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Post your theories in the comments, because I’ve got nothing.

Statues? Really? You guys are no fun.

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89 Responses to Charmander?

  1. Kelsey says:

    Dunno… Could be because most stupid people ignore the “Animals will freaking rip out your entrails and dance around the zoo with them if you touch them, retard”, and so instead go with the simpler “Do not touch fire” thought.

  2. Chris says:

    I think maybe the animals are metal statues, which can become hot in the sun. Though I’d prefer to think that they’re fire-breathing dragons.

  3. Markjx says:

    My guess is that it is in an outdoor park with animals cast in bronze or brass. In the summer sun, the sculptures get hot.

    Just a guess…

  4. Ian says:

    I don’t want to be the one to end the WTFery here, but…
    Sculptures at the University Village shopping district in Seattle.

  5. John says:

    I’ve seen many metal animal sculptures that the kids love to sit on.

  6. Brian says:

    Probably metal statues like these:

  7. Emilie B. says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s the brass animal statues at University Village in Seattle. They probably get hot in the sun. (On the rare occasion that they get sun)

  8. Dr. Techie says:

    “Animals” = metal (bronze) statues of animals, which get hot in direct sunlight?

  9. Utari says:

    Probably statues of animals.

  10. Keri says:

    I didn’t know there was a hell for animals. Better go call PETA.

  11. Dr. Techie says:

    Probably Georgia Gerber’s sculptures at the University Village shopping center in Seattle.

    By the time these comments escape moderation limbo a dozen people may have posted this already, of course.

  12. Betty K says:

    Metal or stone statues in direct sunlight, maybe?

  13. Becky says:

    I’ve been to several zoos and other places that have metal statues of animals and people wil pose for photos on them. They get pretty hot when they’ve had a few hours exposure to the sun.

  14. the cat says:

    Zoo on Mercury?

  15. Dan says:

    University Village is an open air mall near the University of Washington in Seattle.

    I don’t know for sure, but there are probably some metal sculptures of animals somewhere around that get hot in the sun.

  16. JimBobEd says:

    Brass animal sculpture which heats up in the sun. Sorry so… correct – and not so funny…

  17. Jimmy says:

    The animals are all in heat.

  18. Kelsey says:

    Hmm, I’ve already posted a (slightly) serious comment, so…
    Fire salamanders. Seriously.
    Or they’re having problems with their dragons.

  19. Seibee says:

    Dragons. Definitely dragons.

    • yes says:

      definately dragons or possibly charmander. it could also be that they light animals on fire but that would be mean.

  20. 4th Horseman says:

    Everyone has missed the point. Its A BBQ at the zoo! Nice flame-broiled animals on buns, or sticks..

  21. me says:

    wow those animals must be in heat. from the fire into the frying pan. komodo dragon perhaps? maybe fire ants?

  22. Userunknown says:

    The animals are on fire. Permenatly.

  23. astra says:

    i think it’s a warning against the local pyromaniac childrens’ propensity to set small fuzzy things ablaze… also possibly dragons. or dragon-children

  24. Music-chan says:

    I’m going to go with the dragons response myself, simply because I don’t want to be boring! =p

  25. vcordie says:

    You’ll all wrong…The animals nearby have a natural adversion to brimestone, since there is a vocanic fissue underneath the plant. They combat the brimestone by burning any near it, so they are always hot to the touch.

  26. rahowa says:

    The first McDonalds petting zoo?

  27. Benji says:

    This is the first sign that global warming’s getting really bad.

  28. Methyl says:

    Ian and Dr. Techie got it in one. They are bronze, and the kids love to sit on them.

  29. squeek says:

    i am picturing it was something like one of the following:

    and as for this one, take the song “city on fire” from sweeny todd and change it to “Possum on fire” thus you have a snappy new tune and and explination

  30. Crow says:

    Those animals are HOT HOT HOT! Zing, baby!

  31. Fazepahlm says:

    Well… I would be more concerned if my chicken was still cold and raw…

  32. zoey says:

    UNiversity Village is an outdoor shopping mall by the UW in Seattle. In one of the courtyards, there are 2 or 3 bronze statues of a calf and its mother. In the summertime, they get really hot and little kids and tourists like to sit on them, not knowing that they are so hot.

  33. chwazymoto says:

    @squeek: 1,000 internets for you, good sir!

  34. alan says:

    i think they are lava animals that are used to cook and heat other things. or maybe it realy is charmander

  35. LALALA says:




  36. Eureka says:

    Hmm the animals are hot.. especially that cute goat over in the corner.. i think she is making eyes at me..

  37. Ash says:

    Charizard! I choose you!

  38. Squidlips says:

    It’s true!!! I burned my tongue on my steak yesterday!!

  39. Crow says:

    Chili-cat… Nah…
    And, noes, another Crow =( i haz a sad now…

  40. Rob says:

    It’s the Hiroshima zoo…

  41. A person says:

    Arcanine,Blaziken,Camerupt,Charizard,Charmader,Charmeleon,Chimchar Combusken,Cyndaquil, Entei,Flareon,Growlithe.Heatran,(not counting Ho-Oh)Houndoom,Houndour,Infernape,Magby,
    Torchic,Torkoal,Typhlosion and Vulpix is all I’ve got!

