And That’s All

Submitted by: sallysue72 via Oddly Specific

When I die, I hope I’m remembered for more than my taste in plants.

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25 Responses to And That’s All

  1. Pete Schult says:

    Maybe Eleanor Crum was a panda.

  2. CrazyNewt says:

    Actually, “Bamboo” was the name of a Thai Prostitute. And man, that cat knew how to par-tay.

  3. Phelps says:

    Donny who loved bowling.

  4. Nahuel says:

    Wow, she lived 95 years… maybe she ate bamboo?

  5. killerofthesky says:

    I think I’m related to this unknown person… maybe? *goes to find family tree*

  6. mab says:

    Hey, she lived 95 years. Maybe there is something to that bamboo.

  7. lazorrrs says:

    and she died doing what she loved

  8. Shep33 says:

    Why do we keep letting the pandas decide what goes on people’s headstones? This is the 317th in a row that simply says “she loved bamboo”. I mean did they even do thier research? Honestly pandas, i love you, but if you don’t get your $#!7 together, you can’t drink anymore of my wine.

  9. cinderkeys says:

    Hey, it’s more descriptive than “beloved father/mother/sister/brother/etc.” Most people are beloved by someone. Not everyone appreciates bamboo.

  10. dardub says:

    Is this in the botanical garden in San Francisco? That sign seems familiar.

  11. dom says:

    that’s the Big Bam Boo

  12. lazorr says:

    …and she died doing what she loved

  13. Music-chan says:

    I’m guessing this sign is actually near some bamboo. I THINK that’s what that plant is but I’m no expert.

  14. Heather says:

    that green stalk MIGHT be bamboo but the leafy things around it sure as heck aren’t bamboo…

  15. party-pooper says:

    Love the site but gotta call FAIL on this one. Obviously this is not where the late Mrs. Crum has been laid to rest, someone made a donation in her name and got a placard in front of a bamboo sprout for her, probably in the SF Botanical Garden as previously mentioned, looks familiar to me too. I am sure Mrs. Crum has a proper headstone at her actual place of rest. Like I said great site, usually full of win, but swing and miss on this one, not odd at all.

  16. Stueymon says:

    It’s obviously a post-mortem, She loved bamboo, and it eventually killed her

  17. shego219 says:

    What made you think this was her actual resting place? It’s OBVIOUSLY a placard donated in her memory. Also, how is it not odd? I’ve never seen a memorium that simply says “She loved bamboo.” I think it’s fricking hilarious.

  18. duh says:

    its actually from the botanical gardens in hawaii near hilo.
    yes, a donation.
    but still, wtf?

  19. RainbowPoof says:

    Maybe this Eleanor just wanted something simple, and this might be relevant in some way to her job or something??
    It sort of reminds me of “She loved ‘E!!!’….And she hated water!!” o_o

  20. Arria says:

    First time my partner and I saw that sign after moving here we cracked up for an hour. 3 years later and it’s still our running joke. So glad it made it to OS. 🙂

  21. Jabraille says:

    After 95 years of life, I’d like to be remembered for something special, like the weird chest-honk-laugh I sometimes did spontaneously, or the way I jumped every time I sneezed while standing up. Or, y’know, the obscenely large inheritance I left my daughter after becoming so rich that I regularly lost BMWs in the couch.

    Bamboo… not so much.

    At least she wasn’t a panda. (I assume.) That would make the remembrance mind-blowingly mundane.

  22. P. says:

    Beloved panda Eleanor will be sorely missed.

  23. JuliaJolie says:

    Actually, this is rather cute. I can’t really laugh maliciously at this one, but I can giggle bittersweetly.

  24. Derek Larsen says:

    Well, compared to many other types of wood, bamboo is certainly stiffer and stronger.

  25. Zendre says:

    @Derek: no… it’s hollow and thin = breaks very easily.

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