Everyone Has to Grow Up

Everyone Has to Grow Up

Submitted by: Taken in Budapest via Oddly Specific

I’m really not sure what’s going on here. Is it some sort of rite of passage? “Either cross the street alone or you never become a man!” Or maybe it’s a new Hungarian campaign against single dads?

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76 Responses to Everyone Has to Grow Up

  1. me says:

    wow they really hate fathers here

    • Wegaskiller says:

      Don’t you see that the “parent” is a male and the child is a female?

      I think it is more like a “no pedobears allowed”

    • ENGINEER says:

      Must be something againts sex preditors yet I see no sign against PEDOBEAR!!!

  2. DrJ says:

    It just means that it is the end of the pedestrian zone (i.e. keep walking and be prepared to get run over.) What’s so hard about that?

  3. mokuran says:

    You will find these all over Europe. It simply means that the sidewalk is over. Not too exciting, sorry. 😉

  4. B says:

    Well, that may seem funny to non-Europeans, but here that’s just the standard No Pedestrians sign.

  5. Abby says:

    I saw several of these in Paris. On the other side it was always allowed. And thier feet were jaunty as if they were skipping.
    we determined it was one of three things:
    no holding hands with children.
    no holding hands with children and skipping.
    no kidnapping children.

  6. KingCrunch says:

    We have thousand of them in Germany.
    And there are just two people. Not thaaat funny, even that one is smaller, than the other 😉

    • Hmmm says:

      if i were you i wouldn’t shout it out…i mean, from what i understand, the sign says: “Paedophiles are not allowed to cross the street”…seeing them all around you and still didn’t get the hint? GET AN OLDER GIRLFRIEND :))…

  7. SteveWithAQ says:

    “Either cross the street alone or you never become a man!”

    Well, the child in the picture would not likely become a man anyway…

    I guess the point is we here in the States generally don’t have trouble noticing things like the end of the sidewalk, so the idea that you’d need a sign for that is *ahem* foreign to us.

    If I were going to design a sign that essentially said “don’t walk beyond this point”, I’d use a picture of someone _walking_, not just standing there — and I wouldn’t confuse the issue by including multiple people. Without further context, this sign essentially says “don’t stand there holding hands with someone.”

    • OriginalHibbs says:

      Could not have said it better. Why do the europeans on this site think the signs message is obvious. It’s NOT. AT ALL.

  8. Cim says:

    It’s universal European signage. The symbol means a pedestrian way, and the cross over it means it’s not one.

  9. Cim says:

    SteveWithAQ, you will not find signs like this outlining “the end of the sidewalk”. The signs are meant to avoid ambiguity, ie, they are put in places where it’s not immediately clear what they’re for, whether they’re intended for cars, mopeds, bicycles, or people. Europe has standard signs for all of these and, as they are as simplified as possible, the ones that indicate walking people of all sizes may be ahead look like this. When you’re in a pedestrian area and entering a non-pedestrian area other than a clearly delineated curb, you are likely to find one of these.

    I don’t know why you imagine that anyone would be confused by this sign when several other posters have just told you that they are standard over the entire EU and numerous. This necessarily means that the symbol is very well-known. Until people start being teleported without warning from other continents into European streets, nobody is going to be seeing them “without further context”. And without context, many standard US roadsigns are hardly self-explanatory either. Europe, where you can easily get by car or foot to a place where you do not speak the native language, has standardized signs that are all pictorial. An uninformed traveller would have a lot better luck with European signs than if they followed the American model and wrote “CROSSWALK” in the native language.

    • Shipoopi says:

      that teleportation you speak of is called tourism

    • Ash says:

      Actually, having lived and worked in Europe for several years, its not at all a good design for a sign. Yes, we Europeans know what they mean, but that’s because they’re drilled into us for years in school. The pictures on the signs in many instances just doesn’t tranlate for anyone who hasn’t been told ahead of time what they mean.

  10. DeadPull says:

    It’s obviously a “No Statutory Rape” sign. The little person is wearing a skirt, c’mon!

  11. dom says:

    No child abductions in this area. What’s with all these ‘what’s so funny’ comments – try humour guys

  12. Seibee says:

    I may be alone in thinking that sign has creepy undertones.

    • telecomladyj says:

      No, you’re not alone. Being in an area where we don’t have these signs, and therefore no “context” for them- it did strike me as odd too that the grownup is obviously a male and the child female.

      It could be that the mom is there too, but just subliminal so we don’t realize we are seeing her….

  13. Ameri-CAN! says:

    Also in the States there are no areas where cars are forbidden. “Pedestrian only” zones are the insides of buildings, which hardly need a sign…

  14. Benji says:

    Creepy-old-dude-displaying-affection-to-a-young-girl-who-is-obviously-not-his-daughter free zone.

    Seriously, guys. There’s a time and a place.

  15. Kelli says:

    That’s right kids, this is a no adult touching zone.

