Just Don’t

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The fact that there’s even a sign for this makes me want to go live on Mars.

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52 Responses to Just Don’t

  1. Kelli says:

    No conga lines with the sheep.

  2. JT says:

    Like you’d need a reminder…

  3. Hug says:



  4. schwal says:

    I think tthat sign means no cow tipping. still hilarious.

  5. kvweber says:

    That would be a very small cow. Looks more like a sheep to me; with the wool around the legs.

    Either way, don’t push livestock across the road.

  6. Oweinh says:

    I love lamb!

  7. Jess Carter says:

    That could quite possibly be on a road going into Wales.

  8. Comrade Question says:

    yeah thats most definitely a sheep

  9. Seibee says:

    I don’t remember /ever/ seeing that in the Highway Code manual.

  10. mindle says:

    Hmm.. Must be in New Zealand

    • chaucolai says:

      I would protest for the rites of New Zealanders… but I have actually seen signs like these.

      You can get them at RD1 (one of our rural/farm shops) and someone down the road has one after all the cow-tippers that came near him.

      I can’t pass it without laughing.

  11. Sparrow says:

    Looks like Stickman’s been a baaaaaaahhh-d boy.

  12. killerofthesky says:

    Well, Sticky isn’t wearing a skirt/kilt, so it’s obviously not Scotland.

  13. Rich says:

    This reminds me of an old joke:

    Why do Scotsmen wear kilts?

    Sheep can hear zippers.

  14. Ha, I think the graphic artist needs to adjust the spacing between the human and the animal. I guess we all have some dirty minds since it’s CLEARLY don’t push the sheep right? 😉

  15. the cat says:

    …I see only one way to interpret it considering there is clearly SOMETHING coming out of the man’s crotch and into the sheep’s rear end.

    Then again, I can’t think of what that something could be, as it’s much too thick to be anything I can think of that you’d find attached to a man’s crotch. Either that, or the guy’s wasting his talent with sheep.

  16. killerofthesky says:

    @ Rich
    England is prim and proper, Scotland’s depraved… and he isn’t wearing a kilt. Can’t you see Sticky’s unkilted legs? He is obviously a stickman from Alberta.

  17. Mad_Hatteress says:

    Well, it’s a country where they drive on the left hand side of the road, and enjoy the company of sheep. *Looks across the Tasman ocean* Hello New Zealand!

    • chaucolai says:

      Hello Australian!

      I almost disagree, the lands too dry for us, needs to be you. Of course, I wouldn’t put it past my fellow countrymen, as well as the fact they sell these in RD1 XD

  18. Ratava says:

    Oh, Stickman. Is there anything you won’t screw?

  19. Snark Attack says:

    Damn tourists! Just because they are on vacation, they think they can do ANYTHING! (angrily hammers up sign)

  20. Snark Attack says:

    Seriously, though, the sign above is a “Sheep Crossing” sign. This one, is, I believe, a “Don’t try to shove the sheep out of the way if they are milling in the road in front of your car” sign. And that “thing” between sheep-ass and stickman-crotch is the sheep’s TAIL.

    Get your minds out of the gutter! (It is already WAY to crowded down here!)

  21. Lee says:

    Every time I’ve heard that one, it had something along the lines of “at 100 meters” (usually yards, which doesn’t make sense since Europe uses the metric system. :P) attached to end of it.

  22. LissLiss says:

    I want to go live on Mars too.
    Why, you may ask?

    • chaucolai says:

      Pigfarts, Pigfarts, here I come. Pigfarts, Pigfarts, yum yum yum.

      (Have you heard the “Pigfarts” by Joe Walker and Lauren.. whatever her name… on the soundtrack? It’s from a different night than the Youtube version and Joe & Lauren continue singing without [whoever plays Snape] interrupting… everytime I see the Youtube version I’m sad that that’s not included.)

  23. mommabrooks says:

    what can i say JUST DONT

  24. mommabrooks says:

    what else can ypou say!

  25. ratamacue says:

    Screw the sheep, eat the women.

  26. Hellmark says:

    With the way that leg is, looks to me more like a tail.

    I thought it was a sign saying no kangaroos screwing sheep.

  27. Alex says:

    That from New Zealand hmm?

  28. Karen Schroeder says:

    Not a cow..obvious…its a sheep profile. And last I remember you can’t tip sheep over so the only obvious answer to this sign is…it’s definitely time to move to Mars.

  29. Texan says:

    This is a joke, but not like you’d think. It does NOT mean “do not %&$* sheep”. The sign above it is a CATTLE crossing sign. Cattle ranchers do not like sheep, as sheep tear up fields too much, etc. This sign ACTUALLY means “no %&$*ing sheep” as in “we don’t want no %&$*ing sheep around here”.

    This resembles the old joke about American beer resembles sex in a canoe, as they are both %&$*ing close to water.

  30. Lau says:

    Why coat tails, I wonder…

  31. hola. me here says:

    That’s in Wales XD

  32. Lop says:

    The Welsh sheep shaggers

  33. Philbob says:

    Welcome to Nottinghamshire! XD

  34. frickinspam says:

    Clearly it’s a warning not to pet the sheep (while f***ing it).

  35. roflmao says:

    its obviously new zealand they love to “push the sheep through the gates” ;P

  36. something says:

    this reminds me of an inside joke among me and my friends

  37. Drpeelz says:

    dont live on mars they do it there too!

    • chaucolai says:

      At Pigfarts, but Rumbleroar doesn’t like it. (He’s a lion. That talks.) So when he’s awakened from his slumber from all the dancing that Pigfarts students aren’t allowed to have (or possibly the arrival of a new student that you need a rocket ship to get to) everyone stops. Until Rumbleroar sleeps again…

  38. GArglesnarf says:

    This looks like it’s outside of Pullman, WA somewhere. It’s a huge problem at WSU

  39. erthling91 says:

    My first thought was that sticky looks like a kangaroo, and my second was ‘Why is sticky-as-a-kangaroo screwing a sheep?’

  40. NOP says:

    Seriously, I’d guess it means “Don’t ride the sheep”

  41. Ryan Trestrail says:

    Obviously, there is somewhat of a need for this sign…


  42. _GoodApollo_ says:

    …as a qualified sheep-masseur, I feel somewhat offended by this! (Also, that’s one fiiiiiine looking sheep…)

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fappity fap.

  43. Mary says:

    No, it obviously means- dont push sheep over! >>

  44. Tod says:

    I wonder if he is a Welshman?

  45. shouldbestudying says:

    You and your sheep can do whatever you want in the privacy of your own barn but not by the side of the road!

  46. Winter Dreams says:

    Having lived in Wyoming for a long time I can only say….where can I order one of these signs?

  47. Cal says:

    To clear up the country of origin arguments this is definitely in NZ and that particular sign is near Awaawaroa on the road to Stoney Batter on Waiheke Island (which could be considered a country all to its own). I believe it is meant to be a joke. Even if not, it sure is funny…

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