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Submitted by: Marketing na Cozinha (brazilian website) via Oddly Specific

Call ‘shopped all you want, I still think it’s hilarious.

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95 Responses to [Insert Your Own Joke Here]

  1. Seibee says:

    Says it all, really.

  2. Jacob says:

    Not Shopped, though a little old. Yass is a town just outside of Canberra, the capital city of Australia.

  3. Biri says:

    Must have an interesting Drive-Through.

  4. William says:

    There’s a city called Yass in Australia, and it has a McDonalds. This sign is likely real.

    • dollyasylum says:

      Yep! i have driven past it a few times, and always get a laugh out of it 🙂 Great to finally see it get the recognition it deserves!

  5. K72 says:

    [Inserts own joke in title, laughter ensues.]

  6. Andrew says:

    The pic is old, but I drove past it many times over the years. I can confirm that the sign was as depicted, but it no longer in place.

  7. Fazepahlm says:

    According to the sign – outdoors too.

  8. Rally says:

    Fast food Goatse…

  9. Fen says:

    no, too easy

  10. miro says:

    pretty sure Yass maccas is now open 24 hours – this photo may be old

  11. Dave says:

    Oh its real, though I think they’ve pulled it down now. It wasn’t there last time I went through Yass.

  12. Bamboozle says:

    They must have the crappiest food around…

  13. Cef says:

    It definitely exists. I’ve seen it many times, though I never made ‘that’ connection.

    FWIW: Google maps link to the closest identifiable spot for Yass Maccas. The sign itself is somewhere on the Hume Highway either side of the Yass Valley Way turn-off. I’m sure some bright spark might even find the sign on Google Street View. 😉


  14. Local says:

    Yes, this is real. The sign is no longer there (they found all the internet pictures making fun of them, apparently), but it used to be on the Hume Highway near Yass, NSW, Australia.

  15. Altissima says:

    Not shopped:
    1./ Yass is a country town in Australia, near Canberra.
    2./ Australians are more likely to use the British English term “Arse” rather than US English “Ass”..
    3./ I’ve seen the original (on the Hume Hwy outside Yass)
    4./ You can see various other photos of the same sign here.

  16. cabbagepatch says:

    And when does it close???

  17. Rich says:

    Would be better if it said, “Open 24 hours” or even “Open Late.”

  18. Der-Letzte-Kunde says:

    that’s pretty much when my daily potty time begins

  19. Hazard says:

    Yes the sign is real, I used to know the manager of the McDonalds – they worked it out very early on in the peice but left it up – all the attention meant lots of free advertising 🙂

  20. lilac says:

    Old, old, old.

    I saw this sign in 2005 while driving on the Hume Highway past Yass, and I’d already seen this photo then.

  21. Mad_Hatteress says:

    Yess, it’s real. From memory, they changed it to Yass then the M about 4 years ago.

  22. jic says:

    “Australians are more likely to use the British English term “Arse” rather than US English “Ass”..”

    While some Brits do pronounce arse as spelled, the ‘proper’ British pronunciation of arse is ass. I have no idea if this is also the case in Australia.

    • CMack says:

      No it’s not; have you ever been to the UK or Oz? As ‘arse’ originated in the UK and Ireland over 1000 years ago, arse == arse. ‘Ass’ is a US derivation. Any Brits or Aussies that say ‘ass’ have watched too many US TV shows.

  23. scott says:

    haha ive driven past that

  24. Mike says:

    No, I don’t want to supersize that, thank you…

  25. funnir says:

    gah and nobody realized this was like….. this????!!!! FUCK, man!!!!

  26. Devon says:

    ‘While some Brits do pronounce arse as spelled, the ‘proper’ British pronunciation of arse is ass. I have no idea if this is also the case in Australia.’

    From what I’ve heard aussies actually say Yarse. I don’t know why they need to go ya at the start.

    • dollyasylum says:

      I’m Australian, and i have NEVER heard anybody pronounce it with a “Y” at the start :S Perhaps you were talking to someone with a particularly slurred voice, and they said a word ending with “y” before saying “arse”. If they were telling you to “kiss my arse”, then indeed, it would’ve SOUNDED like they were saying “kiss my yarse”. Other than this scenario, or something very similar, i can assure you nobody pronounces it “yarse”.

  27. Campbell says:

    I live in Yass and I can say this sign is 100% real. As far as I know it’s still there, but I never take that stretch of highway to go anywhere so can’t confirm that

  28. Benji says:

    This was on Rove’s What The? segment years ago (I loved that segment). I ate there once on a road trip.

    And, yes, we officially use British english, so this would be referring to someone’s donkey, but I know many people who would use the American meaning.

  29. Claire says:

    No, we don’t say “yarse” but yes we do spell it arse. Although with the proliferation of American tv, magazines, websites etc. in Aus now, we recognise the ass spelling. This sign is old, so that’s why the ‘ass’ went unnoticed for a while.