  16. Charlie Brown says:

    @SteveWithAQ: It means not the end of sidewalk, but end of a pedestrian-only road. The road itself, or the sidewalk not necessarily ends, but beyond this sign you must expect vehicle traffic. It’s rather straightforward.

  17. Don says:

    Children are not allowed to hover 8″ (20 cm) above the ground.

  18. Benji says:


    Is this why my brother-in-law’s Europe-based hovershoe chain folded?

  19. Fazepahlm says:

    But she said she was 18…

  20. jennww2ns says:

    Pedestrian zone ends??? No pedophiles??? Come on! CLEARLY the sign means that men are NOT allowed to date female midgets.

  21. Daniel says:

    Another broken use of the slash.

  22. John says:

    We europeans see those ten times a day, that’s why it’s not that funny to us. A slash here doesn’t mean “forbidden”, we live in place of freedom… The meaning of slashes across road signs is “end of [whatever] zone”.

    • telecomladyj says:

      That’s comforting! I cannot count how many times I have been utterly bewildered because it was not clear where the whatever zone ends.

  23. Jennifer says:

    You can see the same sign minus the “no” symbol across the street behind it.

  24. Xenon says:

    All of the above comments are wrong, I’m afraid. I’ve never seen one of these signs here in England (i.e. part of Europe… unfortunately). 😛

  25. mrsrochester says:

    Don’s got the right idea 😉

  26. rogerrabbit says:

    Has anyone else noticed in the background to the right – the same sign, without the slash.
    Looks like it’s hanging on the dark corner of that building. Must be a pedophile meeting hall…

  27. Scott says:

    Don’t go home with midgets.

  28. Happy Gilmore says:

    No picking up underage girls? After all, look where it is!

  29. Crow says:

    Yay, another discussion about wether this sign is funny or not? For Europeans it isn’t, for the rest of the world, it may be.


    (Also: All little girls belong in the basement, fact.)

  30. Peter Brülls says:

    @Crow Yeah, When I saw that sign I knew what discussions I would find in here. However, what’s so funny about this picture is that the corresponding sign (“Pedestrian zone begins”) is in the photo, too, so it’s quite clear that it’s a kind on zone.

  31. Tarc says:

    LOL @Daniel

  32. Abraxas says:

    this post should go up on faliblog

  33. Julia says:

    I saw signs like this on an exchange to France…we were in Paris and decided that they meant “No walking your giant.”

  34. Peyton says:

    After reading the posts, I think it’s obvious. In Europe, this must be the universal sign meaning “End of Humor Zone”.

  35. Name (required) says:

    Yeah, let’s post some usual American signs. Let’s see how humorous you are then…

  36. Hannes says:

    @Peyton: Thing is, if you know what the sign means and you get to see those signs at least 10 times a day, it’s just not funny to you. No matter how hard you try to “use some humour”.
    To me, this isn’t funny but a “Oddly Specific Fail”. I bet I could dig out common signs from your country that simply aren’t funny to you but to me.

  37. SteveWithAQ says:

    I think a large number of Europeans on this site need to research the difference between “obvious” and “culturally ingrained”.

    Of COURSE these signs are “obvious” to you, because you’re enmeshed in the culture that created them — just as US signs are “obvious” to me. The difference is, I don’t EXPECT that you should a) know what US signs should mean even if you’ve never seen them, or b) not find them funny.

    In fact, you should welcome my (and other posters’) interpretation of the sign as 1) a new, humorous angle on your culture, and 2) an indication of how people new to your region may be confused, and how you may help them.

    @Hannes: PLEASE post common signs from the US and tell us how they are funny to you. We’d welcome it!

  38. xyz says:

    Oh no, there we go again. I shall go out and take pictures and to the already posted end of residential area and end of pedestrian zone add road signs for end of expressway, end of minimal speed limit, end of Autobahn, end of snow chains/tires requirement area, end of city limits, end of detour… and perhaps end of zone (no parking, end of speed limit, end of no passing (both trucks and all vehicles), end of all restrictions… and perhaps all vehicles prohibited which is not crossed out but would be found very funny and difficult to understand. It might save us some time. 🙂

    Or just… for more great laughs go to:




    or (they actually have few interesting extras):


  39. xyz says:

    SteveWithAQ: righto. Even within the continent it pays to check the web for local driving rules and road signs before traveling to the area to check for possible additions and minor nuances that however can prevent you from getting involved in an accident. Even more so when going overseas.

    This particular (and the counterpart denoting beginning) pays-off to be understood even when not planning to drive. On the other hand, those would be usually busy areas, just follow everyone else and you should be fine. 🙂

    Funny sighs in the US… I can think of one case in Laffayette, CO from top of my head, but it’s more about local authority’s contribution to English then anything else. By their nature it would usually be along the lines of creative verbiage or funny misspells. I shall be in the area next month so I will try not to forget to take a picture.