  42. robinhoo says:

    FINALLY, a zoo that’s managed to get hold of some phoenixes! Too bad their burning-days are apparently coming more frequently lately.

  43. leila says:

    In a place named University Village, the only form of animals you can find would be party animals, and they surely would be steamin’ hot once classes are over.

  44. griffin barchek says:

    that is at a mall near my house and they are like bronze animals that really hurt when its hot out(like it ever is in seattle)

  45. King of awesome says:

    Epic title win! 😀

  46. Glenn says:

    Sign outside a “Carnivores” restaurant.

  47. kai says:

    There was a thing in The Diamond Age about nanites transmitted through body fluids that caused extreme rises in body heat (among other plot-related things), so…. yeah.

    That was my first thought, anyway.

  48. jerseystitch says:

    Animal-toaster hybrids. You have to wait an hour after breakfast before you can pet them.

  49. Thick|Acid says:

    Clearly the animals are made of fresh waffles…

  50. mike says:

    Try sitting on a railroad track in the hot summer afternoon…. It;s just the same as being “branded” like a cow.

  51. nick says:

    there are these brass sculptures of animals in the plaza of the University Village Shopping Center in Seattle. kids like to climb on the cow especially and it gets freakin’ hot in the direct sunshine of mid-summer.

  52. Tom says:

    Yeah, this is near the University of Washington. They had bronze sculptures of animals. A dolphin and a cow, I think. I graduated a while ago.

  53. The girraffe says:

    A turtle thats been in the sun too long and its shell is hot!!

  54. Somnax says:

    From the “hot to the touch”. I’m guessing that was Spanish and said caliente?

  55. Clarissa Freeman says:

    Chernobyl zoo animals on loan?

  56. ThetaSigma says:

    Nearby nuclear power plant, perhaps?

  57. Gartar says:

    I agree with the petting zoo on Mercury.

  58. Leenerbeeners says:

    ummmm Ive been there and they are bronze animals. not real ones. Want to clarify that.

  59. Mira says:

    Animals are like people too. They have feelings of being special and some even consider themselves hot,even if that is unacceptable to most. Like the animals in the Madagascar movies they seem to talk all the time about how hot they are, especially the hippo. The second movie is the worst, in that aspect. So maybe the animals think they are too hot to touch, like a high end stripper. I could be wrong.

  60. Jon says:

    I personally am not into beastiality, but to each his own i guess

  61. KnowItAll says:

    OMG its a ROBOT ZOO D=

  62. Erin says:

    After swimming through lava (they had to to get to the petting zoo, you know), their fur was so hot that it burned the hands of people. And of course their fur never cools down!! They have to swim through lava to get back home again!!! You know how it is in Washington! They have vampires, so why not lava?

  63. Marco White says:

    So you can’t say “Pitch” “Knit” or “Duck” ? 🙂

  64. till the end says:

    yay! finally an animal i can have in my cold room! texas should not get snow!!!!!

  65. till the end says:


  66. that guy that commented on this says:

    I think it’s a tray for a medieval fast food resturaunt

  67. david says:

    It’s mating season at the zoo so….

  68. HawtCephalopod says:

    Oh, you animal! You’re so HOT…

  69. Sarah says:

    whole new meaning to “hot dog”

  70. Cecilia says:

    i know where this is. it’s a fountain in the U village in seattle; there are metal animals that can get, yes, rather hot in the sun. sorry to burst anyone’s bubble. gotta rep ma city

  71. Sidra says:

    First thing that came to my mind was that it was for a Pet Cemetery that did cremations.

  72. Shep says:

    If these are in Seattle, how do they get hot? You need sunshine for that to work…

  73. Ember says:

    It is sometimes sunny in Seattle!
    Not as often as rainy, but still….

  74. Kayix says:

    Fire salamanders. Dragons. Aliens made of molten rock.

  75. Trevor from some place says:

    This is easy. They are refering to beavers. They naw so fast that friction builds up and they become extremely hot.

  76. towoodi says:

    Favorite Quote : Never Pet a Burning Dog.

  77. Marie says:

    OMG!! I need one of those!! That happens to me every time I stirred up the hormones ..

  78. Bryce says:

    I can’t tell you how many Burns I’ve gotten from petting my dachshund

  79. ShanaBeth says:

    Well, if they didn’t post the warning, it could lead to one helluva lawsuit.

  80. LNR says:

    Three words. Cows. With. Flamethrowers. Just saying.

  81. Yomandude says:

    Well, beavers are always hot to the touch.

  82. jirachisthebest says:

    you all KILLED IT!!! make pokemon real! *goes to park* hay whats this animal? AW CRAP IT BURNSSS!!!

  83. Cwisteh says:

    That’s right, don’t touch the hot animals until they are done being cooked.

  84. jason says:

    freakin sharks with laser beams on there heads…actually thats the sign on my bedroom door

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