  30. tristan says:

    come on – wtf is “yass”? i know what “ass” means but i had to read to the bottom of these comments to find out what the joke was. i guess it’s like when you’re in kinda and someone says “bum”

  31. NONINEKO says:

    It’s real. I didn’t really get the joke until someone told me though…
    I guess only americans can find it funny? ^_^
    But it’s pronounced “Yass” like the fish “bass”. It’s not “Yarse”
    And in Australia we say “ass”, we’re not brits 🙂
    Well, it’s near Canberra… and Canberra certainly sucks Yass 🙂 No idea why it’s our capital city, it’s so crap..

    • Kama says:

      I know of no Australian who says ‘ass’ because it’s not a commonly used term. We spell it ‘arse’ and it is pronounced as such. I would find it odd were a fellow Aussie to actually pronounce it as ‘ass’ in the American fashion.

      We don’t pronounce ‘class’ as Americans do, we pronounce it ‘clahsse’ (or clarse, if you will), the same sound you would use for ‘father’. Same goes for pass, mast, etc.


    • dialects within dialects says:

      there are dialects within dialects and generally the dialect within a dialect uses “lazy” speech techniques. One example is that most American English speakers say “down town” and “and that” as [daʊn taʊn] and [n̩ ðæt] but in Pittsburgh people say [dæ̃n t̚æ̃n] and [æ̃næ̃t]. So it would makes sense that “arse” could become “ahse”(basically “arse” with a very weak r) and then “ass” in at least one dialect.

  32. Tandy says:

    Is that sign old? I live in Gunning (half an hour from Yass) and I’ve never seen that sign. I wish I had!

  33. KZ says:

    I have driven past that sign many times in the past.

    There are no motels in Yass…

  34. marxz says:

    brings back memories… my old band did a gig in Yass… drove past this sign in the band Tarago… went WTF! … reversed back… got out and took a photo… then totally forgot about it until now.

    anyway as others have said it’s pronounced “Yass” as in rhymes with the american fish “bass” .. not Yarse as in buttock/anus. … but we got the humour

  35. marxz says:

    @ NONINEKO… never heard even a single australian say “ass” when they meant “arse”.. not that I’ve met every Australian

  36. trixiemelodian says:

    I’ve driven past this sign hundreds of times over the years and have never thought twice about it! It’s pronounced ‘yass’ to rhyme with ‘gas’.

    As far as I know, all we Aussies say write and say ‘arse’ not ass (but usually say bum anyway) so there is no real humour in this sign for most Aussies. But acknowledge that a minority of people (mostly younger people) who are heavily influenced by US culture might use the US spelling or pronunciation.

    • dialects within dialects says:

      it might not entirely be US influence I’m from the US and I say it like ahse which is about halfway between arse and ass. Also I know of one US dialect which pronounces it “erse” (like else but with an r) though ‘ahse’, ‘azz’, and ‘ass’ are the most common pronunciations in the US. Since a size accurate map of Australia shows it to be about equal to the US without Alaska I would assume there are probably just as many mini-dialects in Australia as in the US.

  37. Fisha says:

    Took a detour through Yass on my last road trip in an attempt to locate this sign. Left disappointed

  38. brightrfish says:

    DEFINITELY NOT ‘SHOPPED. I live in Yass (said like ‘mass’). This sign is on the Hume Highway, about 20kms north of Yass when driving south from Goulburn. This picture is an old version; can you believe they’ve actually put up a new one now?? (‘new’ as in it says the same thing, just with better colouring and an updated logo) Who’s dumbass idea was that? I drove past it 5 days ago on my way home from Sydney.

    Oh, and KZ: there are at least 5 motels and a caravan park in Yass – unless they’ve disappeared since I went to the supermarket this afternoon!

    BTW, as a born and bred Canberran who has also lived in Brisbane and the Philippines, Canberra is an awesome place to live! It’s a little quiet for teenagers and anyone who can’t stand incredibly beautiful scenery, anything to do with the history of Australia since Federation, art, museums, shopping, nature walks, science and technology centre….

  39. AJL says:

    Every Australian I know says “arse”. An “ass” is a donkey. NONINEKO, pls hand in your Australian passport (especially for bagging Canberra-lived here for 20 years and will never move).

    That sign’s been on TV a few times.

  40. Campbell says:

    Who’s Brightrfish? I probably know you, as Yass is a very small town 😛

  41. NONINEKO says:

    Mleh, I meant we SPELL it “ass” ^^””
    But yeah, pronounced “arse” I guess

  42. AmyB says:

    Being an Australian with dual citizenship (ex Pommie) I would like to say that yarse is actually SE British for ‘Yes’. I would never say yes to a Maccas! I have been past this sign lots of time and never made the connection until now after decades of being indoctrinated with American movies, TV etc.

  43. AmyB says:

    p.s Yarse is also pronounced yerse – so it makes for an interesting life!