  40. xyz says:

    Oh, one think many Europeans crack up seeing in the US: H.O.V. or any such lane (e.g.: http://www.trafficsign.us/650/reg/r3-12a.gif). At least in some of the EU countries the so called ‘diamond’ shape is not called ‘diamond’ and is used as a simplified symbol for something completely different (and as such would be more commonly found carved on the walls of low class bar restrooms rather than road sign). On oddlyspecific.eu, that would certainly make a good fail and incorrect use of a symbol.

  41. I are konfusd! says:

    The person who pointed out cultural differences is right, but….

    …but if so, this site should have an European co-editor who’ll laugh at USA signs, too. Let’s be democratic.

  42. Fart says:

    Dumb americans need signs with a whole sentence so they can understand something…

  43. xyz says:

    Sorry, the hove link did not come out right: http://www.trafficsign.us/650/reg/r3-12a.gif

  44. Miss Static says:

    Wow. I have the same picture from my trip to Budapest but I must say, as a European, I thought it was a sign restricting any pedophila.

  45. Ivan Velasquez, M.D. says:

    Of course there are no-car allowed areas in the USA, we call them ‘pedestrian areas,’ like the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade, or Los Angeles’ ‘El Pueblo’ historical street, and I am sure most major metropolitan areas have pedestrian-only areas.
    Also, there are cities where the Metro has women-only cars, and, for example, Tokyo at rush hour has uniformed officers actually pushing people into the trains, so the doors can close, where a man coming in with a child would rather ride in the women-only cars, for the sake of the child’s safety. If you look across the street, you’ll see the same sign, minus the slash band.

  46. Adam says:

    I have to admit, xyz, that learning that the symbol we use for HOV lanes is “dirty” in Europe makes it a bit more hilarious. I don’t think I’ll ever look at that sign the same way.

    Thanks for the good chuckle! 😀

  47. tyberius says:

    Btw in Hungary, the age of consent is 14. So looking at this sign with your filthy, filthy American minds, I think it might just say “You can have sex with a minor, but please, keep PDAs to a minimum”.

  48. Heathcoat says:

    To all of you Europeans………This is funny. Deal with it

  49. eleike says:

    even though i see ’em all the time, the “slow children playing” sign never loses it’s humor to me…

  50. Lew says:

    this is a paedophile free zone. Take your noncing elsewhere.

  51. PugetSounder says:

    John wrote: “A slash here doesn’t mean “forbidden”, we live in place of freedom…”

    In the United States (also a “place of freedom”), we call that a non-sequitur.

  52. me says:

    Umm… hello…
    next time don’t sleep at driver’s ed…
    this sign means that the pedestrian area ends…

  53. Mental Mouse says:

    No pedos?

  54. Lana says:

    Hmm… there is a sign just like that one in Paris too, and it’s not even posted along a road that needs crossing. No one knows why that one’s there either.

  55. Rasta says:

    Even being a german car- and bike driver, i had to google this one:

    It means “end of foot-walk”. This sign stands mostly at places where bikes and cars are prohibited, making it a foot-only area (like shopping areas in cities).

  56. xyz says:

    Rasta: “Even being a german car- and bike driver, i had to google this one”

    Now you got me worried… could you be a bit more specific about the area you’d be usually driving around? 😉

  57. Philip says:

    It’s the standard European sign for a walking only area, with an “end” stripe through it. Therefore, it simply means “end of the area where you are only allowed to walk”.

    In the background you’ll see the same sign without the stripe through it.

    And I’m mystified at how a European could not know that, and surprised that Americans don’t use the same sign. They do have boulevards, don’t they?

  58. bitchin says:

    does nobody realize that the quote says “you never become a man!” yet the picture clearly depicts the child in a skirt?… i sure hope that quote is right

  59. marisssa says:

    I think it’s against pedofiles. Like, no PDA with little girls in this zone

  60. DetailBear says:

    @Philip: North Americans don’t have streets where only pedestrians are allowed (except for a few blocks in some downtowns) and they usually allow bicycles at well. Boulevards are wide streets with a vegetation strip or a concrete median in the middle. There are almost no signs in common between North America and the rest of the world.

  61. Adam says:

    In Amsterdam, this means you shouldn’t take your kids there, because it’s part of the red light district.

  62. Craig says:

    I saw the one in Paris, too. I think it means “If you love something, set it free. If it doesn’t come back, it was never yours to begin with.”

  63. Monochrome says:

    Clearly this sign means “no public pedophile relationships”

  64. Wynter says:

    No man/midget relationships?

  65. KC says:

    Could this mean it’s a “No Pedophile zone”? This sign is the first way to crack down on crime. Definitely.

  66. Tony says:

    Well it can’t be a passage to manhood, because it would take more than crossing the street alone to make that little girl a man.

  67. kitty says:

    it means “no pedestrians allowed” and is probably just a temporary sign cause the red tape is…well…red tape .-. and not a part of the sign.

  68. Regina says:

    NOT how i translated this. . .

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