“What did you say about my hair?!”

Submitted by: Carlise i think via Oddly Specific

Talk about the need to walk on eggshells. Anyone else feel like we’re taking this whole “no more hurt feelings” thing a little too far?

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21 Responses to “What did you say about my hair?!”

  1. Fred says:

    Don’t be ridiculous. It’s not about hurt feelings, it’s about being physically attacked. It’s hardly a “wtf?”.

    If you have to try really hard to misinterpret something, then it probably doesn’t belong here.

  2. Seolfyr says:

    Also known as the Tattletale Button.

  3. Karen Schroeder says:

    okay! that’s it! where’s my button!!

  4. Who says:

    Don’t be ridiculous? It’s a fucking HUMOR website. If you have to tear apart a post because you don’t think it’s funny, then YOU probably don’t belong here.

  5. Sparrow says:

    I had one of those under the desk when I was a receptionist, but luckily never needed it. The one I needed (but didn’t have) would have administered Listerine. There was always at least one visitor whose breath qualified as a weapon of mass destruction.

  6. DrPluton says:

    Hey, Dexter. What does this button do?

  7. strangeknight says:

    so…. is this that button that you tell everyone not to push?

  8. Gn SLngr Grl says:

    Maybe the button launches a personal attack on someone else…

  9. Sarge says:

    Contrary to common understanding, this button is for use when you’re about to launch a personal attack against someone. If it’s impersonal, you need not press the button.

  10. Seibee says:

    We have one of those. It’s not labelled as such, but it’s there. I haven’t had to press it yet, but it either has a direct line to the cop shop or opens up a pit directly under the customer’s feet and drops them into a pit lined with bones where a killer rabbit’s waiting. I’m hoping for the latter, personally.

  11. Altrissa says:

    I could use one of these buttons! I never have good comebacks in the heat of the moment. My button would summon Janeane Garofalo so she could tear the other person down for me.

  12. Thick|Acid says:

    I need this at work 10 times a day.

  13. Music-chan says:

    When you press this button, my mother-in-law jumps out of the back and starts berating you on your clothes and life choices.

  14. Dr. Mike says:

    Wait, Music-chan, you need a button for that?

  15. DutchCourage says:

    I keep telling ’em it’s nothing personal, just business. Ya think they listen?

  16. Elizabeth says:

    LOL, Music-chan yours was the best reply, very funny. thanks for the chuckle!

  17. stevemmx says:

    this button is the only recourse i have to belittle you. . . . . . then my little asian monk comes outta this little house and clanges a huge bell for 10 seconds ! ! !

  18. Midnight says:

    well.. i personally think that button will launch a Laser-Shooting-Fin-Funnels (Gundam stuff) to person who youre totally pissed off…

  19. Bob0s0 says:

    but it’s PINK!

  20. Drac is Back says:

    If you can get to it before he finishes pulling down your pants.

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