  11. says:

    What do you mean cut the orange cable? They’re all orange cables!

  12. tsackett says:

    Like the Japanese translation, the Korean also says, phonetically, “orange cable”, or something very close to that.

  13. Gorgonzola says:

    idiotproofness only let appear better idiots…

  14. Pete says:

    Macdonald’s at Yass, which is just outside Canberra in Australia. I’ve driven past that exact sign. It’s very real.

  15. Honky says:

    The Korean translation literally says “O-ren-jee . . . Kay-ee-bull”

  16. Aryn says:

    The Spanish one is also misspelled. Naranja is the word for the fruit. Anaranjado is the word for the color. What is the point of putting something in so many languages if you screw up almost every single one! Rip off the label!

  17. Fuzzybeard2016 says:

    ISO 9001 compliance taken to…*THE EXTREME!!!*

  18. whiteboi says:

    ironically, out of all the languages that can clearly identify this as orange, braille wasn’t included…

  19. rhealyn says:

    So… the Spanish one is wrong… naranja means orange the fruit. anaranjado means orange the color…

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