This Week’s Installment of Stickmen In Peril

You know how they say animals can sense things? Like a dog bolting right before an earthquake, or cats hiding before the thunderstorm rolls through? There must be a sixth sense embedded within the animal kingdom that loathes anthropomorphic human figures with a fiery passion. How else to explain why Stickmen are subjected to horrors that no regular person could imagine?

Funny Signs - Do Not Show Elephant Your Nuts

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

Lessons we learned here. Do no show an elephant your nuts. Do not lay down in front of a two ton creature with poor eyesight. If you are determined to do both of these things, do not cover your genitals in peanut butter.

Funny Signs - Absolutely No Pro-Wrestling The Bears.

Submitted by: Fuji-Q Amusement Park in Japan via Oddly Specific

What’s the matter Sticky? Couldn’t find a kangaroo? Bear wrestling should not be attempted by anyone other than trained professionals. Though that bears (har har) the question; how does one become proficient at fighting bears without fighting bears?

Funny Signs - Stickman Vs. Crocodiles- Who You Got??

Submitted by: My own via Oddly Specific

This is a perfect example of what I was saying. Only an animal with a malicious lust for Stickman pain could find a way to breach a plexiglass enclosure to nom on the hated enemy. We need a volunteer to see if animals emit a frequency that only Sticky can hear. One that forces him into dangerous situations against his will.

Funny Signs - Magic Decapitated Corpse Levitating Bovine 200M Ahead

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

At least the cows are honest about their intent. They don’t try to sugar coat it with implications that Sticky just had no sense of self-preservation. Integrity: a bovine’s middle name.

-Lady of Odd

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17 Responses to This Week’s Installment of Stickmen In Peril

  1. RainbowPoof says:

    Not only is the first guy being trampled by an elephant, but one of his legs has detached from his body and fused to the elephant’s leg. It had found a new host.

    The second guy looks like he’s starting the fight, not the other way around.

    The third picture just reminds me of Harry Potter…

    And the fourth pic is obviously an illustration of someone being abducted by aliens.

    • armless says:

      Actually, the second guy *is* starting the fight. The sign says that even if you find a bear, you definitely shouldn’t try your pro-wrestling moves, nor should you tackle the bear.

  2. DrPluton says:

    The elephant-based crotch-stomp in the first picture is scary, but I am trying to figure out how riding a cow leaves one without a head.

  3. stephanie says:

    I took the same picture when I was at the Sydney Aquarium – I thought that sign was hilarious! I was so grateful that crocodiles can’t climb walls…. they can’t, right?!?!

  4. MegamanNeoX says:

    It Doesn’t. It’s Saying Yield To Aliens Abducting Cows. But You Don’t Have To Tell Me That. Then Again I’m Not Stupid Enough To Continue Going If A UFO Is Abducting A Cow In The Road.

  5. Gump36 says:

    With regard to the second picture – “no bear-knuckle boxing” perhaps?

  6. Seibee says:

    Is the stickman on the bottom sign a sticker? If not, that might be the scariest one of all. Elephants, bears and crocodiles you know to avoid, but nobody suspects cows..

  7. Glicks says:

    That is going to be a scary-ass next 200m….

  8. skeptic says:

    Just for fun, the translation of the second one:
    “Fuji-Q is a bear habitat.
    There are bears everywhere.
    If you find one, absolutely do not pro-wrestle or tackle it.”

  9. Lem says:


  10. Someone says:

    If cows keep this up, they might become the most feared animals on the planet. First they ate cars, now they eat your head. And if that wasn’t enough, after they’re done eating your head they launch you into the air.

  11. markie_farkie says:

    The magic cow levitating decapitated stickman picture is mine. I took that in Iceland back in 2006 while I was living there. For the record I never saw either of them!

  12. Ashila says:

    Thanks for the translation, skeptic — I submitted that picture and I gave a translation as a comment but I guess they decided not to include it. The sign was at an amusement park near Mt. Fuji, which uh….was definitely not a bear habitat. ^_^;; At least, I didn’t run into any…

  13. GoSeaHox says:

    Anyone else think of the “Jumping onto the Vine” fanfare from the Atari 2600 “Pitfall” when looking at the third one? Or better yet, the “Death” fanfare?

  14. jodagumber says:

    the croc one looks like the one at Sydney Aquarium, Is this true ?

  15. dan says:

    I can’t believe it, the bear one actually does say “do not pro-wrestle the bears” and “do not tackle the bears”
    you can look it up!

  16. Robert says:

    One thing I really like about this site… I installed gTranslate in Firefox, and this place really gives me an excuse to use it…

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