Did it Level Up?

Did it Level Up?

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

If you ask me, we’re going too far with being politically correct and coming up with new euphemisms. When I was a kid, the octopus was just dead. Nothing like a little trauma at the aquarium to really give your childhood meaning.

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80 Responses to Did it Level Up?

  1. Gus Snarp says:

    I saw this sign in the wild and laughed.

  2. kvweber says:

    I’ve only ever seen “this animal has been moved” which is a sure sign that it’s dead…

  3. Seibee says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, the octopus has shuffled off this mortal coil. Either that or it broke HP limit.

    • katikar says:

      i’ll tell you what’s wrong with it, its stone dead, this is an ex-octopus

    • spike says:

      This octopus is NO MORE. It has ceased to be, it has expired, and gone to meet its maker! It’s a stiff, bereft of life, it rests in peace! It’s run down the curtain and gone to join the choir invisible!

    • 3mo Pwny Association says:

      monty python. full frontal nudity episode. nice.

  4. Nick says:

    “Did it Level Up?”

    Depends…. Are you buddhist?

  5. octopodes says:

    Octopodes die after spawning. “Completed its life cycle” is not just a clever euphemism for death here. They live, they breed, they die.

    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octopus#Reproduction

  6. chwazymoto says:

    @Nick: I am, actually.

  7. Boog says:

    Completed its life cycle as a doornail… Something doesn’t sound quite right!

  8. Mario says:

    Our octopus is in another castle.

  9. K-Zula says:

    My favorite part is the last sentence. “So uh, the octopus is dead and we’re… We’re just gunna replace it. BUT HEY CHECK OUT THESE F**KING FISH! WOW, RIGHT!?”

  10. The One Guy says:

    That expired octopus has clearly lost the game of life; why they had to play with the wording for it’s loss of life energy rather than just saying it had a failed to continue living I don’t know.

  11. Sparrow says:

    What Octopodes said.
    I wonder where that was taken? Getting octopus eggs to hatch and then raising the babies is no small accomplishment, even for a public aquarium. (Yes, I’m a fish geek. I’ve kept fish since I was about seven years old.)

    • Rachel says:

      This is at the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky (near Cincinnati). They have a pretty big octopus habitat. The aquarium is very nice, and you can even pet sharks!

      Honestly, if you’ve ever tried to find an Octopus in the huge tank they have for it, you’d understand why they tell you it’s not there.

  12. jesi says:


  13. Mea says:

    I’m not certain, but I think that may well be at the Sea Life aquarium attached to Legoland California. That looks like the top edge of the logo there at the bottom, and the font looks like all their other signs.

  14. the cat says:

    Sparrow: they only say they’re getting a new octopus; it may not actually be this one’s babies.

  15. Sunshine says:

    It’s at the Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati, OH.

  16. Fay says:

    Still, I think “The old octopus is dead, we’re getting a new one” is too harsh sounding for little kids.

  17. Meow says:

    The Octopus is dead. Long live the Octopus.

  18. greatpenguin says:

    This is an ex-octopus!

  19. dick says:

    Sorry kids. Grandma has completed her life cycle.

  20. Octopussy says:

    “Captain, the octopus’ dilithium crystal is exhausted, she can’t take it any more”

  21. dw says:

    Octomon, digivolve to…


  22. kNight says:

    No doubt George Carlin spun in his grave over this shit. He hated the soft euphemistic language that shaded the truth in our society these days.

  23. Leak says:

    It’s not dead, it’s just resting!

    • jen says:

      wrong, it’s dead, totally dead, finished, caput, never to return in it’s previous form…well, maybe…

  24. Ashley says:

    This is from Newport Aquarium, i work there. Sadly the octupus did die, and were redoing the exhibit and getting a new one.

  25. Snark Attack says:

    Hey, it is better to have a sign saying there is no octopus in the tank than to have a million folks asking “where is it”. And at least with the “completed life cycle” there is the implied hope that the thing got laid, rather than just croaking of old age. Go octopus!

    Considering that octopii only live 1-3 years (IIRC), they must keep that sign on file…

  26. Brian Schlosser says:

    @ Sunshine: Its at the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky, thank you! Being NEAR Cincinnati doesn’t make you IN Cincinnati…

  27. Jeni Diver says:

    I LIKE the sign. It’s kind of nice. Not every thing has to be blunt, bold, harsh and in your face. Sometimes it’s just nice to be nice.

    • jen says:

      i concur, i think the word ‘dead’ has such a negative connotation, this is much more pleasant…

  28. Drone Leader says:

    Not much of a cycle, eh?
    Maybe it’s just mostly cycled.

  29. Kelly Ann says:

    I just feel bad for the octupus now. And plus….disposing of a dead octopus is just hard to think about.

  30. raadec says:

    this sign belongs in the universe where flowers grow on park benches which sing about the air in the mountains.

    it may be nice to use a veil of darkness over kids to protect them from the truth that the world they live in sucks, but soon peeps in their 20’s wont have a clue that things die, just that they complete their life cycle and you can be sure that those peeps wont last 2 seconds in the real world… (1 second to realise the truth & 1 second to jump off a building)

  31. oregonbird says:

    Please drop by our cafe and sample our fresh calamari!

