Why MSU is Better than U of M

Funny Signs - Why MSU is Better than U of M

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

I’ve heard of hair clogs, but I’ve never heard of a semen clog. I mean, I would get it if it was paper towels, or tampons, or anything else, really, but last I checked, semen was water soluble.

Makes me glad I didn’t go to U of M, since obviously there’s something in the water.

All you U of M people saying it’s a joke and not funny are just further proving my point.

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61 Responses to Why MSU is Better than U of M

  1. Dude says:

    OK, no masturbation…but can I have sex in the showers???

  2. Seibee says:

    Nothing like being subtle..

  3. Tiercel says:

    That /has/ to be a joke sign. … Right?

  4. Sarah says:

    This is a joke. This comes out about every year.

  5. boo says:

    It’s because semen and hair together turns into.. Well. I’m sure you can picture it yourself.

    I wish I didn’t know why they made this sign first hand.

  6. school says:

    This is a rule in the guys’ dorms at my college too! It’s just not on signs…..

  7. Hug says:

    this is bollocks! always has been its a prank that every uni halls does! The same as the sex noise violation,

    They dont actually happen!

  8. Hirayuki says:

    Yeah, it’s a joke. (UM grad here, though female and unfamiliar with the showers in the men’s dorms.)

  9. cmb says:

    semen is composed of not only water but proteins and sugars and while it’s liquid initially, it’s supposed to solidify into a goo after few minutes. if it were water soluble would it be so difficult to wash out of clothes?

  10. Bolitochrome says:

    Here’s a fun science fact: Semen isn’t actually water soluble. Especially warm water. Ick.

  11. tahrey says:

    Yep, it’s a well known prank poster type. Seen a good many variations on this posted around the web (this particular one isn’t so new, either). Much like the Dihydrogen Monoxide warning signs you can print ‘n’ all. But, it no longer surprises me how many things, even common memes, can be “new” to a large number of users… Still, raised a slight wry smile – carry on 🙂

    Given the general abuse that college drains get given, a couple of cubic centimetres of sticky, yet biodegradable semen residue per every second user (even if ALL the guys were doing it EVERY time) is the least of their worries. If they seriously went down these lines you’d have to a/ stop all students from drinking or getting sick at any time, b/ stop them from having food in the kitchens, c/ ban all the long haired females (…and males… and anyone with excess body hair (comme moi)) from washing it in the shower. Nothing like a large accumulation of four inch strands of hair mixed with cooking fat and mashed noodles to plug up a drain.

    In any case, there’s often a queue for those things and the level of privacy is questionable. Plus if you’re in need of reading material it’d get all soggy. If you can’t stand the smell or effectively hide the pile of crusty tissues, save it for the toilets.

    • Sheik Yerbouti says:

      “Nothing like a large accumulation of four inch strands of hair mixed with cooking fat and mashed noodles to plug up a drain.”

      😮 ???

  12. Rissa says:

    Calling bullshit. I’m a woman with very long hair and I can clear even the worst clogs by just pouring some of that chlorine-based drain cleaner stuff into the shower (and opening a window). Surely semen can’t be THAT hard to dissolve?

  13. Rissa says:

    Should’ve refreshed before posting, carry on.

  14. Dave Lambers says:

    I have no doubt you went to MSU. That’s why you were so easily punked.

  15. oregonbird says:

    cmb says:
    February 9, 2010 at 09:43
    semen is supposed to solidify into a goo after few minutes.

    SUPPOSED to? Hon, if you’re old enough to read this site, you’re old enough to have removed the supposition from that statement. Really.

  16. chwazymoto says:

    @Dave Lambers
    Actually, I went to Northern. Nice try though 😉

  17. Your inner voice says:

    Strange?, they said nothing about putting it into buddy ass…

  18. Dave Lambers says:

    Then your title makes even less sense.

  19. cinderkeys says:

    I actually missed that it was a joke. But I got the square/diamond Shreddies thing!

    It’s hilarious either way. I just sent my parents a link. They met at the U of M; I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. 😀

  20. white_rotten_rabbit says:

    Hmm.. Is shitting in the shower OK?

  21. Hapqy says:

    I agree with the observation made to me that it behaves rather like epoxy.

  22. 17-A says:

    The sign might be a joke, but it makes reference to a real problem. I, myself, have been paying thousands of dollars the past couple of years due to a “semen-related cost”.
    I have a toddler.

  23. Steph says:

    17-A: Oh, ha ha. XD

  24. A person says:

    I don’t know if this is a frequently re-used sign, but if it isn’t, then this sign was specifically on one of the doors to the bathroom in my dorm hall. Since I never saw it on the doors to any other dorm’s bathrooms, I think I can assure everyone that it is definitely a joke. Oh, and I can think of a few people who took pictures of it, so I can also see how it wound up here.

  25. Eureka says:

    I am surprised the note was made by hand

  26. Happy Gilmore says:

    I’m surprised, and somewhat happy that no one jumped up with the “Wild Bill” Clinton cracks! I’m sure he’s foaming at the mouth with this subject. Sperm is not 100% biodegradable. Very close, but just enough to hang ya!

