They Could Be ANYWHERE!

Funny Signs - They Could Be ANYWHERE!

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

I feel like this is part of some weird contest:

“Watch out for grapes! If you can find all the grapes hidden around our store, you’ll win free groceries for a month!”

What really gets me, though, is that the sign isn’t even IN the produce section. Bottom left we see what appears to be socks, and the aisle sign says fabric softener and laundry detergent. I guess some people just can’t wait until they get home to have a little snack

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56 Responses to They Could Be ANYWHERE!

  1. Seibee says:

    I wonder how many people would even spot the sign? I can’t see the ones hanging above the aisles in supermarkets without glasses, and I’m certainly not going to be able to read a dinky sticker like that unless I was six inches away. And they expect me to look out for grapes too?

    • DjDoDo says:

      It’s something about grapes just falling out of your “grape bag”. Yes because EVERYONE i know MUST have a grape bag, it’s the latest fashion!

  2. gyuu says:

    To help avoid accidents, please secure your grape bag to
    prevent loose grapes falling onto the ground. Thank you.

    Yeah, and FIRST!

  3. Melodie Beveridge says:

    I love the 2 signs saying the same thing. If you can’t see the big one, they have a smaller one on the pillar.

  4. Lem says:

    Grapes ARE pretty dangerous…

  5. pete says:

    strangely enough at the supermarket i work at a women slipped on a random grape and almost fell. be warned people!!

  6. MLD says:

    As many people on that seem to miss one sign, the second is assuredly necessary

  7. casey says:

    I don’t really think this is a good one. More people slip on grapes in a grocery store than water. They are covering their asses because morons dont watch where they are walking step on a busted grape and sue the store. It used to be that having a caution wet floor sign was enough. Now grapes lol.

  8. laura says:

    Kinda funny, but when I was a kid my mom slipped on a stray grape in the frozen food section at a grocery store. Broke her tailbone. Luckily the store paid the medical bills without hassle.

    All in all though, it was a funny incident, and gave my father and I great laughs for years to come. My mother, not so much.

  9. Mr. Obvious says:

    @Melodie Beveridge, maybe that would be because the bigger one is a blow up of the small one on the piller! Duh!

  10. bettyroug54 says:

    I’ve worked retail grocery for over 12 years, and people are incredible pigs. They drop their garbage on the floors, stuff it into shelves and leave it in the refers, eventhough there are pleanty of garbage can strategically located throughout the store. They package up bulk foods and fruit, and then eat it before they check out. They are rude, inconsiderate, and they NEVER read signs.

  11. Old Geezer says:

    I think the sign is associated with the “Throw a grape through this inflated ring and win a prize” contest going on over there in aisle 13.

  12. Hilary says:

    Dudes, I’m pretty sure it’s the the one sign… the bigger one is just an up-close shot.

  13. Derelict says:

    Grapes are probably the single greatest contributor to slip-and-fall accidents in grocery stores. On a tile or linoleum floor, a grape crushes to produce an extremely slippery mixture.

    To make matters worse for grocers, a substantial percentage of shoppers think absolutely nothing of grabbing a bag of grapes in the produce section and then munching on them while they shop the rest of the store. If they should drop one of those grapes, well, they ain’t gonna pick it up and eat it. Never mind that they’re creating a hazard for someone else (and never mind that the grapes they eat don’t get weighed at the cash register, which is a form of stealing).

  14. liabilityguy says:

    people falling on grapes keeps me in business. without that type of accident in the portfolio of claims i handle, there probably wouldn’t be enough for me to sustain my business… let that be an indication of how big of a problem it really is

  15. 1L says:

    hahaha, that actually totally reminds me of a case we had to read where someone slipped on grapes and sued. the store’s definitely covering its butt.

  16. Mike says:

    Next thing you know they’ll have signs saying watch out for banana peels.

  17. Fanboy Wife says:

    Did someone make the Grapes of Wrath joke yet?

  18. Sarge says:

    AUG! Grapes!

  19. erin says:

    Aw. I was going to send this one in too! Someone beat me to it 😦 if only I hadn’t slipped on that grape while at the store I would have made it home to post first.

  20. Samara says:

    The big sign looks a little of of place.. what is it secured on? Or is it just a bigger version of what is on the pillar?

  21. deadlysodium says:

    I thought the wrath part was just a myth

  22. ali awesome says:

    Hey, it’s woolies, I’ll look out for those signs from now on

  23. Mel says:

    Singapore is a strange place anyway…. Since they made chewing gum illegal, anything is possible for them.

  24. Downunder Sugarglider says:

    I’m soooo boring: “slip on grape on floor of store” was one of the precedents of our “duty of care” laws over the last squillion yrs

  25. Andrew says:

    Yeah I think Samara’s right, it’s a photo of the sign itself.
    And I thought those ‘socks’ were drinks, seeing as they’re right next to some bottled water… I dunno, it looks like Safeway, they put everything anywhere.

