Yes, it Doesn’t

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Hey, I’m not going to argue.

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25 Responses to Yes, it Doesn’t

  1. JustOlJon says:

    I am gob-smacked by the profound nature of this statement. Speechless, even….

  2. Black★Rock Scooter says:

    I have seen “The Ugly Truth” and it doesn’t make any sense that anyone could ever like it. Is that sorta the same thing?

  3. Rissa says:

    It’s like a plea for help.

  4. Seibee says:

    Sounds pretty despondent.

  5. Music-chan says:

    haha, I’ve love to know what prompted the person to put that up.

  6. Immelmann says:

    If I may be a buzzkill here: This could be a statement about the unknowable nature of god and how we can’t possibly comprehend the real “truth” even if we saw it.

    Or it’s an altarboy screwing with us, giggity.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Immelmann, that’s pretty much what I got out of it. At least, the first part of what you said. It’s the same thing that’s been troubling me for years.

  8. Moriah says:

    God loves serial killers, sexual deviants, the depraved, the wicked, the filthy, the demon-possessed, the prostitutes, etc. and He loves them more than the Pharisees. It DOESN’T make sense — not logical human sense — but in a way, it does, if you know what you are looking at.

  9. J says:

    1.) Very Douglas Adams-esque.

    2.) “…and how we can’t possibly comprehend the real “truth” even if we saw it.”

    Mmmkay. Here’s the thing: If we can never possibly understand the real truth even if we saw it, why is god CONSTANTLY ANGRY and READY TO PUNISH US FOREVER that we don’t?

    (And I challenge you to answer without using the words “man is free”, ’cause honey that’s not an explanation, it’s an OBSERVATION)

  10. Jami says:

    @Moriah – That’s because God is the ultimate parent. As a being of pure masculine and feminine energy, God experiences the same things as both parents. He/She loves us no matter what, but doesn’t love our actions.

    At least, that’s the way human parents are suppose to love us. But in reality God’s unconditional love of us is closer to that of a dog’s love for their master or mistress. It doesn’t matter what you do to a dog, they’ll always be happy to see you when you come home. Same with God.

  11. Daemonkity says:

    Maybe “the truth” (here or anywhere) has nothing to do with the subject of a god. The mathematical truth? It can get pretty confusing.

  12. J says:

    *He/She loves us no matter what, but doesn’t love our actions. *

    But we are nothing *except* our actions.

  13. naomi says:

    Clearly the person who wrote this sign has been watching the tv show Lost, and is only venting their understandable frustrations.

  14. Jeremy says:

    I think what we all meant by “unknowable nature of god” is that man cannot objectively know anything about God. Man can only know what other men have written about God, namely those who have claimed to be prophets. And even if you can find out which (if any) “revelation” is true, there is still a huge lack of clarity, and a barrage of illogical statements, myths, and fallacies. But J pretty much hit the nail on the head: “If we can never possibly understand the real truth even if we saw it, why is god CONSTANTLY ANGRY and READY TO PUNISH US FOREVER that we don’t?” I will add: why would God punish us so severely for not accepting as infallible any book which is so clearly full of errors? It makes no sense to punish someone for something that just can’t be objectively proven. But it’s not so hard to stop caring after a while; A pleasant little fact of life is that no matter who you are, what you do, or what you believe, there’s always someone out there who thinks you’re going to burn in hell forever.

  15. Jeremy says:

    By the way, naomi, that was the best answer yet. Love it!

  16. Otherjohn says:

    Hail Eris! All hail Discordia!

  17. Michelle says:

    Or its just some confused gamer who finally got through Assassins Creed 2 and didn’t comprehend the mega skull-sex that was “the Truth”.

  18. Charles Bronson says:

    Reminds me of ZARDOZ… “I have seen the future, and it does not work.”

  19. Fool says:

    Truly, this person must be on to something! 😀

  20. Richardhg says:

    When people can accept that what they are learning is most likely the truth, and it doesn’t make sense, it is because it is in conflict with their Belief System.

    This is just as true for scientists as religious fundamentalists. Take, for example, the fact that the Universe is expanding, but the rate that it is expanding is accelerating. Now to me, that doesn’t make sense …. yet.

    The difference between a religious fundamentalist and a scientist is the scientist checks his observations, and adds “yet” to that phrase.

  21. Gamesman says:

    If there is a God, thinking any human could “know” him/her is hubris of the highest degree. Anyone claiming to know the “Mind of God” is a liar or seriously deranged and should be committed.

    Besides the answer to life the universe and everything is 23!:)

  22. goshakitteh says:

    I SO agree.

  23. Sir Captain Obvious says:

    @ Gamesman …….42.

    Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense.

  24. Starbadger says:

    Oh, thank God. I thought I was the only one who could see that.

  25. LaserLiza says:

    This kind of sums up my life. WIN

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