Your Move

Funny signs - Your Move

Submitted by: Detroit, MI via Oddly Specific

As someone originally from Michigan, I have no trouble at all believing this is in Detroit somewhere.

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43 Responses to Your Move

  1. Humm. says:

    Is that a real photo with the signs being lightened up so we can see them, or a photoshop?

  2. Nikky says:

    Indeed, this wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. Worst night of my life was spent trying to get to I think the Masonic Temple for a play. We could SEE it from where we were, and it still took us half an hour to figure out how to get the three blocks over or so to somewhere we could park (without fearing for our lives), and that included going the wrong way down a one-way street… twice.

  3. Eduardo says:

    That is a real photo, taken with flash. The result is exactly this, no digital manipulation needed….

    as for the sighs, it seems they were out of “Two-Way” signs, and some one just decided to go with two “one way”s =P

  4. Seibee says:

    That does look shopped. If it isn’t, can’t they just make a sign that says ‘Go Away’? It’d be much simpler.

  5. Sigh says:

    The signs are reflecting the light from the camera’s flash that was used to take the picture.

  6. Dawn says:

    I’m guessing you can only go straight ahead.

  7. Dawn says:


    The headlights on the cars are on so I’m thinking it’s from the flash. Traffic signs have a reflective surface.

  8. Richard says:

    Looks like that’s the intersection of Brush and Macomb in Detroit. Found it using street view:,+Detroit,+Wayne,+Michigan&sll=42.331427,-83.045754&sspn=0.492381,0.837021&ie=UTF8&cd=2&geocode=FX4DhgIdEOsM-w&split=0&hq=&hnear=Macomb+St,+Detroit,+Wayne,+Michigan&ll=42.335108,-83.044158&spn=0.001923,0.00327&t=h&z=19&layer=c&cbll=42.335018,-83.044098&panoid=K9hxBSK6ssDeuVp3ue90XQ&cbp=12,346.53,,0,4.22 Note the small white building with the yellow sign in the background in the exact right location.

    I think the one-way sign at the left of the pole was spun around at some point (note how crooked it is), since it is a double-sided one-way at the top and a do-not-enter lower down (you can see this if you look from the other side), resulting in the picture. Brush St. is one-way in the direction the photo faces, and Macomb is one-way right to left.

  9. merrr says:

    shopped look at the sign in center…. dull dirty… rest are all clean and shiny …. NOTHING in detroit is that clean lol

  10. EchoOfTheWolf says:

    Not shopped. Been there several times. It’s just down the road from the clinic I had to take my mom to. Don’t know why nobody fixes it, but it is kinda funny.

  11. Lupin the Vapour says:

    @Dawn: There’s a “Do Not Enter” sign, so you CAN’T go straight!

    There should be a “No Parking” sign here, just to kick up the epic lulz.

  12. Mystify says:

    as a fellow Michigander, I have no trouble believing it either.

  13. Jos Raman says:,+mi&sll=42.334438,-83.041534&sspn=0.033691,0.07699&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Macomb+St,+Detroit,+Wayne,+Michigan&ll=42.335112,-83.044159&spn=0.00053,0.001203&t=h&z=20&layer=c&cbll=42.335018,-83.044098&panoid=K9hxBSK6ssDeuVp3ue90XQ&cbp=12,335.9,,0,-0.52

    Corner of Brush and Macomb in Detroit. You can see the columns supporting the elevated Detroit People Mover in the original pic. Brush is the only street that crosses Macomb where the People Mover is parallel to Macomb. You can see from the Steetview that the Do Not Enter sign should be facing the other way with the One Way arrows pointing in the same direction. Assuming the sign was damaged, it’s probably still facing the wrong way and confusing the shit out of people.

  14. Lincoln says:

    @Humm… Most street signs are covered with a retro-reflective material which causes them to be “lit up” than the surroundings when hit with light (like the camera’s flash)

  15. Brent says:

    The corner in the picture is Macomb St, and Brush St in Detroit, MI. Use google street view to navigate around the spot. The pole with “Do Not Enter” and “One Way” (pointing right), is either turned around, or someone photoshoped it backwards.

  16. BoringTroll says:

    The Detroit People Mover runs along Macomb for two blocks. The people mover is that thing at the top of the picture that looks like part of a bridge. In a brief look with google street views, I found a lot of one way and do not enter signs. I didn’t spend enough time to find the building and parking lot in the background. If you find the right building, you can check to see if it matches the images on street view.