  27. chwazymoto says:

    @Dave Lambers
    I must have missed the law that says only MSU alums can insult U of M.

  28. Dr. Mike says:

    I’m from OSU so I’m allowed to insult UM – At OSU we say “If the van is shakin, we aint masterbatin!” Laughed my ass off at the comments on this site! They are soo sincere! Lets get the engineering dept to design a semen filter…

  29. Alexman says:

    Go Buckeyes!

  30. R. Rahib says:

    Makes me glad I went to Ohio State, where a man con do what a man needs to do.

  31. kwk says:

    Guess I’ll have to go back to masturbating in the dorm hallways.
    Oh well, it was was good clean fun while it lasted . . .

  32. Dave Lambers says:

    Are you thick? Anyone can have whatever opinion of Michigan they want regardless of where they went to school, but YOU are the one that titled this “Why MSU is Better than U of M.” Oh, forget it. I’ll just go back to whacking off in the shower.

  33. Beat says:

    Well, you’ve gotta be careful. Them giant sewer rats could get some, if you know what I’m sayin’, and then you get giant mutant problems, ya know?

  34. Mobydick says:

    Hey, Eureka, it wasn’t just the sign that was made by hand. Go Green!!!!

  35. GermanGirl says:

    HAHAHAHA Go Green Go White!!

  36. slmsassy says:

    Hey! Proud recent graduate of U Of Michigan lol and it was totally a PRANK, sorry if this makes it any less funny… but for the real jokes go visit … MSU… If you cant read or write wear that Green and wear that White :-p

  37. chwazymoto says:

    Yep, it was established to be a joke back around the 9th. Welcome to the party, U of M grad. Better late than never, right? 😉

  38. wolverine says:

    @Alexman: Yeah, I’ll bet this is a real problem in Columbus, filled as it is with men who can’t do what men are supposed to.
    @upset wolverines diverse and sundry: yeah, it might be a joke, but it’s funny. Get over it.

  39. elk says:

    Oh man. This is nothing. In MY days at UM they also had signs about not defecating in the sinks.

  40. Crystal says:

    Actually it is not a joke read your handbooks, it should be in there. Second sperm contains a coagulant, so in the presence of water, it balls up and solidifies. The problem is that it solidifies around hair already in the drain True, semen from healthy males will generally liquefy ~30 minutes later, but unfortunately more hair and debris that would have been small enough to pass through the hair have now built up and stuck together. Add to that that not all males are HEALTHY and over time it gets to the point where there is a complete blockage. I went to Harvard and we were given a handout that contained similar info.

  41. Marco White says:

    So you can’t say “pitch” “knit” or “Duck” ? 🙂

  42. Hankus says:

    When was the last time you checked if it was water soluble? I suggest putting some on your hands and washing them in straight water, I think you will be suprised…
    And what about when I’m huddled in a ball crying on the shower floor? Its not cool, keep public showers sperm free you filthy bastards!

  43. Tabiri says:

    Haha, American’s have to be told not to jack off in public places.

  44. s says:

    this is a joke

  45. o-plz says:

    hey, cmb, buy a bib or swallow faster.

    hey, Tabiri, try to understand jokes before you go on these web sites. Now go back to screwing your barnyard animals and younger siblings.

  46. ND says:

    Annnnnnd yet another reason why people should just not go to U of M. Ever. XD

  47. Carl says:

    I totally thought the long-hair woman was going to say something else.

  48. Andy says:

    Obvious BS. There is no way to calculate these costs (which don’t actually exist).

  49. sguy says:

    i work there and it is a real sign.

  50. Anon says:

    The sad thing is that I saw the same problems at the dorms at the University of Colorado too. All the bathrooms there were communal, and sometimes you just couldn’t go into a men’s shower without feeling like you were stepping barefoot into a sticky swamp.

  51. djkramer says:

    Some thought MSU whacked off against Butler!
    Now that’s funny.

  52. Rini says:

    I got to Boston University, and they had these up in the freshman dorm on all the boys’ bathrooms. Apparently it happens. Hilarious that people whack off that much.

  53. Helios says:

    I’ve had a vasectomy.

    I guess it’s okay then?

  54. Lurkily says:

    Check your college handbooks, gents. More likely than not, you’ll find mention of this.

    No, it’s not water-soluble.

    Yes, it’s biodegradable. So is the huge mass of molten cheese that my roommate once tried to pour down my sink, (Oversize cheese fondue thingy, or whatever it was,) but you know what? That caused a clog, and I was NOT going to wait for it to decompose before I could use my sink again.

  55. Druthulhu says:

    “Semen related costs” … isn’t that just another way of saying “having kids”?

  56. Worcester Fellow says:

    They posted these at WPI once. I thought they were hilarious, particularly since that campus is like 70% male or more.

  57. yankipepe says:

    spunky ballers …..what a crazy american yarns. U d**ks beta stain ur room carpets dan clog drains meant for others

  58. Whistler says:

    I’m waiting to see one here at Radford…

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