Until it Falls and Becomes a Floor

Funny Signs - Until it Falls and Becomes a Floor

Submitted by: Near a restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland via Oddly Specific

Ah, the power of labels.

Fave Comment

This is a comment. (until further notice) –ieldanth

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27 Responses to Until it Falls and Becomes a Floor

  1. LilMaibe says:

    Well, and it certainly isn’t a pipe either…

  2. Seibee says:

    Well, it looks to have pretty decent camouflage, so I guess it could be whatever it wants.

  3. Chris says:

    This bad economy even has walls losing their jobs. When will this madness end?!

  4. Fazepahlm says:

    Last I checked, this was actually a picture…

  5. ieldanth says:

    This is a comment.

    (until further notice)

  6. Sarge says:

    At some point it may become a floor, or a ceiling. That’s just life here in bizzaro-world.

  7. TCA says:

    Looks like a wall….. OH NO ITS A TIGER!

  8. Music-chan says:

    @ TCA: OH GOD NO!

    This is a wall: Unless IT’S A TRAP!

  9. Dr. Mike says:

    Who stepped on the Gecko? Hey, wait, that makes it a FLOOR!

  10. ThetaSigma says:

    Well… They were doing a shit load of construction in Edinburgh’s city centre this past summer, including a fair number of temporary structures, so it wouldn’t entirely surprise me if there was such a sign.

  11. AntiSigma says:

    you killed it ThetaSigma

  12. tahrey says:

    During the Festival (or more appropriately, I’d bet, the Fringe) by any chance? There’s a lot of wierd signing/stickering going on, particularly the two groups alternately trying to inform the general populace that pretty much everything accessible on/from the street either Belongs To Lionel Richie, or has had something unusual/obscene done to it by an OAP* …

    Such strange but wonderful people infest these happenings 😀
    Still got a page of stickers one of them gave me to “join in” that I need to use up randomly one afternoon round my own town.

    * Old Age Pensioner, for the foreign and/or confused.

  13. that guy says:

    Looks like someone printed it out specifically for the purpose of taking a picture of it.

  14. QD says:

    It’s very Zen. When is a wall not a wall?

  15. Rizz Rustbolt says:

    Or until gravity fails, and it becomes a ceiling.

  16. Carly says:

    It’s on a wall in the pend leading to the Mosque Kitchen in Central Edinburgh. It’s been there for a few weeks now and I think it’s quite amusing.

  17. Shep33 says:

    “FURHER NOTICE: Upon cleaning the aformentioned surface, It has become abundantly clear that this was just a window with a lot of dirt on it. We apologize for any and all inconveniences that this may have caused you or your loved ones. We here at the Ministry of Wall Noticing(MWN) take full responsibility for this grave error. Please rest assured that the person or persons who committed this outrage have been sacked. Warmest regards, The MWN.

  18. Shep33 says:

    Also… the above mentioned comment that reads “FURHER NOTICE” should indeed read “FURTHER NOTICE” as this was not a comment left by Adolf Hitler nor any member of the nazi party, and in no way implies any affiliation with the MWN and the nazi party. Again those responsible for this mistake, we assure you…have been sacked.

    • Hmmm says:

      WIN…brilliant comments…i actually pissed my pants laughing (but only a little and a sign has been put up mentioning it as being a pee stain until further notice)

  19. MWN fan says:

    wow shep33..er i mean the MWN wins,wins the whole damn internet

  20. emmens says:

    because eventually it’ll get a door put on it

  21. alyssa says:

    really? its a WALL? woah… bizzare. who knew?

  22. LaserLiza says:

    “This is a wall,” eh? That’s what they all say.

  23. My name is Nick (until further notice) says:

    This is a reply to “this is a wall (until further notice)”. (until further notice)

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