    My guess is that it is real. It looks like the prominent “do not enter” sign and associated “one way” sign are on a round post. A vandal could have spun that sign post 180 degrees. Then every thing else makes sense, or at least as much sense as you expect when driving in that part of Detroit.

  17. kev says:

    i think this was a problem solving question i had in grade school

  18. Hoodoo says:

    I took this pic, there was indeed a flash. Not photoshopped at all. Taken on the way home after a Lions game, they lost. I am pretty sure Brents streetview of Brush and Macomb is the intersection. I thought it was odd when I took it 2 years ago that the one ways were facing each other so I snapped it. Indeed it could have been the work of some punk kid who spun it around 180 degrees. ~

  19. Rickster says:

    I checked others and walked the street my self via google.

    I see a confusing “no turns” sign while it’s bothering to tell me the road going left is one way.
    I guess that would help me decide which way I was going to flaunt the no turns sign?

    The other stuff? I just son’t see it.
    Anyone have a recent pic to prove it’s not shopped?

  20. Hapqy says:

    @Lupin the Vapour. But isn’t that a “No Stopping” sign I see in the middle?

    Tunnelling? Can I tunnel?

    I think I know that one – did it involve a farmer on a tractor having to deliver a bunch of haybales to the other side of town?

  21. Moo says:

    Does that one say “No Swimming”? D8

  22. Jay says:

    I find it lolsy that at least one person calls “shopped” on almost every single post. I mean.. in some ways.. who cares? Funny is funny.

  23. Dawn says:

    @Lupin the Vapour

    Fine. You drive then if you’re so smart. =P

  24. JMixx says:

    Deploying Gadget copter and preparing for takeoff! (Because otherwise we’re screwed!)

  25. The One Guy says:

    @Jay: Part of the humor is knowing that it’s a real sign that’s out there somewhere. A stop sign photoshoped to say “STOP you idiot” is kind of infantile and stupid, but a stop sign on the side of the road actually printed to say “STOP you idiot” is funny and mildly awesome. It still doesn’t explain why there always seems to be someone calling out “photoshop” on every post though.

  26. Music-chan says:

    haha, I’m from Michigan but not from the Detroit area at all. But…you know, I would almost expect that amount of craziness from anywhere in the state.

  27. Guest says:

    This is so dumb. It is CLEARLY photoshopped. The signs DON’T EVEN APPEAR to be attached to the poles! Whoever believes this photo is not photoshopped is a dumbass.

  28. Moonian says:

    @Guest: You CLEARLY haven’t read any comments above at all…

  29. Sasha Slomka says:

    ohh…nice post but really?/? :p

  30. dingey says:

    Yeeah, really. As a Michigander and frequent Detroit visitor, this is typical.

  31. Shay says:

    I actually know that intersection as well… I live in the northwest suburbs of Detroit but had to drive down that way for a work party a few years ago and remember being confused at all the signs. But yes, the one with the one way/do not enter has been twisted around about 180 degrees so it is pointing at the wrong streets.

  32. oraclep says:

    As soon as I saw this pic, I said ‘ this must be Detroit.’ Hearts and kisses, my crazy hometown.

  33. Karen Schroeder says:

    Actually. It looks like a normal street corner in San Francisco sorry to say. Well, actually, no I’m not. It makes perfect sense now come to think of it.

  34. will says:

    ok i see the wife an husband arguing over who knows best of witch way lol XD

  35. Genius Man says:

    I got it. We are driving in Reverse.

  36. DR. Mike says:

    1ST Answer: As they say in New England, NOPE CAN’T GET THEAH FROM HEAH!

    2nd ANSWER: The actual sign that hangs over CONGRESS right now!

  37. noman says:

    Well played Macomb…

  38. Becca says:

    Looks like something one would see in the middle of Boston.

  39. kyoji says:

    Last time I drove around in downtown (aside from going to the Joe for a Wings game), back in ’05, there were still signs directing one to US 10 (designation removed from the Lodge Freeway in 1986) and Business Spur I-96 (designation removed from Grand River Avenue in 1977). And not even close to downtown, on the southbound Southfield Freeway approaching I-96, there’s still that cruddy old sign over the service drive that says “M-39 Southfield Fwy TO M-14 Plymouth Rd” (and the M-14 designation was removed from Plymouth Road in 1977!)

  40. Mitch says:

    Just turn off your car and stay where you are.

  41. Rei says:

    Only Detroit. They want you to stop right there so the traffic cops won’t have to chase you down to give you a ticket somewhere down the road.

  42. mandy says:

    Mandy uses traffic violation it’s super effective

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