  32. nichevo says:

    This is an awesome turn of phrase! I can imagine it being used to take the edge off death in embarrasing press releases (workplace deaths, friendly-fire incidents etc).

  33. Devil Dan says:

    The actopus has begun it’s death cycle.

  34. Drone Leader says:

    Maybe it’s just mostly completed its life cycle?

  35. monitorman says:

    Our octopus has been relocated to the sushi bar/eductaional display.

    Although, I think signage saying that it had “shuffled off this mortal coil” would actually be sort of neat.

  36. ur mom says:

    wasnt this in the cincinatti aquarium?

  37. Chrome says:

    If you feed it baby koalas it will reincarnate into a Chaos Octopus.

  38. mikka says:

    Actually it’s feeling better.

  39. Born Toby Wilde says:

    It’s very Zen Buddhist to describe death like this, but also an exact scientific description of what happened to the octopus.

    All life forms complete their life cycles with death, but not all life forms which die get to complete their life cycles.

    In this case, this octopus’s life was fulfilled, just as much as the life of a caterpillar in the bug house would be fulfilled if it pupated, emerged as a butterfly and successfully mated. It’s the caterpillar that gets picked off the leaf by a bird and eaten that /just/ dies.

  40. dethscul says:

    I had a lifecycle when I was a kid…traded it in on a Harley.

  41. Karen Schroeder says:

    I thought the sign meant that the octopus had babies and that we’d get to see them soon…must be that I’m a Mom. For my life to get complicated I had a son…

  42. Kim Possible says:

    How about “We took the octopus upstate to a farm where it can run free in the fields with other octopuses”?

    Or can you image “Sorry kids, grandma has completed her lifecycle and can’t come for Christmas this year”?

  43. dks says:

    I really like this sign, I don’t know why.

  44. Your dad took the octopus to a farm upstate, where it can run free…

  45. Dr. Mike says:

    Ah the famous Blue Norwegian Octopus…It’s really just pine’in for the fiords, but if we didn’t nail it to the coral it’d be pushin up the sea weed!

  46. Prince of Insufficient Light says:

    Time to respawn octopus: 10… 9… 8…

  47. zombiekitten says:

    Another data point: Cephalopods don’t live long, like 18 months or so, which is why it’s not a good idea to get attached to one as a pet.

    My guess is they have more than one copy of this sign…if they have cuttlefish also, they’re gonna need it.

  48. Crith says:

    Ah, the rarely seen Pheonix Octopus. Watch it emerge from it’s watery ashes into a new, more vibrant Cephalopod.

  49. Novus says:

    I don’t know about everyone else, but when I was five, my parents told me my pet died. Sorry.

    It isn’t a matter of being blunt, or harsh. There isn’t anything harsh about death. Death is simply death. You can make it sound pretty, “it completed its life cycle”, and all of you harping about it being “scientific” can also bite it. DEATH is a cessation of life and is scientific. It is reality.

    I think moreso than anything, this creeps me out. Someone else mentioned it… eventually adults won’t even view death as “death”, it’s going to be this pansy “completed life cycle” crap that has no emotional stigma whatsoever. Don’t grieve over grandma, she just “completed her life cycle”, after all! That kind of disturbs me, honestly. All emotions are important in human life, including sadness and loss.

  50. nikkisixx says:

    Is this at the Newport Aquarium in NKY? If so I’ve seen this and have a picture of the same sign on my home PC haha.

  51. Girl you will never know says:

    @Prince of Insufficient Light
    you win.

  52. KoopaTroopa says:

    Attention ladies and gentlemen: we’re pretty sure the octopus has experienced Hamburger Time. We’ll be getting a new one. The new one will also eventually experience Hamburger Time. And so will we all. Look forward to Hamburger Time.

  53. why so srs says:

    way to sound atheistically enigmatic

  54. evanalmighty says:

    This was at the Newport Aquarium in Covington, KY. I am a member there, and saw this a few weeks ago. Haha.

  55. good.news says:

    Sadly, I read that as “complicated” it’s lifestyle. While I was trying to figure out what that meant I read where it said “dead” and had to go back and read the sign. HURR

  56. cvankue says:

    I believe this is at the Seattle aquarium. We were there a few months ago and the person there said the octopus would be let loose in the Puget Sound to breed. To bad it will die after that.

  57. ostracod says:

    I was just trying to breed them and they all died.

  58. D.M. says:

    What they fail to realize is that the octopus hasn’t completed it’s life CYCLE until the new octopus is in there. This is like new-person-at-a-position interviewees who say, “I’m gonna turn this around 360 degrees”, when turning something around is really only 180.

  59. Anonny125 says:

    Leveling up is associated with pokemon in my mind, so now I can’t stop thinking that the tank is soon going to have a BadEgg. Yuk for them.

  60. Mary says:

    ah yes ze octopus starts its life as an egg, then it hatches into its pupal stage, then it forms a cocoon and hatches into an adult. but then it dies and you get a new one xD (just meh being random lul)

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