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Funny Signs - Note the Braille

Submitted by: Can’t remember via Oddly Specific

This one just seems cruel to me. I can’t read Braille, but I’m hoping they added something at the bottom for what to do about a broken nose.

Fave Comment

I noticed the last line on that braille writing is a lawyer’s phone #. –Shep33

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31 Responses to Note the Braille

  1. Sarge says:

    Well, technically it is oddly specific…. but it’s not very odd. Thumbs down.

    • Vesane Vates says:

      “not very odd”, Sarge?

      So is it just part of your daily routine to smash people in the face with doors or what?

  2. Tom Mahoney says:

    Typical ADA idiocy.

  3. Rauss says:

    I love the high standards you have Sarge, you’re a real trooper (pun definitely intended).

  4. Seibee says:

    Gives you just enough time to read the Braille before you get smacked in the teeth..

  5. This sign should be put in a section called oddly cruel 😦 I hope this establishment thinks of ways to warn people before it gets to this..

    I could give you a few more sign examples that we’ve made that are just as bad

  6. Music-chan says:

    I’ve never thought the point of this website was for EVERY sign to be the hight of hilarity. Most of them aren’t even that funny. More like they make me go “huh….what about that!”

    And that’s fine. Not everything has to be strange or weird or funny. Actually, I fine this sign oddly tragic, which is why I like it.

  7. Humm. says:

    I can see in my mind how some blind guy reads that braille and freaks out, and then the door opens, crushing his face.

    That’s actually quite sadistic to write that in braille on the door.

  8. BigMomma says:

    Not too mention the braille on drive-through ATMs?? WTF??

  9. Shep33 says:

    I noticed the last line on that braille writing is a lawyer’s phone #.

  10. Chris T says:

    I’ve seen this sign many times before! It’s on the disabled toilets at the Trafford Centre, Manchester, UK! Never noticed the braile until this was published, but I’ve been back since and can confirm it!!

  11. risu says:

    How blind people ever find these signs amazes me.

  12. bug says:

    I’m guessing the braille says, “LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!”

  13. White Fang says:

    I was trapped in a lobby at work one weekend when they added signs to the doors:

    Do Not Push
    Door Closed

    Just stared at the doors for a while and wondered if the guard would help me out. Apparently the cheap door closers would crumple if someone tried to close the doors, so this was the solution.

  14. MLD says:

    “Not too mention the braille on drive-through ATMs?? WTF??”

    Because people not in cars also use drive up ATMs? Not that difficult really. My bank’s ATM is a drive up–and I don’t drive. But I still use the ATM.

  15. BoringTroll says:

    The braille says:
    this door opens outwards
    please do not stand
    directly in front of
    the doors
    ie. If the bathroom is occupied, wait by the wall, not directly in front of the door.
    Risu, blind people find the signs by feeling the walls. If the signs are placed at the appropriate height, the blind people can easily find them.
    BigMomma, most cars, including taxis, have a back seat. A blind person can ask the driver to pull up so that the back window is by the ATM. The braille instructions tell how to plug in headphones and activate the voice prompts, so the blind person can use the machine without any help from the driver.

  16. cinderkeys says:

    I’ve always wondered about braille signs. It would be one thing if they were everywhere, but they aren’t — the people using them wouldn’t know to search for them.

  17. Peter Brülls says:

    @MLD More importantly, it would cost too much to make non-braille ATMs for the rare places where blind people cannot feasibly reach them.

    Also, apart from walking to a drive-thru ATM, a blind passenger could could use it as well.

  18. me says:

    Sorry – I don’t understand the alternative. If the sign didn’t have braille then a blind person may just stand there and eventually may be hit by the door. Not sure how it is ‘mean’ to allow them the same information afforded sighted people even if that form that is higher risk to them – some information is better than none!

  19. Serp says:

    It’s not like a blind person needs to lean into the door with his face in order to read the sign. So if someone opens the door while they are reading it, ohnoez the door will hit their foot. Duh.

  20. WailFin aka NotAnYmous, aka ICanHazGudGramerz says:

    Well, the probability that the door will cause any damage to the blind person feel-reading (is that the right term?) the braille depends on a few factors:

    a) Is the blind person a fast reader?
    b) How close is he/she to the door? And
    c) Is the person opening the door from the inside seriously pissed off?

  21. Busybee6363 says:

    Actually, it says the same. One ‘braille letter’ for each normal letter. Count the words. It’s the same…

  22. zach says:

    at first i looked at it and thought “well thats retarded” and the scrolled down a little more and saw the braille and started laughinh

  23. mj3559 says:

    Worst I have heard is the ADA encouraging States to add braille to the bottom of road signs on the interstate.

  24. optacon says:

    Actually the braille says exactly what the print says. A blind person in the process of reading it (e.g. right hand following the letters, left hand feeling for the beginning of the next line) would do so at about half arm’s lenght – and so would certainly notice if the door would swing in his or hers direction… what really irks me abou braille signs is that they’re never in the right hight for seeing-eye guide dogs to read ;).

  25. insidearaindrop says:

    Yeah, I know your fave comment is funny and all, but the last line says “the doors”.
    Sorry to burst your bubble. ❤

  26. JD says:

    Nearsighted people should not try to read this sign.

  27. eric says:

    let’s put the number on 4chan

  28. Gadget says:

    What I find odd is that it’s letter for letter. Usually Braille has shorthand for common words like “the” and letter pairings like “ie”. So they used the longest possible way to say it???

  29. James says:

    I make Braille signs for a living. This sign breaks all kinds of compliance rules I won’t even get into here but… Is anyone sure this sign is actually ON a door? I mean, I know it talks about the door and the circular sign above it would suggest it being on a women’s restroom door as well… but other than that, are we sure this is on a door? There is NEVER supposed to be braille on a door for just the reasons you’ve all listed here (even for signs that aren’t this funny). If the sign is not on the door, it is most likely placed 60in above the floor and within 8in of the handle side of the door [that’s how blind people find braille — the signs are always installed in the same place].

  30. Nick W says:

    Wouldn’t it be how to deal with a broken hand and not nose? Unless you can find a picture of someone reading braille like that….

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