  26. Ahetma Vaakenjaab says:

    My grapes are always securely contained in my bag……

  27. Camiae says:

    this is at woolworths supermarket in australia. i work there 🙂
    theres this whole new spot the grape promotion popping up all over the country
    kinda pointless imo

  28. kvweber says:

    I think the strangest thing is that they went to the trouble to design a “nice” sign for it. It’s got an [!] icon, and a monochromatic color scheme…Well, there’s that and “Look out for Grapes” just isn’t something you see or hear very often. I mean, I can understand why they have the sign, it’s just weird that it’s worded that way.

  29. Music-chan says:

    I think the ‘big sign’ is just an enhanced picture of the little one. Brighter because the person took a second picture of the sign on the pillar from much closer, so the flash made the concrete look much brighter. So one picture layered over the bigger picture so you can read the sign.

  30. Ann says:

    When I worked at Woolworths, we were instructed to NEVER walk past a stray grape on the floor. You had to stop and pick it up and throw it out. If you were caught on camera ignoring a grape on the floor, it was practically a fire-able offense. So yeah it is a big problem, although I never saw anyone slip on one (I only worked there a little over a year).

  31. Alias says:

    Wait, socks? Those look like water bottles…

  32. The Sticky Stick says:

    “Grape Escape” anyone?

  33. MissGalinda says:

    They do have these all around the produce sections as well. I stopped to read the sign and then I stepped on a grape. Shows how much attention I pay to signs.

  34. boredamorous says:

    Hey, I remember stepping on a grape in the supermarket and taking an epic fuckin’ header into some lady’s shopping cart when I was a kid. I needed six stitches. It sucked. lol

  35. alistair says:

    actually, on the bottom left is bottles of water, not socks, and in australia (that shop is woolworths) grapes on the floor represent a serious workplace health and safety issue. they sell a lot of grapes here…

  36. A says:

    hey thats a funny sign.. but actually i heard that the number one thing that causes accidents in stores is customers slipping and falling on a grape. lol

  37. CX316 says:

    I work at a woolworths, and yeah the grape thing is a major focus at the moment. We have to do hourly checks of the floor in our departments just because people are too stupid not to drop the things. We’ve had people break hips from falling after slipping on them. Same goes for cherry pits, and even occasionally lettuce leaves on the floor.

  38. DuAnn says:

    This is very clever, actually. One of the elements for recovery in slip and fall personal injury cases is that the store had greater knowledge than the customer of the existence of the foreign substance. By saying “look out for grapes!” the store has a great argument that the customer had at least equal knowledge that grapes were a threat. Kudos, scary store. Kudos.

  39. CX316 says:

    Worst injury our store’s had lately wasn’t from a grape slip at least… a 92yo man got the throttle on his scooter stuck and tore headlong into the produce section…… and I missed it cos I was at lunch >.<

  40. cynical says:

    this is woolworths in australia. I used to do contracting work for them and still do occasionaly. They used to be very good to do work for but have recently bought in a “destination zero” safety policy aiming for zero accidents to reduce their payouts as they are self insured (no insurance). The entire company has become an absolute joke when it comes to safety as this website is pointing out. People are getting fired and contractors black listed for the smallest most ridiculous things like not wearing hard hat while walking around customers who obviously dont wear them.

  41. Dax says:

    Those Socks That You Are Referring To In The Left Hand Corner, Are Actually Water Bottles

    • grapist says:

      I have to agree, there are indeed water bottles. but not in the bottom left. bottom left there are pads. above those are the water bottles.

  42. Alan says:

    Those signs are everywhere at work. Even in the back dock and staff room. There’s non slip flooring in the produce section, but it’s so people don’t slip and fall. There’s safety announcements on the store radio non stop -.-

  43. Jaims says:

    I used to work in a grocery store and they told us that the most common reason for people falling in stores was for slipping on grapes…I’m sure this is what the sign is saying..but yes, its oddly specific…haha

  44. Bees! says:

    Have you ever stepped on a grape? Those things are slippery!

    • Sharon says:

      Actually, yes. Was at Wal Mart and slipped, landed on my knee. Been in pain ever since. And those idiots didn’t even ask if I was okay. I’m suing. 🙂

  45. Nato says:

    If you hear or see a grape doing something that just isn’t right then call the national security hotline; your information may be important and your identity will remain anonymous.

  46. Corey says:

    if a small dog eats a grape (or if a large one eats multiple grapes) they will die. btw.

  47. alanna says:

    besides the fact that the sign isn’t in produce did anyone notice that the aisle its in (close to #13) reads that its the aisle for cat and dog food…… ….is that just where most of these grape catastrophes happen????

  48. Chris says:

    Wait… why look out for grapes?
    i work in a vineyard…
    shyt im screwed!! =O!

  49. Danni says:

    Aaargh! I’m sure every other woolies employee will know what I mean when I say “service 8 floor check, all departments”.

    We had someone get the throttle stuck on their electric wheelchair thing once too, no one was injured but he ploughed his way past everyone in the aisle. Pretty sure he fell asleep.

  50. ENGINEER says:

    More importantly watch out for the GRAPEST! He will grape you in the mouth!

  51. grapist says:

    yes…. those “socks” are actually pads

  52. HelenaTroy says:

    maybe they’re angry grapes? as in “of wrath”?

  53. HelenaTroy says:

    ps – had to check the “grapes are poisonout to dogs” post –

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