Funny Signs - Success!

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

Yup, that’s definitely a sign.

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19 Responses to Success!

  1. CaseyBlue says:


  2. Joe7Pak says:

    OMG! I see this sign several times a week! Now I’m kicking my self for not taking a picture.
    BTW, this is the road from Boulder to Golden, west/northwest of the Denver metrospread.

    • Ubberaschung says:

      I was so just going to comment saying that XD This is like, 10 minutes away from my house lol

  3. Mangos says:

    Oh man, this sign always makes me smile! They close this hwy sometimes in the winter and they put this gate in last year so some poor cop doesn’t have to sit there re-directing traffic every blizzard. When they first put it in, that “test sign” kept blowing away (like all the road signs along 93 do) and I figured eventually they’d give up and put up whatever “real” sign they intended to put there… but no, the test sign blows away, and another one gets put up in its place.

    Government money well spent!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Someone put the S’s on upside-down!

  5. Nancy says:

    And nobody noticed the “S” (well, technically, both of them) is/are upside down?

  6. LocaLoba says:

    Woo-Hoo! It worked!

  7. Sparrow says:

    “This is a test of the new sign. If you can’t see it for some reason, please let us know…” (I almost sent out that message verbatim, only testing an email distribution list. Yeah, I was having an off day.)

  8. The Dean Man says:

    Wow, here I was annoyed by the S’s and surprised someone else noticed…

  9. marj says:

    Those are actually testing the reflective properties of the paint, the sticky of the glue, etc. They actually do this with highway paint to test wear rates, and asphalt mixes to see how they stand up to weather and use.

  10. azazel says:

    @Mangos: Of course they do that. Imagine all the fuss about frequently having to replace the real thing up there. Instead, they use these monochrome, poorly made, cheap replica “test signs”, hoping that conditions will eventually improve. Rest assured, as soon as a “test sign” can withstand an eternity there, it’ll be replaced with the real thing… 😉

  11. Methyl says:

    Joe7Pak, Mangoes:

    We actually turned around twice to get this shot (we had been heading into Golden). We were lucky in that we were first in line at the traffic light, and I was able to get this third shot just as the light was turning green. Now that I know about Oddly Specific, I’ve been keeping my eyes open to these possibilities.

  12. JMixx says:



    Sign, what is the square root of 7?

  13. Mangos says:

    @Methyl: Hooray, Golden! People think I’m insane, but I ❤ my commute to Boulder. Where else does one get to practice driving in white-out conditions and hurricane force winds on a winding and sometimes steep two-lane highway across the radioactive remains of the cold war weapons stockpiling?

    @azazel: I'm hoping it's going to be replaced with a "warning: radioactive elk" sign. I'm not kidding about the radioactive bit. It's officially a "wildlife preserve" but we all know the truth.

  14. Som Eone says:

    Woah, did it worked?

  15. Michael says:

    LMAO!!! i love passing that sign… glad to see colorado can get on the webz for a sign lmao! in any case… good shot

  16. Halfway says:

    “What’s the capital of China?!”

  17. marianne says:

    omg! my dad lives really close to that sign!!

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