Mechanical Alligator?

Mechanical Alligator?

Submitted by: south africa via Oddly Specific

Are the crocodiles moving the machinery? You’d think there would be animals better suited to the task.

It’s a crocodile.

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36 Responses to Mechanical Alligator?

  1. Mckree says:

    The funny thing is, it says exactly the same thing above in Dutch… so yeah, I got nothing.

    • Fynn says:

      Actually, it’s not Dutch, it’s South African. Looks like Dutch quite a bit, but Dutch people would never say or write ‘masjinerie’.

  2. K says:

    Gives a new meaning to the concept: Crocodile Clips.

  3. Seibee says:

    Mechanical alligator. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

    • Dial Q for stupid says:

      I think I’ve seen one on a documentary. They used it to spy on wildlife.

  4. Immelmann says:

    Seibee: Not if you’re a mechanical crane.

    Or whatever the hell alligators eat. Golfers, I guess.

  5. K says:

    Chances are, being from South Africa that it is actually a crocodile, not an alligator.

  6. That Guy says:

    Wouldn’t they get all rusted being in rivers/streams/sewers/water hazards and since when would they be in construction yards, noming your tower cranes?

  7. me says:

    Not sure what this is about but its not an engrish fail cause it says the same in both languages…

  8. H3nQ says:

    The language of the upper text is Afrikaans I think.

  9. DottyB says:

    I just had my first look at your site. Very Funny! I have no problem with this sign. It simply means robotic Gators. We have a lot here in the south.

  10. Raptor Jesus says:

    “Are the alligators are moving the machinery?” ???

  11. FAIL Shirt says:

    i want one! Mechanical alligator that is…

  12. Chris99 says:

    I’ve seen these at VW, Ford and GM South Africa.

  13. Proud European says:

    Foolish Americans! You should be less provincial. The United States is not the whole world, you know!

    In Europe the crocodile (this is NOT an alligator!) is a well recognized symbol for any hazard! Al Europeans know this.

    (In Europe, alligators are a well-recognized symbols for ice cream.)

    • Fynn says:

      Well, I’ve lived in Europe my whole life, and I didn’t know that…. Never seen it on signs n’either.

  14. Holo says:

    Confusing sign is confusing – the top writing means the same thing 0.o

  15. Be d´Hokey says:

    Tooooo rational but I guess it means watch out while you´re moving your machinery cause it just might be… if it´s not your day… you´ll get your leg ripped off by an alligator! Or a crocodile!

  16. Who says:

    @Proud European
    No, the United States isn’t the whole world, but this is a US based site. Also, the pic was taken in South Africa, and last I checked, South Africa gained independence from Great Britain in 1910, so it’s not European either.

    If you don’t like what you see here, then go away. We won’t miss you.

  17. The One Guy says:

    @Who: If nothing else, his/her last line should have clued you in on the fact that he/she was joking.

  18. cinderkeys says:

    @Proud European: Ooh, I learned something new today. I like the idea of crocodiles representing danger.

    What’s the history behind crocodiles in particular? Why not tigers or polar bears or anything else that would eat you if it got the chance?

  19. Proud European says:

    I suppose that we could have used Armin Meiwes to represent danger as well. I don’t know why crocodiles were chosen, but perhaps it is because they are easy to distinguish from house cats and teddy bears.

    (The house cat is a well-recognized symbol for balloon service, and the teddy bear tells us that a pile of horse manure may be found on the shoulder of the road, one mile ahead.)

  20. BoonPflug says:

    Also, the Velociraptor was trademarked so it couldn’t be used.

  21. Bananake says:

    @Proud European – At first, I found these symbols rather confusing, but once I looked them up in my Foreigner-in-Europe Handbook it all became quite clear.

    Armin Meiwes. Heh.

  22. Martijn Calkhoven says:

    The sign wars for a robot crocodile. Case solved, moving on!

  23. Algrythim says:

    Beware the Chronodile.

  24. Mitch says:

    Beware of cyborg crocodile invasion.

  25. Knoeki says:

    The top text looks like badly spelled dutch to me: ‘masjinerie’ is just the phonetical spelling of ‘machinerie’.

  26. CommentGuy says:

    @ Knoekie
    Or it may just have been Afrikaans, which looks almost exactly like badly spelled Dutch or badly spelled English, but is, in fact, a language.

  27. Bock says:

    @ Proud European
    I’m European and I’ve never seen such signs. When I were to see a sign with a crocodile on it I’d just get the hell outta there, you know. And especially when it’s a mechanical-croc! FTW?!

    Also: Beware of people with Lacoste-shirts. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

  28. Anonny125 says:

    Nobody else seems to notice the man inside the cage. Or is he outside? Either he did not heed the warning or crocodiles are being warned about moving machinery 😐

  29. Tobias (proud Dutchman) says:

    I love that language, suid-afrikaans!

  30. yoshifan64 says:

    Well, how else is the drums getting pulled by the Beatles?

  31. dan says:

    the alligator is a name for a mechanical device for moving heavy equipment

    • Dial Q for stupid says:

      U r the 1st person to make sense in this whole list of comments.

      ATTENTION EVERYBODY, we have finally found a legitimate explanation to this sign.

  32. Drac is Back says:

    I thought I already got away from the robotic reptiles… All that clanking…

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