The Truth Can Hurt

The Truth Can Hurt

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You know, instead of insulting us, maybe they should put up some targets for encouragement.

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23 Responses to The Truth Can Hurt

  1. Jeni Diver says:

    I wonder how anybody could word this in a pleasing, happy way. Gosh, we wouldn’t want to insult a person who has to be reminded not to piss on the floor, would we?

  2. “You know, instead of insulting us, maybe they should put up some targets for encouragement.”

    What, you mean like this?

  3. henry says:


  4. Ebilcat says:

    “You piss on it, you clean it..buckets in the closet.” Something to that effect?

  5. SV says:

    One of the original British companies to produce urinals back in the Victorian era did just that – provided a little drawing of a bee for the fellas to pee on. Bet they still managed to miss on occasion 😉

  6. Your inner voice says:

    For the convenience of the other user,
    The metallic plate under the urinary is under HIGH VOLTAGE!
    Aim correctly or be ZAP!

  7. chwazymoto says:

    Exactly like that!

  8. MetaCarpal says:

    Putting on a target to aim for is a bad idea.

    “Ima gud aim. I kin hit da from alla way oer here.”

  9. TOPCTEH says:

    In my former company this sign said: “Yellow isn’t our corporate color. So stand closer. (And ‘he’ isn’t that long as you might think.)”

  10. Sparrow says:

    Where I used to work, there was a unisex bathroom off the lobby mostly used by the three guys in the department, but also by me. So help me, it was cleaner than the ladies’ room. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how a woman can miss the toilet, but someone was.

  11. Callate says:

    For the life of me, I will never understand how guys can miss a urinal. Even drunk, if piss is anywhere else but down my pantleg, it is in the urinal. Good God, guys…FRIGGIN AIM!

  12. P'7X says:

    I feel so racist but did anyone else notice the sign in Chinese to the left?

  13. jessica says:

    makes sence seeing as most of the time the pee ends up on the floor!

  14. When I was in college, someone put up a sign like that…and it was used as a target. Kind of counter-productive really…..

  15. Karen Schroeder says:

    Well…maybe its time to teach the youngins to sit and pee like the other half of the world…no muss, no fuss, and the pee doesn’t go aerosol…getting in more places than just on the floor in front of the urinal…where do you keep your tooth brush?

  16. chris says:

    In the Amsterdam airport they have urinals with a picture of little fly fired into the glaze. I’ve read somewhere that the placement of the fly was carefully designed (it is a little off-center) as to minimize the splatter… apparently people would unconsciously aim in this direction as this is the only point on the otherwise featureless surface.

  17. Seibee says:

    It might be a sign translated from Chinese to English?

  18. Soulmann says:

    I grew up seeing something like this every day! My mom had this stupid little ceramic toilet that had “Stand close, it’s shorter than you think.” printed on it. I always though it was weird when she told me that she had painted it as a kid in some craft class.

  19. ElectricBadger says:

    It would really work better to post tiny pictures of nude women.

  20. ar scratch says:

    “You know, instead of insulting us, maybe they should put up some targets for encouragement.”

    I believe that’s what that sign is for.

  21. Sam says:

    how the hell do you know the name of my penis, sign?!

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