  44. Bradsticks says:

    Didn’t realist there were so many Aussies on here! Canberra is a shithole, anyone who argues is a fool and a communist. Lol Yass…

  45. Bradsticks says:

    Didn’t realise there were so many Aussies on here! Canberra is a shithole, anyone who argues is a fool and a communist. Lol Yass…

  46. Ziggy says:

    I used to drive past this sign all the time (I was at ANU, but came from Vic). It was a sad day when they took this sign down…

  47. Snippi says:

    Wow… It took me way too long to figure out the joke :p

  48. Drew Edwards says:

    this is not fake. I drive past this all the time.

  49. weegee says:

    I need to get up earlier

  50. Q. says:

    1. Australians use both ‘arse’ and ‘ass’. Ass is more common among the youngest generation.
    2. The majority of Australians I know say ‘arse’, including among the young generation.
    3. In British English, arse is NOT properly pronounced ‘ass’. However, words ending in ‘ass’ may be pronounced with either a long or a short a depending on which part of Britain you come from. For example, glass may be pronounced ‘glarse’ or ‘glass’ (like ass).
    4. Canberra is lovely, and I’m neither a fool nor a communist – just someone who likes being 15 minutes away from work and having no traffic.

  51. SHARDK1 says:

    No, thank you

  52. tina says:

    that’s the worst misspelling of “Mcdonalds” i’ve ever seen.

  53. mike says:

    macwhore open at 6 AM.

  54. anon says:

    and the world goes boom

  55. melisa says:

    thats a real sign…ive been past it many times

  56. melisa says:

    haha i just relised it says my ass hahahaha jeez im dumb

  57. Dan says:

    I’ve been to Yass. It’s in Victoria IIRC.

  58. Bex says:

    Love this sign, I’ve been past it heaps of times, I live in Canberra.
    I don’t get this ass/arse thing though… I say ass. I thought it was Americans that say arse…

    • dialects within dialects says:

      while a very small group of Americans say “erse” so far as I know most say ‘ahse’, ‘azz’, or ‘ass’ but all American English speakers I’ve ever known write ass and consequentially tend to pronounce it closer to that than to “arse”

  59. MaxFreak91 says:

    This is an australian sign on the new england highway heading toward sydney from brisbane, i loled REALLY HARD when i first seen it i was only 12 at the time 😛

  60. Chaos says:

    Yet Another Stupid Sign

  61. viper.fox says:

    Yeah It’s a real sign. Sadly it’s gone now, but it was very much real, passed it many times as a kid on the trip down to Melbourne.

  62. ME says:

    Dan says:
    March 13, 2010 at 12:23

    I’ve been to Yass. It’s in Victoria IIRC.


  63. azi says:

    That’s a real sign. It’s on the Hume Highway between Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. In fact the photo here looks old – the font is more modern on the current sign.

  64. wolfcheese says:

    Bex, nope, us Americans use ass. It’s in England where arse is more common. I think.

  65. chase'sgirl says:

    just keep ronald away from the little kids, ok?

  66. noodle118 says:

    wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to early!!

  67. Tracee says:

    Sign is completely real. We went to McDonalds in Yass, Australia numerous times. It is still up & getting photos since 2008. 🙂

  68. panda says:

    look at it the m makes it my ass and yes it huge

  69. panda says:

    yea we know it huge

  70. skippy says:

    Ha! This isn’t shopped – Yass is in Australia. I’ve driven past this sign like 10 times…

  71. Joe diMaggio says:

    If this isn’t Yass (odds are good that it is), there always exists the possibility that it is the more stupid-sounding town of Myass in Texas.

  72. Alan says:

    Damn. who would of thunk that ronald mcdonald is a whore

  73. CJ from Oz says:

    Ninenko, Fail spelling…..

    and what is all this British English US English rubbish?
    From what I learnt at school it is the English language. The Americans bastardised it to create American because they can’t spell…..
    An Ass is a hirsute quadraped related to a horse.

    • dialects within dialects says:

      it is usually called American English and is actually a dialect as is all other uses of it including British English which while we are on the topic is basically a bastardized version of Victorian English (Shakespeare) where for one thing “nothing” and “noting” were the same word. Also if we look at the language of Chaucer we see that modern English as a whole could be said to be bastardized from old English by people who couldn’t spell(meaning the British since they were the English speakers when this transition started). Please look at the past and what language has done before you start insulting people for what language is doing.

  74. Hanz says:

    yeah, it’s not shopped, was the sign for yass maccas for years, now i think they have a mccafe one instead for this reason lol. loved it when i used to see it as a kid

  75. mr.x1 says:


  76. kess says:

    I’m in Australia and I have seen this sign it is on the Hume Highway. Didn’t appear to have been proof read real well before being put up.

  77. Takaska says:

    lol, this pic reminded me of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41oHePob_Nw

  78. Luis says:

    Wait for the dessert.

  79. Bec says:

    Its not shopped. I live in yass, seen the sign a million times.

    It’s gone now, as yass maccas is now open 24 hours

    but as people have said. we say arse not ass so its not such a big deal

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